Mitch Daniels Puts A Better Face On The Gop

June 8th, 2009 at 1:49 pm | 2 Comments |

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iTunes: Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels joins FF reporter Jeb Golinkin and discusses the way forward for conservatives, his stance on cap-and-trade, and whether or not he intends to run for President.

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More information:

Gov. Daniels’ editorial on cap-and-trade from the Wall Street Journal:

Text of Gov. Daniels commencement address at Butler University:

Audio of Gov. Daniels’ Butler University commencement address (.mp3 for download):

Video of Gov. Daniels’ Butler University commencement address:

Gov. Daniels delivers the Weekly Republican Address on May 30:


(Image of Governor Daniels meeting with Miss America 2009 Katie Stam.)

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  • JJWFromME

    First, what is Daniels’ alternative to cap and trade? And any one who seriously studies the issue, knows that “polar bears” are the least of our worries.Second, “clean coal” is clearly untested and technologically undeveloped. If coal companies can develop it, then fine, cap and trade will spur on that development. Meanwhile, we have to set limits.Third, the governor should know that coal gassification is one of the most CO2 emitting processes around. It’s not green in any sense. If the Wall Street Journals editors cared one iota for these facts, then they would have caught them and corrected Daniels’ misleading statements. But the Wall Street Journal’s edit page is plainly a propaganda organ of the Republican party, to the point where the WSJ’s own reporters crack jokes about it. So I am dreaming to think that these misstatements would ever be caught and corrected.I think it was someone at Science magazine who issued a standing invitation for people in WSJ’s editorial department to just *mix* with the climate scientists at the university across the street (I think it’s Columbia?), they would cater dinner, etc. But that invitation was completely ignored. Repeatedly. I guess “ignorance is strength,” as someone said on this blog a couple weeks ago.It’s just unbelievable. I guess, as that Bush administration official said to Suskind, the “reality based community” will just be “left to study” what the people in the GOP “does.” The GOP should stop reading its own propaganda and actually base its actions on reality for once. And the reality is that there’s a hard limit to how much CO2 we can put in the atmosphere. How do we deal with that? It’s not easy, but at least take the issue seriously. If not cap and trade, then what?

  • raphael a

    It’s nice to see a highly attractive winner.Also good to see Governor