Many Americans Dislike Tea Party

June 11th, 2010 at 2:00 am | 9 Comments |

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David Weigel flags down a poll which shows that Americans largely dislike the Tea Party movement:

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll includes questions about the tea parties that have the nascent movement’s popularity slipping badly. Overall, since the last poll, the percentage of Americans who hold an unfavorable view of the movement has jumped from 39 percent to 50 percent. The leading edge of that has been a collapse in support from 18-29-year-olds. In March, they had a positive, 43-38 view of the tea parties. They’ve swung hard to a negative view, 27-60.

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  • rbottoms

    A bunch of snarling old coots in Tri-Corner hats turning off young people.

    What a shock.

    Next thing you’ll surprise me by finding anti-immigrant screeds and shooting Mexicans twice a week aren’t so good at attracting the Latino vote.

  • WillyP

    ha ha, very thoughtful.

    Since unemployment is particularly high at the lower end of the age spectrum (more than 20% for 16-24 yr olds – Source: BLS), I wouldn’t worry about the them voting Democrat. The young dummies who mindlessly pulled the lever for the Great Destroyer (that’d be Obama) will grow up quite quickly after 3 or 4 years of un/underemployment.

    Experience is an excellent teacher, but, especially in this case, so costly! No job = no family. What happens when these people are still not employed to their maximum potential when they’re 30? What kind of a gift is that to the nation?

    Obama is not just a terrible president, but his terrifying bad policies are going to scar many of the young people of this country permanently. He’s creating a new Lost Generation.

  • LogikBomb

    WillyP, speaking from the 16-24 year old demographic myself, I can say the only unemployed among us will be the ones listening to the rhetoric and bullshit coming from people like you, the ignorant masses.

    Stop watching Fox News it’s bad for your brain.

    and yes, Im 24 years old, make 60k+/year salary with a 401k, thanks to having an open mind in life I’ve acquired enough knowledge to attain these goals myself.

  • thebishop


    Oh Ye of little imagination!

    It’s actually a little disappointing that the same person who imagines Obama as a radical “Great Destroyer” can only conceive of a scenario where disaffected Obama votes run crying to the arms of the Republican party.

    There is an alternative, and I’m afraid you won’t like it.

    These young people, –still unemployed at 30– may conclude that a system where educated, capable people are unemployed in a time of great social need is fundamentally flawed. Far from embracing the party of Free Markets and personal responsibility, they could demand total employment. They could act collectively to sieze control of factories, schools, hospitals, etc and operate them democratically as worker cooperatives.

    As poor as Obama’s economic performance has been, the Republican party will never wipe clean the stench of the Bush presidency. No citizen over the age of 15 is going to forget that this economic calamity developed and exploded during the 8 years of George W. Bush.

    If both the Republican and Democratic parties don’t present a viable solution in a hurry, neither will benefit.

  • LogicBomb

    @LogikBomb, excuse my user name. Not feeling creative but felt compelled to reply to your post in a similar manner.

    Speaking from the 16-24 year old demographic myself, I can say that I am unemployed not because of “bullshit” like WillyP’s but because of bullshit like Obama’s (and to some extent Bush’s). There is no denying that Obama and his Democratic majority are the most direct cause of my unemployment.

    In short, I am an aerospace engineer and my program, Constellation, ran out of work and funds to support me due to his decision not to increase its budget as advised by his Augustine panel. In fact, Obama is outright canceling it with the logic that it is time to transfer that program’s role to the private space industry to help shorten the gap left by the space shuttle (partly Bush’s fault). Furthermore, the companies Obama refers to as the private space industry are actually competing for NASA International Space Station resupply contracts at the moment, not private customers as you might expect.

    and yes, I too am 24 years old, previously made a 60k+/year salary with a 401k, and thanks to having an open mind in life and acquiring enough knowledge to have attained those goals I surely will not vote Democrat again!!

    However, that is not to say I will run to the Republican vote either. In my opinion, they are both responsible for my current demise due to poor leaders and administration in general. I surely do not believe I will remain unemployed for 3-4 years but I would rather vote for my ideals in a third party next time around as useless as that may seem.

  • WillyP

    I can only assume, in good faith, that you are in fact not a Bishop. If you are, I would recommend a re-sharpening of your logical skills.

    There are only 2 options a nation can choose regarding its economy: a free market, based on private property and division of labor, and collectivism/socialism/central control.

    The voter base may conclude that it is their right to demand “full employment” indeed; however there are only 2 feasible ways to accomplish such a goal – a free, unhampered market (which experiences frictional unemployment and naturally has people switching from one industry to another as demand requires) or a collective, politically based system. We know from history where one leads: hellish tyranny.

    Again, there are only two viable methods for achieving “full employment.” I can only hope Americans will choose a free market over the proven disaster of a system of socialism. Although I concede that a large portion of my optimism in the American voter base was eroded when they elected this clown, I do not believe we’ll ever elect an obviously totalitarian, dictatorial leader.

    Therefore your comments are basically pointless. Either politicians and political activists who are able to explain the market system speak up and speak loudly against socialistic efforts, or we are in danger of losing to the socialists. If we are vocal enough, and appeal to our common heritage as free people, we will win naturally; “naturally” because we have a national tradition of embracing liberty at crucial junctures.

    Logikbomb – how typical you are of my generation. I give you a statistics – a very accepted statistic that system that says at least 20% of your peers who are looking for a job currently cannot find one – and you dismiss it on account of your own fortunate situation.

    Dude, wake the hell up: we are in GREAT DEPRESSION levels of unemployment. Consider this fact; let it sink in. These are, quite literally, very dire economic times nationally. I very much doubt you’re that attuned to history, but massive, prolonged, and worsening unemployment has a tendency to destroy nations. If this isn’t worthy of your concern, what is?

    I’m sure all your peers are quite happy to hear you’re making excellent money and putting away money for retirement. Should they be so lucky. Look, I’m employed, I have a “good job.” But I’m also not oblivious to the fact that many people I know are struggling to find work. And I know many educated, intelligent workers.

    LogiCbomb – I’m very sympathetic. Many of my friends are unemployed engineers. It’s unbelievable, almost. Look, my advice for you is simple: work through the Republican Party. It’s the most effective vehicle we have to return to free market principles. Sure, it’s frustrating and at times counter-productive. But I’m a party builder, and we need more people like you in the Republican Party. Join and let your voice be known.

    And please, would you lay off Fox News. They don’t make laws.

  • Rabiner

    I’m not surprised that the Tea Party is unpopular amongst young people. Their views go against much of what young individuals believe government should do. Many Tea Party people are socially conservative which is not the majority of young people.

    With fiscal issues, the Tea Party is full of contradictions that young, college educated individuals can see from a mile away. ‘Want small government’ they say but they don’t want to cut social security benefits, don’t want to cut medicare benefits, don’t want to reduce the size of our military. So the only things they want to cut are programs that benefit the poor which seems short sighted to say the least.

    With regards to the person upset about government shifting space shuttle flights to private industry as a reason to ‘never vote Democrat’ again seems to be shortsighted. I’m sorry you lost your job but government after inventing the technologies and developing a market for this type of service should move on to developing the next technologies for space flight and let private industry modify and perfect the current technologies of the space shuttle.

    I’m currently 26, unemployed as well and can’t find work. I have a Masters degree so many jobs I apply for simply respond saying ‘sorry but you’re over qualified’ since they think I’d leave at the first opportunity and retraining a new worker who will leave soon isn’t worth it to them. When I apply for jobs that require my educational background I find I’m competing against 40 year olds with 15 years experience. It sucks but just keep plugging away and you’ll find something.

  • ferreteria

    You’re presenting a false dichotomy. Free markets and socialism can, do, and have coexisted and commingled for centuries. In the US, for example, national defense has always been a collective concern, while something like beer brewing has always been private (though it has indirectly benefitted from government funds in many ways). Even most private businesses have been aided at various points by public subsidies, and all have benefitted from public infrastructure like roads. This isn’t an either/or proposition; rather, it’s a matter of how best to balance two components of a successful economy. And the balance will often differ depending on the industry – the military will always be primarily socialized, while luxury good will always be primarily private.

    You’re also drawing a false parallel between socialism and totalitarian communism. Sweden, for example, is a strongly socialist country, but is about as far away from totalitarian as you can get.

    Finally, let me point out that the Great Depression was largely caused by shifting too far toward free markets, and that socializing production with the New Deal and imposing new regulations on business helped pull us out (and contrary to what some people say, the US economy was comfortably out of the depression prior to our involvement in World War II). Oh, and just as a point of fact, unemployment peaked at 25% during the Great Depression, while we’ve barely hit 10% during the current downturn.

    Anyway, we need to find the proper balance between capitalism and socialism. We had a pretty good mix from WW2 to 1980, but ever since Reagan we’ve been moving further and further toward the capitalist side, and it’s finally caught up with us. We need to move more toward socialism and reduce the massive power so many corporations enjoy, but contrary to what certain talking heads say, Obama has shown himself to be too much of a corporatist to make a serious move in that direction. Hey, at least he’s better than Bush.

  • WillyP

    The dichotomy is quite real, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. Bureaucracies exists to maintain control, and that’s what they do. Think the military: control has been retained, but nobody ever accused the military of being particularly good at providing cost-effective consumer solutions. Only the miracle of consumer capitalism can provide the wide array of products and services that we take for granted everyday.

    Socialism is not a workable model. It can “work” temporarily, so long as there is enough wealth-generating capitalism to prey off of. But, it should be evident, particularly now, that the predation is reaching a tipping point. Our national debt is rising astronomically, basically telling us that we cannot afford the socialist programs in place.

    Your depression history sounds like what a high school student would write on a state-mandated exam. What evidence do you have to substantiate your claim that “Finally, let me point out that the Great Depression was largely caused by shifting too far toward free markets, and that socializing production with the New Deal and imposing new regulations on business helped pull us out (and contrary to what some people say, the US economy was comfortably out of the depression prior to our involvement in World War II).”

    Government, in particular the Federal Reserve, were responsible for the malinvestment that characterized the stock market bubble of the late 1920′s. Hoover, far from being an advocate of laissez-faire, was a big government meddler who believe in a managed economy. FDR ran a campaign promising fiscal austerity and a balanced budget (contrasting Hoover’s failed agenda), but proceeded to expand Hoover’s agenda and re-label it the “New Deal.”

    The sophomoric claim that “We had a pretty good mix [of capitalism and socialism] from WW2 to 1980, but ever since Reagan we’ve been moving further and further toward the capitalist side” only highlights your ignorance of history in this period. See this list on Wikipedia for 9 widely recognized recessions in this time period:

    The truth is that we need to shrink the size of our government, relax regulations, and let society (not GOVERNMENT) strike a workable, sustainable balance of resource consumption and distribution. This is the capitalist system. If you care to know how it works, I would recommend NOT inane blogging, but watching this short documentary: