Limbaugh: Why Won’t Rove “Keep His Mouth Shut”?

October 21st, 2010 at 2:56 am | 8 Comments |

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Ben Smith reports:

In another sign of a rift between the Limbaugh-Palin grassroots and the GOP Establishment, Rush Limbaugh goes after Karl Rove — who just a few months back, guest-hosted his show.

Limbaugh today:

Now, meanwhile, there are Republican political operatives insulting Tea Party members of not being sophisticated, not having read Friedrich Von Hayek. Wonderful, great people, but just not sophisticated. Karl Rove said this, but he’s not alone. I got a note today from a friend, “Why would Karl be saying this, Rush? You know Karl. Why would he be saying this? Why doesn’t Karl learn to keep his mouth shut?”

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  • bamboozer

    “Why doesn’t Karl learn to keep his mouth shut?” Hilarious!

  • Xunzi Washington

    So Karl had this skill before and is simply refusing to employ it now?

  • DFL

    I would agree with Limbaugh that Rove has nothing of value to say.

  • anniemargret

    Coming from the master Orca-size potty mouth of Rushbo, what a hypocrite! Of course hypocrites are known to associate and run in the same circles.

    No difference here.

  • forkboy1965

    Boy….. doesn’t dear ol Rush love to flip flop around. Once a lover of the Rove he now bashes him for doing what Rove has always done: speak his mind (whether you agreed or not, and I never did).

    I guess we know which way Rush blows: whatever way the wind tells him.

    Such integrity.

  • DifferentFrumer

    Predator v. Alien III

  • balconesfault

    Rove is out to shake down the big buck GOP wallets for as much lucre as he can, and that takes some targeted marketing. The more money flows into his PACs coffers, the more power he has, and the more he can skim off the top.

    Basically, Rush has a business model of a few million middle and upper middle class white businessmen and homeschool moms listening to him every day, and some advertisers who are willing to pay well for access to this very well-off demographic.

    Rove has a business model of a small number of Kochs and Mellon-Scaifes pumping huge amounts of cash through his propoganda mill.

    I don’t think they’re competing for the same dollars, but at the end of the day they’re competing for the same power to have GOP politicians coming to them on bended knee.

  • PracticalGirl

    Two rich, powerful fat men fight it out. Can a new game show be far from the horizon? “Survivor: Bloviator Edition” or just plain “Bloviator” comes to mind. Toss in Newt and Cheney, add Gore for some tension and sizzle, and you’ve got yourself a hit.