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I elected to write for David Frum because he’s a man who hates orthodoxy. Unlike most editors out there, who are looking for underlings that fit a neat ideological package, he’s willing to hear out — and publish – a range of ideas from both up-and-comers and established names. Canned talking points seldom appear on FrumForum. It’s hardly a free-for-all, but one won’t get such a diversity of opinions from, say, Michelle Malkin, or

So I have to confess that I find Richard Spencer’s latest attack on me — a reminder to Mr. Frum that I don’t toe a neat ideological line — to be rather odd. Below a two-year-old picture of me in a gender-bending outfit at a concert, he lists a slew of my sins: opposition to religion, admiration for Ayn Rand and tongue-in-cheek Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey, support for voluntary, non-racial eugenics — and, most of all, my age, which is an endless obsession of his.

Damning stuff, no? And if he’d dug a little deeper, he could have found even zanier heterodoxy: I am also an anti-psychiatry activist, support the gold standard, and support the radical anti-school views of John Taylor Gatto.

In other words: I’m a pretty par-for-the-course domestic libertarian.

So what is a nice libertarian boy like me doing writing for a center-right guy like David Frum?

Besides the blood-oath I swore to the Zionist-Occupied Government, in which Mr. Frum once played a public role, I admire him for two key reasons. The first is his sharp intellect: he is ridiculously well-educated on virtually every issue relevant to public policy. But more importantly from an editorial standpoint, he is a strong opponent of ideological orthodoxy. The tenor of the pieces that I submit to him sometimes are a bit too hot or — more frequently, alas — too abstract and academic for the blog, but I never have to fear receiving the axe for insufficient ideological purity.

Oddly enough, Spencer’s piece doesn’t take any issue with what I had to say about him. He doesn’t disavow Odinism or “native European religions,” for instance; he merely says that he’s an “interested novice,” as any “child of the West” should be. Without anything to refute, he simply turns his guns on my age. (Psst: David Frum is much older than Richard Spencer.)

Two days ago, I asked Mr. Spencer if he’d be willing, in whatever format he preferred, to publicly debate me, but he refused, saying that he wanted nothing more to do with me. As his latest article demonstrates, that’s objectively false — but apparently he’d rather hide out with die volk than engage in a public, rapid-fire exchange of ideas. The commenters at the white nationalist site Occidental Dissent at least want to debate with me. Richard Spencer, as I wrote in my very first piece about him, remains an intellectual coward.

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  • Independent

    Alex, seriously guy… this borders on a fetish at this point for you. It does nothing but diminish your standing as someone worthy of our respect or consideration.

    It’s like David’s fetish-like fascination with blasting former governor Sarah Palin or highly acclaimed and very popular Glenn Beck at nearly every turn.

    It’s way past creepy. In our gay community, we’d ask you to get a room it’s so creepy.

  • Alex Knepper

    Independent — Pfft. I’m writing about him primarily because this is all maddeningly amusing to me. I write for my own happiness, not for “the cause” or what-have-you. If I enjoy it, I write about it. I’m enjoying our little exchange. So I’m writing about it.

  • mike farmer

    It’s good to see a libertarian here.

  • mike farmer

    Oh, yeah, and don’t let these guys get by with any of that squishy moderate junk — help’em be brave.

  • Carney

    That was a devastating riposte by Spencer. The feeble efforts above to pretend that adopting Satanic imagery as your own, or hurling vile obscene insults at Christianity as a whole, or posing for online pics dressed up in “gender-bending outfits” is just good ol’ all-American libertarianism, are unconvincing.

  • Alex Knepper

    1) “Alex Knepper wore a feminine outfit once; ergo, he is wrong!”

    2) I hurl vile, obscene insults at all religions. Don’t flatter yourself by thinking I’ve singled out Christianity. (I probably bash Islam more than any.)

  • Independent

    Alex crosses over and pulls a Saul Alinsky move with “Alex Knepper wore a feminine outfit once; ergo, he is wrong!”

    This from a guy who shook with temors when an angry fellow blogger got in Alex’s face. Carney’s right: Spencer is kicking your butt, Alex. That’s not good for anyone –least of all a bully (it emboldens them) or a cry-baby (Hey, I’m finally a victim!!).

    Pffft. Grow a pair or give it a rest; it’s even more creepy.

  • sinz54

    Alex Knepper:

    I think you should give it a rest, for a totally different reason:

    Right now, very few Americans have ever heard of Alternative Right. (A search of Google News for Alternative Right yielded just 3 hits, one of which is FrumForum; and another one of which was Little Green Footballs, whose article quoted FrumForum.)

    Let’s keep it that way.

    What White Nationalists crave most is legitimacy. And having a representative of FrumForum, which even its political opponents would agree is at least a legitimate mainstream blog, debate a White Nationalist does nothing to help FrumForum. But it helps legitimize that White Nationalist as having something worth listening to.

    I suggest you drop this entire subject. Don’t help bring White Nationalists into mainstream debates. Let them remain isolated, marginalized, out on the far-right fringe where they belong.

  • amarranazo

    Let’s see sinz54, we Jews have a homeland in Israel and your positions are certainly nationalistic. What exactly is your beef with Europeans and European Americans being nationalistic about their own homelands? It sounds like the old double standard that Phil Weiss talks about on

  • amarranazo

    oh yeah, I almost forgot–check out:

  • Carney

    amarranazo, I’m personally all for nation-states (countries defined by ethnic heritage) but why would diaspora Jews favor a definition of membership that by definition excludes them from the nation they live in? Even in the abstract and hypothetical, it’s obvious why anyone in that position would tend to be wary if not hostile to such ideas and movements, and instead favor “proposition nation” movements or universalist ideologies that de-alienize them. Add in history, not only in the Nazi era but other times and places, and expecting the vast majority of Jews to react in any other way, and even resenting them for not doing so, is extremely foolish.

  • amarranazo

    I agree with you Carney. I am of the opinion that Jews would do well to either assimilate with ethnic Europeans in European cultures or move to Israel if they feel the need to maintain a Jewish identity–not promote duplicity regarding this matter: multiculturalism in European lands and ethnonationalism in Israel. It seems like the honorable thing to do and at least is not hypocritical.

  • 69666lmaogay

    There you go again you pretentious little suburban p**y. Anton LaVey? You mean the wannabe Aleister Crowley of the 20th century? You know when you bring up Anton LaVey all credibility is lost. Ayn Rand had sand in her vag**a and she too was a Aleister Crowley enthusiast. I know why you’re enthusiastic towards LaVey. He was a sick f**k and into cuckolds. I know some pansy like you loves nothing more than sitting in the corner watching your gf getting reamed by 20 black guys. Ahem.

    Quit deleting my comments blogger gangster.