Moseley Braun Denies Comparing Rahm to Hitler

February 14th, 2011 at 12:42 pm | 13 Comments |

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Huffington Post reports:

Over the weekend, Carol Moseley Braun won the endorsement of one of the most influential black thinkers in America, while also making controversial remarks likening Rahm Emanuel to Adolf Hitler.

The comments came at an event with Cornel West, the Princeton professor and author of such influential works as Race Matters and The Future of the Race. At the event, West spoke of the prerogatives of the next mayor, and had some harsh words for another candidate, as WBEZ reports:

“I believe a Rahm Emanuel victory would be a slap in the face,” West said. “I’m here to support poor and working people – specifically black Chicago.”

West said Chicago can do better – in the spirit of Harold Washington, the city’s first black mayor. He called Emanuel an outsider and intimated that he’s tethered to the corporate elite and big business.

But when Moseley Braun took the stage, she hit a nerve with one of her remarks.

She made a reference to “The Producers,” the Mel Brooks play-turned-movie satirizing the cult of personality around Adolf Hitler. In it, one of the characters describes Hitler as “kind” and “gentle.”

Braun made an analogy to Emanuel, the front-runner in the mayor’s race, who is Jewish. The Sun-Times shared her comments about Rahm:

“The joke in it was, he was a kind man, a gentle man,” said Braun about comments in Mel Brooks’ satirical movie. “We are getting the kind man, the gentle man on television.”

She was referring to Emanuel’s notoriously stormy temper, compared with his even-tempered television commercials, and denied afterwards that she was comparing Emanuel to the Nazi dictator. “I was not comparing him to Adolf Hitler; print that,” Moseley Braun said, according to FOX Chicago. “I was trying to say…the kind, gentle concern for the public that is being portrayed in these ads does not square with the record.”

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  • rmholt

    I clicked her and I just got the photo. I wanna read more!


    If Braun is not the most loathesome politician in the country, I don’t want to meet whoever topped her on that list.

  • midcon

    To have even used an oblique reference is an affront. When will people leave Hitler in peace (or damnation). Anyone who makes any kind of reference to Hitler or Stalin or any other obscene reference needs to be stomped on very hard all Americans.

    Braun wants Chicago to vote for her because she is black. She has no other credentials that would qualify her for the office. I don’t particularly like Rahm, but her behavior is unacceptable!


    “Braun wants Chicago to vote for her because she is black. She has no other credentials that would qualify her for the office.”

    I get the exact same impression. Every time I read anything from her, all she is talking about is race. If she were white, she’d have been booed off the stage long ago — the same should happen even though she’s black.

    Racism needs to end, period.

  • Madeline

    midcon :

    Braun wants Chicago to vote for her because she is black. She has no other credentials that would qualify her for the office. I don’t particularly like Rahm, but her behavior is unacceptable!

    I’m not a fan of Braun, but seriously? She’s a former federal prosecutor, Cook County official, IL state representative, US senator, and ambassador. If those aren’t some pretty impressive credentials for a mayoral candidate, I don’t know what would satisfy you!


    Madeline, that race is about race, to a staggering degree. I actually heard an interview on NPR some weeks back where a black man who was in the race dropped out specifically to help consolidate the black vote to Braun. Can you imagine what would have happened if a white candidate did that?

    Ah, I found it.

    “As the calendar turned to 2011, Danny Davis turned the calendar back to 1983. When he dropped out of the race for mayor, preferring a candidate to unify black voters, he said: “I want to make sure at least one of us has what is needed,” Davis said after withdrawing from the race on December 31st. Davis then called Braun “the best candidate.” If Braun was the best candidate, what has Danny Davis been doing for the last two months?”

    As for Braun herself, she’s made some rather racist remarks. Heh, I was researching this to find something I thought I remembered, and forgot I had already written about it for my blog.. what a scatterbrain. :)

  • Madeline

    Thanks for the edumacation, talkradiosucks, but I’ve lived in Chicago for over 20 years, so I’m pretty up on what’s going on here.

    And one of the surprising things about the mayoral campaign is how much is isn’t about race.
    Separate, Unequal, and Ignored: Racial segregation remains Chicago’s most fundamental problem. Why isn’t it an issue in the mayor’s race?

  • WaStateUrbanGOPer

    I’m not sure that CMB is “the most loathesome politician in the country,” but she is very possibly the most absurd, save maybe for Dennis Kucinich or Palin.

    What troubles me about her Producers joke isn’t the insensitivity of comparing Rahm, a Jewish man, to Hitler– for, after reading the transcript of her remarks, I don’t think such a comparison was her intention– but that in light of her history of fawning over brutal dictators she would have the temerity to mention one of her opponents in the same breath with ANY dictator– period.

  • Madeline

    Comparing Rahm to Hitler isn’t the most offensive thing she’s done during the campaign; it’s not even the most offensive thing she’s done in the last month.

    Carol Moseley Braun Calls Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins A Crack Addict at Candidate Forum.

    [i]“Patricia, the reason you didn’t know where I was the last 20 years is because you were strung out on crack,” Braun said from the altar of Trinity United Church of Christ at 95th and Egglesworth.

    Watkins is an admitted former drug user who has been sober 25 years. She earned a Ph.D. and now runs a church and ministers in the community.[/i]

  • WaStateUrbanGOPer

    Madeline: thanks for the link. Calling someone a crackhead– FROM A CHURCH PULPIT– is unutterably ghoulish. I simply cannot summon the words to describe the awfulness of this.

  • WaStateUrbanGOPer

    Let no one forget that Carol Moseley Braun pulled off the neat trick of losing a general election to a social conservative*– a minor miracle in IL politics. Not even Pat Quinn could manage this.

    (* I mean no disparagement to Peter Fitzgerald; the man is probably one of the ten most intelligent men to serve in the U.S. Senate in the past generation or so.)

  • abj

    Vintage Carol Moseley Fraud. Any other candidate with her track record would’ve been laughed off the stage, much less considered a major contender.

    This woman has a lengthy history, folks. See for a good synopsis.

    And note the date of publication – February 19, 2003.

    She is utterly ridiculous.

  • pnumi2


    I’m no fan of Braun either.

    But everybody put down the pitchforks and torches.

    “UPDATE: Rahm Emanuel said during a Monday night mayoral forum that Carol Moseley Braun’s comments were not being interpreted correctly.”.

    If there’s someone here worthy of your disdain and contempt, his name is Mel Brooks.