Mark Levin’s Palin-Envy

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For all the rage that talk radio broadcasts at the outside world, never forget how much its leading figures hate each other. Rush Limbaugh dismisses Bill O’Reilly as “Ted Baxter”: a pompous, ignorant blowhard. Sean Hannity resents and fears the upstart Glenn Back. Mark Levin seethes at his own under-appreciation. It bothers him that the so-called smart people don’t take seriously his Liberty and Tyranny. It vexes him that he does not receive appropriate credit for being the first to call Barack Obama a Marxist.

Now, in the wake of this atrocious crime in Tucson, it sends him over the cliff that some people have unfairly blamed Sarah Palin for inciting the crime. What has that bimbo got that I, Mark Levin, have not got? Why is nobody unfairly blaming me?

Those feelings explain this otherwise baffling tirade on Levin’s show last night.

I’m waiting for an allegation that is very specific against me because I’m going to sue.

I don’t care if they’re bloggers. I don’t care if they’re television hosts. I don’t care if they’re radio hosts.

I’m going to drag your ass into Federal Court.

Oh, you’ll have due process. They’ll all be nice and legal.

I’m going to personally depose you. I’m going to drag you in front of a jury. And I’m going to get your assets.

Somebody has to stand up to this. Somebody has to draw the line.

Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough, test me. Test me. David Frum, you little weasel, test me. All of you.

I believe in the law. I believe in free speech. I believe in responsible speech. Now, you want people to tone it down? OK, good.

Anybody who accuses me of inciting mass-murder in Tuscon, AZ, is going to be sued. Period.

I don’t mean, ‘oh, his rhetoric is incendiary’. Anybody who tries to tie me to that monstrous event.

I’m going to tell you why. When you get behind this microphone everyday and you speak from the heart and millions of people are listening and family and friends they’re listening too. They’re affected by all these things.

Now, I’m a public figure, I’m a big boy, I can handle this. The question is whether these other boys can handle it.

You think I’m kidding? Try me! Because I’m not kidding.

The laws of libel are actually older than the First Amendment. And it is something I am prepared to use.

You’re on notice.

This outburst reminds me of the Jewish joke whose punchline is “Look who thinks he’s nothing.”

Mark Levin has indeed pushed the envelope of crazy and ugly on the air. And yes it would improve America if Levin toned it down. But he did not put gun sights beside Gabby Giffords’ name, and nobody has suggested otherwise.

Yet I am left with this troubling question on re-reading Levin’s monologue the morning after. Why the lawyerly – Clintonian even- precision of Levin’s “Anybody who accuses me of inciting mass-murder in Tucson, AZ, is going to be sued.” Why so specific? Are there other mass murders that Levin is more worried about?

UPDATE: Actually now there is somebody explicitly accusing talk radio of fomenting the Tucson shooting: a wounded survivor of the attack Eric Fuller, a 63-year-old veteran.

Will Mark Levin dare sue HIM? Or was it all cowardly bluster?

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  • rubbernecker

    Oh sure, there’s the rub for WillyP–the cons wanted to stick it to the union. So what if the whole Midwestern economy was at stake? I believe the credit markets were frozen up at the time. No private sector company was going to acquire GM in that environment.

    The GM bailout was designed to save jobs, which it did. Hysteria on the right over state-run industry proved unfounded. GM turned a profit, and the government is out of the car business. I think GM stills owes the government billions, but the figure is dramatically less than projected. The whole gamble worked out much better than expected.

    Of course, the bailout didn’t comply with Objectivist principles, so there’s that.

  • politicalfan


    I agree. I think one of the major problems is the distraction. There is an assumption or perhaps comfort that people believe in what they hear on their favorite newscast. I think there is a major disconnect though. Many people are center in this country or at the very least span across the political spectrum. If it were not due to ‘fear’ sound bites and the negative tenor, it would be different in my view.

    I am ready to hear a serious discussion about the governments financial budget. Where or what would you cut in the budget? Big cuts?

  • pnumi2


    “Consider the state of the nation. We are in a depression, statistical definitions aside. When you’re at 9% unemployment for this long, you’re in a depression.”

    So you say were in a depression. I don’t entirely disagree. But you and your political allies regret that Obama bailed out GM.

    How much worse would this depression that you say we’re in be if we closed all the GM plants? And dealers? And suppliers? And restaurants and clothiers and all the other small business that make their living off of GM and its workers?

    How much longer to get out of your depression, having kicked GM down the stairs with no bail out?

    You have no more idea than I do. And don’ say you know more about it than I do.

    But the following is a very real possibility.

    “The expression coup de grâce means a death blow intended to end the suffering of a wounded creature. It is often used figuratively to describe the last in a series of events which brings about the end of some entity; for example: “The business had been failing for years; the coup de grâce was the sudden jump in oil prices.” Or not bailing out GM.

    Not bailing out GM would have been the coup de grace that pushed the American economy off the cliff. It’s as much a possibility as anything you have ever predicted.

  • politicalfan

    gramps- good one!

    rubbernecker- what about the banks?

    p2- Why did you have to give me that halibut imagery? (All kidding aside, they can have to handled in a certain way). I will stick to catching fish.

  • pnumi2


    lobster risotto?

  • Gramps

    lessadoabouteverything // Jan 14, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    … Дурак это тот, кто закрывает его ум…?

    Apologies for the script…

  • politicalfan

    p2- LOL. Thanks, now I am thinking about poor lobsters. That doesn’t stop me from their enjoyment though.

    Gramps- I love google translate.

  • Gramps

    pnumi2 // Jan 15, 2011 at 12:17 am

    Hey kiddo…where yeh been…
    Our portfolio is up 29.6% fer the year…

    Almost 15% is in Vanguard…
    40% is in precious metals ETF’s…

    The rest is just “fun and games”…

    I’m a big fan of Jimmy Cramer on CNBC….

    Give yerself a listen…now and again…!

  • Gramps

    politicalfan // Jan 15, 2011 at 12:43 am

    Actually it’s”Bing” translate…!

  • politicalfan

    I use. Sorry off topic FF.

  • pnumi2


    If your portfolio is up that much, why don’t you get yourself a new set of chompers and start enjoying them t-bones again?

    “Hey kiddo…where yeh been…
    Our portfolio is up 29.6% fer the year…”

    Wow. 29.6% in two weeks. Are you taking new clients?

  • Gramps

    politicalfan // Jan 15, 2011 at 12:48 am

    “Sorry off topic FF”

    Gimme a break “pf” …
    You did them a a big favor…
    You pointed them in the “RIGHT” direction…!

    Good boy!
    Good boy!

  • rubbernecker


    what about the banks?

    I take it as an article of faith that things would have been much worse without the galling Wall Street bailout. TARP seems to have been quite successful, but I just checked the numbers at sourcewatch and there’s still about $2 trillion outstanding on non-TARP bailout programs. Ouch.

    Clearly, the bailouts have been just dandy for Wall Street. The top 2% are doing fine during this “depression,” as WillyP prefers to call it. The other 98%, not so much.

    Incidentally, let’s not forget that Tea Party Queen Sarah Palin was for the bailouts before she was against them.

  • politicalfan

    Gramps- good girl but all the same. Did you read this?

  • Gramps


    Yes you are absolutely correct…
    That was YTD for 2010…

    YTD for 2011 is (minus) -0.85%…!

  • politicalfan


    Exactly. I have way more empathy for some of the Tea Party folks that actually are ticked about the bank bailouts then Sarah Palin. I have long thought she was an aided ‘ideolog’ at best. I would be surprised to hear her elaborate on the mechanics of the bailouts with introspection. I would glady stop commenting about her if she did an interview out of the realm of her safety nets.

  • pnumi2


    I know that. I was just pulling your… whatever you have left to pull.

    I have been horsing around in the market since the sixties and I got out before 911. And I have been sleeping like a baby ever since.. I love the NYSE. It makes me think of that nursery rhyme: “There was a crooked man, who walked a crooked mile.”

    Did I just make that up? I better google it.

  • Gramps

    pnumi2 // Jan 15, 2011 at 12:52 am

    Hey kiddo…
    If I can get you anywhere, near, 25% for one year why would you not… pay me 2% fer doin’ it…
    I do it year after year…

    Not necessarily 25% like last year…we had the big gold and silver run…
    But…say hey…

    I’m in yer camp soldier…
    Olde dumbe arse Democrat…!

  • pnumi2

    what’s left of my mind still works:

    There was a crooked man,
    And he walked a crooked mile,
    He found a crooked sixpence
    Upon a crooked stile;
    He bought a crooked cat,
    Which* caught a crooked mouse,
    And they all lived together
    In a crooked little house.

    And they all had Gramps invest their 401(k)s (netting 25% per annum.)

    Sounds tempting Gramps but at my age a down day on Wall Street produces an up night for my blood pressure at home. I need 9 hours sleep a night and can’t be getting up at 6:30 to watch the opening.

    So now it’s : “To sleep — perchance to dream” (of the days before the Republicans pulled “Deficits Don’t Matter” out of their cesspool and papered the Capitol with their worthless I.O.U.s).

  • Gramps

    pnumi2 // Jan 15, 2011 at 1:25 am

    Gramps… I know that. I was just pulling your… whatever you have left to pull.

    Yeh hadda put that in there…

    I’m still here as yer financial adviser…!

  • Gramps

    Next question….!

  • Gramps

    pnumi2 // Jan 15, 2011 at 1:55 am

    Yes sir…
    My personal “IRA” did 29.7%…
    May the “good Lord” strike me dead…
    Iffen’ I’m a jerk…!

    Gold and silver was the thing…
    It was something to behold…!

  • pnumi2


    You were smart to bet on Wall Street. As I said I got out before 911. I’ll tell you the story if FF don’t get mad. In the spring of 2001 I decided to play the Summer rally. I bought a lot of worthless, rumor driven stocks, which was my most successful way of playing the market.

    I was up about 10k and the summer was drawing to a close. I told myself to get out but I never did.

    One day I was getting a massage from a very good friend who also played the market. When the massage was over his 7 year old daughter started a hissy fit. I wanted to talk as we always did but he was occupied with his kid. I asked if I could use his computer and went to Schwab online and sold out half of my position.

    The market was closed for the week-end but on Monday September 10th, I sold out my entire position.

    The guys at Schwab told me the FBI wanted to know about me but when they told them what kind of crapy stocks I had bought and sold they figured I wasn’t a terrorist.

  • Gramps

    pnumi2 …
    send mail…

  • kanawa

    God, you are such a dweeb.

    You’re a cold cup of coffee, a bowl of melted ice cream,
    a breeze so light it doesn’t stir the grass,
    a cloud that squeezes out a single drop of rain then dissipates.

    Palin is more masculine than you, Sven Robinson less emotional and Don Cherry more relevant.

    You need to go canoeing and cease your whimpering.

  • hp_loveshaft

    Frumpy: Fuller never mentioned Levin, you blithering idiot.

    Furthermore, you should be on your knees thanking Levin daily for giving you a bigger audience than your blather could ever merit on its own.

  • WillyP

    “You want to know how it feels to be really intimidated by America’s genius? I am so worried about a person of such stature — victimized by AEI, which unceremoniously dismissed him; an author who sold well over 4000 books but who goes unrecognized for his groundbreaking thinking; a former Bush official who wrote the most important phrases ever uttered by a president like “axis of evil” — monitoring my every spoken and written word. How can I possibly live up to his high standards? Even before he takes a dump in the morning and shaves his 4 whiskers, this would-be icon is thinking about me and googling my name hoping to link me to some nut in a Don’t Tread on Me t-shirt doing something stupid. I don’t know how to cope. But I must confess, I am crushed that Frum, with his overwhelming intelligence, influence, and insight, will be stalking me from his lonely and cold basement forever more, writing feverishly about the death of conservatism and hate radio. Oh, the love and civility. Why do so many dismiss the man as a pipsqueak and kook?

    But let me say, in his defense, if I am to be stalked by someone, I can think of no better stalker than David Frum. He is, after all, harmless.”

    –Mark Levin, 1/14/11

  • politicalfan

    I guess Mr. Levin can not be accused of the masterful art of sarcasm. Again, I don’t know the full context, so I will leave it at that.

    Perhaps, there should be a forum where they can debate on (neutral ground)?
    Time to enjoy the wk-end away from the computer. Peace.

  • pnumi2


    Your quote of Mark Levin’s about Frum: “victimized by AEI, which unceremoniously dismissed him;”

    Personally I prefer the unceremonious dismissal.

    I hate getting frog marched to the center of the square with my fellow comrades looking on. And then when El Supremo breaks my sword over his knee and slaps me across the face with his kidskin gloves, I get so mad. Phooey..

    No, I find the ceremonious dismissal a tad uncomfortable

    It’s more for menschen like you and Mark Levin.

  • Gramps

    politicalfan // Jan 15, 2011 at 1:09 am …
    Hey kiddo, mon, apologies…

    Geezers like me, lack circumstance, place and timing…
    I luv yer comments…!

  • nwahs

    “Will Mark Levin dare sue HIM? Or was it all cowardly bluster?”

    Will the police dare arrest him or are you despicably exploiting him?

  • Gramps

    nwahs // Jan 16, 2011 at 1:02 am

    Mark Levin actually seems to “froth at his mouth” when he’s denigrating President Obama…
    He appears as a totally, hateful denigrator…
    He is filled with hateful animosity…
    All of his words and thoughts exude hate…

    May the good Lord, preserve us…!

  • Gramps

    Mark Levin actually seems to “froth at his mouth” when he’s denigrating President Obama…

    He appears as a totally, hateful denigrator…
    He is filled with hateful animosity…
    All of his words and thoughts exude hate…

    May the good Lord, preserve us…!

  • Gramps

    Telle est la vie …
    C’est la guerre…

    Olde soldier sends…!

  • Gramps

    I’m thinkin’…

    Some of our totally, outrageous comments are being reserved here…


  • Arms Merchant

    UPDATE: If Levin sues Fuller, he’s gonna have to serve him at the nut house mental health facility.

    “One of the victims from the Tucson shootings has been arrested and involuntarily committed to a mental health facility, according to the Pima County Sheriff’s Office.

    Eric Fuller was arrested Saturday after authorities said he shouted “You’re dead” to Tea Party spokesman Trent Humphries.”

  • lvtalon

    This is why Levin has an audience of millions and Frum is a little punk who, if I hadn’t heard about this from Levin, wouldn’t even know about his blog.
    Projection and slander is Frum’s trademark.
    He tries to re-interpret Levin’s remarks for his own benefit and to insult him by assigning degrading motives as the impetus for his words.
    It’s Frum who has no substance, brings nothing to the table, except the Diet-Democrat view of the world. Spending his time accusing Levin of crazy ugliness instead of the Schultz’ or Olbermanns, who really are ugly and crazy.
    Frum knows exactly the point Levin is making, although he pretends not to. This phony little act of ignorance and projection is pathetic, it contributes nothing and says nothing.

  • politicalfan

    I am pretty sure that it Frum decided to toss out clever cliches and hold a hard line. Yes, he would in fact be very rich and have a large audience. Whatever helps a person sleep at night, I guess. We all have a place on this earth.

  • pnumi2


    “This is why Levin has an audience of millions”

    The people who think a large audience indicates something meaningful are like the people who think that an enormous penis is also valuable.

    A large penis indicates nothing about a man’s character, his morals, his ethics, his intelligence, etc.

    Yes, there will always be those who think size is estimable and respectable , whether it is your audience, your bank account, your car, your house, or your meat.

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