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Hello everyone. David and I have been in meetings all day but we made time to check in on the comment thread announcing the move to the Daily Beast and Newsweek. The support in the comments has been remarkable. However, there seems to be some misunderstanding going around so we wanted to clear up a few things:

1. Although David has been mandated with writing excellent magazine pieces for Newsweek, he will still be blogging regularly at The Daily Beast. In fact, we will be getting our own Andrew Sullivan-style blog. As of my most recent meeting, the url will be: This blog will be updated as frequently as FrumForum always was.

2. This new blog will have comments! I strongly encourage all our regulars to sign up for the Daily Beast & Newsweek’s comment system. You are a dynamic and well informed commentating community, and I have no doubt you can raise the caliber of the debate at the Daily Beast (and if nothing else, you will continue the work of keeping us honest).

3. will be retooled into an archive. The URL,, will redirect to the new site, but all the content and blog posts will be saved. The current homepage should be accessible via a new url: All the content that has ever been written on FrumForum will be preserved.


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  • valkayec

    Noah, will the comment format be set up similar to here at Frum Forum so the conversation follows contiguously? If the format and site can be maintained a la Frum Forum just with a new URL, that would be grand.

    Thanks…and again great good luck to you both.

    • Raskolnik

      I agree with valkayec, particularly since one of the stated reasons for the move is that the new site is more “technologically advanced.” It shouldn’t be too hard to facilitate this same (or an even greater) level of contiguity and follow-up in the comments section, should it?

      Also, valkayec, you’re one of my favorite commenters on this site. Are you already at TRS, and if not are you considering joining up?

      At the risk of playing favorites/leaving anyone out, I also want to send special thanks, and a personal request to stay in touch at TRS or David’s new site, to (in no particular order): anniemargaret, indy, otto, Frumplestiltskin, Primrose, balconesfault, Traveler, DSP, Terry, TJ, Nanotek, greg_barton, armstp, PracticalGirl, NRA Liberal, Graychin, jg bennet, drdredel, Reflection Ephemeral, and Xunzi Washington.

      Stay well and God bless!

      • Traveler


        Many of us are already over at TRS. (Still waiting to see your first post though.) So thanks for the invite, but we are already getting a nice little community building.

        Valkayec, I don’t think there is any chance that they would maintain this particular site over at DB. It will be a DB site, with the DB crowd. I could see lurking and posting the occasional comment, but from what I gather, they are likely to disappoint us. So I look forward to your wisdom over at TRS. BTW, we better take care to keep TRS under the radar in any posts over there. Don’t want to dilute the gene pool. :)

  • Luke

    Thanks for the clarifications. I haven’t been a regular commenter, but I’m definitely a regular reader of the blog and the comments. Good luck to you Noah, and of course to David.

  • Moderate

    Thanks for the update, Noah. Do you have forwarding information for the posters who won’t be accompanying your move? I’d like to keep reading Andrew Pavelyev, wherever he ends up.

  • ggore

    It just won’t be the same, so I will be passing. Swallowed up into the Newsweek infrastructure instead of out here where it has been. It was a great ride, fun to participate in, and very interesting to read. Best of luck to all the writers.


    Well, nice to see this posted, even if it seems like an afterthought.

    I’ve been reading the Daily Beast for a while, and the commenters there are more about heat than light. It seems to me that even if all of the good commenters moved over there en masse, the net effect would be that of dumping a tank of pretty tropical fish into a swimming pool filled with pirhanas.

    • balconesfault

      I’m so pretty … oh so pretty … I’m so pretty, and witty, and bright!

      And I pity, any commentor who isn’t me tonight …

      See that pretty post on that blog oe’r there
      (what blog, which where?)
      Who could that brilliant poster be?
      Such a pretty style, such a pretty prose, such pretty insight, such a pretty me!

      • balconesfault

        For the record – I think the pirahna/tropical fish comparison is poor.

        I think of them more like the Dark Knight fighting King Arthur in Monte Python and the Holy Grail.

        After you’ve totally eviscerated their positions, they’ll still be bouncing around on their nubs insisting that they won…


          “For the record – I think the pirahna/tropical fish comparison is poor.”

          It wasn’t ideal, agreed, in that it implied that the people here would be left at the mercy of the masses at DB. That wasn’t my intention, because on an intellectual level it is indeed just the opposite.

          The issue is more the fish tank versus the swimming pool. It doesn’t matter how much more sharp you are when your posts are buried under nonsense. And you can’t have a constructive conversation with people who only want to throw bombs.

          BTW you *are* “pretty” in a metaphorical sense. I probably disagreed with your posts nearly as often as I agreed with them, but I always enjoyed reading them. A tight-knit community of smart, thoughtful people is a rare treasure.

        • jorae

          Actually, I think the comparison is perfect.

          Seems people were a little frightened to post ‘stupid’ on a web site that is backed with a well know political name.

          The Beast is all over the place… It isn’t even clear if you logging into the site or Twiter… it is not going to be the same.

          Here, it was simple…two to three new topics….the old ones fell below. Nothing more to do than see if the top three new subjects were important to you.

          The Beast… is named quite appropriately.

      • TerryF98

        Balcon, gonna miss your wit.

  • CHUD

    One of the features I liked about Frum Forum were the twitter feeds (In The Forum, Breaking News). Will those be moving to new site or is there a way to find out what twitter accounts fed those feeds?

  • Giggles

    So, are you guys selling the mailing list/Log in details to the Daily Beast à la Gingrich?

  • Traveler

    Hey Noah,

    Assuming you actually read the comments, I have a question. Would it be possible to track down commenters through your database? Say somebody wants to track down a particular commenter, can they post a request to you to forward to the contactee, who then gives permission to share address? Kind of clunky perhaps, but at least the contactee is in control. For instance, I live near armstp and would enjoy bending an elbow with the gentleman.

  • nhthinker

    The editing software here as well as quoting and other features are head and shoulders above the current system at TDB.

    Worst of all, TDB currently ingloriously drops all comments that are over a year old…

    tick, tick, tick, time is running out to support thoughtful comments… I’ll probably try out NYT unless DF/TDB improves soon.