Manchin: “Raese Thinks We’re Hicks”

October 10th, 2010 at 12:30 am | 4 Comments |

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Talking Points Memo reports:

West Virginia Democratic Senate candidate Gov. Joe Manchin is quickly trying to capitalize on the news that a casting call for an ad against him sought “hickey” actors. A new ad by Manchin’s campaign hammers his Republican opponent John Raese, and puts the blame for the incident on Raese’s shoulders.

Earlier this week, Politico reported that the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s advertising people had called for actors with a “‘Hicky’ Blue Collar look” for an anti-Manchin ad. (See the ad here.) Manchin’s ad in response to the news doesn’t hold back.

“John Raese thinks we’re hicks,” the ad says. “His people hired actors from Philadelphia to attack Joe Manchin, and told them to dress ‘hickey.’”

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  • bubba11

    Well, maybe Raese doesn’t but his campaign does. Didn’t Raese know that all politics are local? If I lived in WV, I’d be offended. But I live in Missouri, and we here in MO suffer the same stereotyping from those who don’t know us.

  • SkepticalIdealist

    You do realize your username is bubba11 don’t you?

  • easton

    look, it was obviously some ad exec from the coast that wrote that and so I can’t blame Raese for it. The ad itself was generic. I found that ad where they had the 3 hispanic looking males in it implying that all hispanic males are defacto illegals far more offensive.

    Can’t say I blame Manchin though for this tack either, Raese is a carpetbagger so he should be real careful and the buck does stop with him, you hire elitist ad agents who view West Virginians as inbred coal miners it is going to bite you on the ass.

  • abj


    Yeah, it’s typical politics…If I were in Manchin’s inner circle I’d advise him to do exactly what he’s doing.

    I have to say, I’m really surprised he’s fallen behind in polling, especially against a guy who’s run for several statewide offices over the past 20 years and lost each time. Raese isn’t Christine O’Donnell, in that he’s a serious candidate, but he is a perennial office-seeker like O’Donnell.