Is Romney Winning Over Florida’s Activists?

September 24th, 2011 at 11:14 am | 56 Comments |

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The Florida straw poll (technically associated with the Florida Republican Presidency 5 that coincides with the Conservative Political Action Conference) hasn’t been released yet and, if the buttons and banners I’ve seen are any sign of enthusiasm, Rick Perry and Ron Paul will land at the top. (Michelle Bachman won’t do badly either.)

But, in just the last few hours–since the debate Thursday–I’ve heard far more positive responses about Mitt Romney. A Florida elected official–a Republican who is much admired in Tallahassee–put it this way in describing his support for Romney: “I went to the debate looking for someone to dance with last night. And now my dance card is full.”

While I didn’t see a single Romney sign away from his official booth, there seemed to be a lot Friday. And his team is recruiting Florida activists I know in full force: a colleague of mine will probably be chairing at least one of his county campaigns. Romney may not do all that well in the Florida straw poll. But, best as I can tell, he’s going over quite well with the CPAC audience/Presidency 5.

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  • sinz54

    Rank-and-file Republicans will tell you that they would rather have ANY Republican in the White House instead of Obama.

    And Romney certainly is “any Republican.” :-)

    • nwahs

      “And Romney certainly is “any Republican.” ”

      So is Obama. Please direct me to any liberal policies of the Obama administration. There is not 1/8 of an inch separating Obama and George W. Bush.

      But here’s the rub. When Obama was elected, the Republicans lurched right. Trouble is Obama lurched right also. And then the GOP lurched further right into stupid, bat shit crazy, lala land. Stick a skewer up the GOP’s butt, because in 2012, they are done.

      And this is from a lifelong Republican.

      Have you ever had a person stick out their hand and say “Hi, I’m your friend!” and you have no desire to be their friend, no desire to associate with them, and absolutely no desire to find out what weird hamster feed is turning their wheels? That how I feel about the GOP leadership and their unholy alliance with Fox News and their stable boys like Brent Bozell.

      • Carney

        Liberal policies?

        Wow, what a blind spot.

        Imposing homosexuals on the military for starters. An epochal, civilization altering event. America’s most trusted institution, more trusted than our churches, our schools, anything. Now part of the gay agenda.

        • gocart mozart

          So you find a gay man in uniform very imposing do you now Carney? Why am I not surprised.

        • nwahs

          That’s your liberal policy? Then you are just another assassin of the GOP.

          Idiocy will not win votes. If anyone is so sexually confused that another persons sexual orientation affects theirs, then they need a psychiatrist, not a law.

          Are you feeling more homosexual since the change? I’m not. Are YOU?

  • Marioth

    Perry appears to be failing the MSM debate mid-term exams. Will it matter, is the question. The country elected W twice.

    • Dragonfly

      Bush is leagues above Perry;

      George W Bush received an Undergraduate Degree from Yale University then went on and received an MBA from Harvard School of Business.

      Bush worked the private sector and ran his own business.

      Perry got a C in Reproduction in Farm Animals, a C in genetics, a D in Feeds & Feeding, a C in Sheep & Angora Goat Production and two C’s in animal breeding classes.
      Perry also got a ‘D’ in Introduction to Economics and a ‘C’ in Gym.

      Perry never held a private sector job in his life.

      Owebummer? LOL – he has the academics, but he’s still riding around on training wheels – jack for experience, and the economy shows for it.

      • Gramps

        “Dubyah”, wasn’t much of a businessman…

        [blockquote] “In 1987, a Swiss bank linked to BCCI and a Saudi investor bailed out Harken Energy, where George W. Bush was a director, with $25 million in financing.”
        [Source: Craig Unger, "House of Bush, House of Saud," excerpted in, 3/12/04]” [/blockquote]

        “George W Bush received an Undergraduate Degree from Yale University then went on and received an MBA from Harvard School of Business.”

        George W. Bush graduated from both Yale and Harvard universities…with what are euphemistically referred to as “legacy degrees” hopefully both universities will set up higher standards for their graduates in the future, so that someone like George W. Bush could never disgrace the names of such reputable schools again…?

        • Dragonfly

          BS – Bush went through school like most others, and even had a bit of a tough time because he was a conservative, in the air Force Guard as a fighter Pilot – the liberal professors cut him no slack. I know the feeling having served the Air Guard while going to the university – they don’t even like your haircut – no slack from them, while liberal longhairs with half the brain skated – they fit in better. Say what you want when you haven’t a clue about reality, but reality is just that – reality – something you don’t know about.

          Granted, he wasn’t the smartest guy, but he did his bit. His great job as president proves his worth.

          Two major economic disasters – 9/11 and Katrina – and Bush still had us at 4.6% unemployment – life was good then.

          On Jan. 3, 2007, the Democrats took control of both houses of Congress – 11 months later the nation went into recession.

          President Ruberstamp got in then super-sized the Dems mess.

        • Watusie

          Simple question: can you name the act or acts that Nancy Pelosi somehow forced the Senate to approve and GWB to sign that caused the recession?

        • TerryF98

          Dragonfly, you must be a parody troll! No one is that deluded on purpose.

        • gocart mozart

          Has it ever occurred to you that there might be other reasons why you had a tough time in college other than your haircut? Why the persecution complex?

        • Gramps

          Dragonfly…yer “funnin’” the olde Gramps… ;)

          Dubyah’s missing years of Texas Air National Guard meetings both during and after attending his “legacy” Alma maters…should have resulted in a discharge from the Air Guard and immediate deployment to Vietnam…the very combat he was trying so desperately to avoid…!

          He was a “frat rat” while attending Yale and a cute, “cheerleader”…
          Olde soldier sends best regards…Dragonfly…!

        • Gramps

          Dragonfly hon… yer funnin’ us on Dubyah’s, unemployment rate too…!

          [blockquote] “Employment, of course, is closely related to the fourth of Forbes’ measures of economic performance: unemployment. When Bill Clinton took office, in January 1993, unemployment stood at 6.9%. When he left office, it was at 4%, the lowest level since 1969.

          When George Bush took office, he inherited Clinton’s unemployment number, 4%. When he left office, in January 2009, the unemployment rate stood at 7.2% and was skyrocketing. The economy was hemorrhaging 600,000 jobs per month. ~~~ ” [/blockquote]

  • seeker656

    It looks like Romney/Rubio is a good bet.

    • TJ Parker

      Goodness, can that happen? Rubio already came out against Social Security! (“It makes us weak …”) Of course, that’s a flip-flop from his previous position (“My parents depended on it …”). Romney/Rubio could perhaps be the ticket of flippity-floppity. (Woo! I haven’t done a James Joyce allusion in a LONG time.)

      • Gramps

        TJ…please excuse my ignorance…
        How does Rubio ever win an election in a gray beard state like Florida, with his present, not former, political stance with respect to Social security…?

        Does he just make it up as he goes along; to suit his immediate audience?

    • Dragonfly

      Rubio is too green – Romney is super intelligent, and sports outstanding experience – he would make a great selection for VP and his Cabinet and czars – people with great brains AND experience – you can count on it.

      I am sure Romney will help take well care of Rubio, because he deserves to be well mentored – he has great spirit and potential – Rubio has something special about him, which is why he will go places – if I were to chock it up briefly …………. young, smart, great attitude, and a team player – an asset for America’s future, as well as today’s chores.

      • TerryF98

        You are a parody troll, too funny, well done.

        • Dragonfly

          To TerryF98

          There’s no comeback for truth, so personally attack the messenger.

          You strengthen my words, and never realized you would.

          From your standpoint, you would have been better off saying nothing, but you have diarrhea of the mouth and can’t control yourself.

    • Carney

      Romney can’t name Rubio. He HAS to pick an evangelical Protestant to bring home the base.

  • Frumplestiltskin

    The problem with Romney is precisely the same problem that Democrats had with Kerry. Did anyone really like Kerry? Does anyone really like Romney? If Romney does win he will have no reservoir of good will and I see no areas he can shine in (unlike Papa Bush, who was great in Foreign Policy and who became President as the Soviet Union imploded).
    Can you imagine a crowd at a Romney rally? They will be like robots, applauding when they are supposed to applaud, forcing a laugh at what is supposed to be a joke from Romney.

    I am not so sure that Romney/Rubio is as good a bet as Romney/Perry, provided that Perry doesn’t completely flame out now. Romney is a Mormon, Rubio is a Catholic, that would be the first ticket in history without a Protestant on the ticket. Maybe evangelical hatred of the “HNIC” will get them elected but I just don’t see the long term support, if things get difficult.

    • mlindroo

      Hm, I agree Kerry was a rather bland, unappealing politician. Not sure if his (solidly liberal-) poltical views and voting record were anathema to Democratic partisans, though.

      I guess the lesson of 2004 was that the challenger had better make a really strong, convincing case to independents the country will be better off if the current President is not reelected. And that is usually not an easy task! Reagan and Clinton were able to pull it off against controversial incumbents who had been all but written off by their own party. Obama will have no such problem (at least if he is running against Rich Perry!), but maybe the “Republican flip-flopper from Massachusetts” will bore everyone to sleep so Romney narrowly wins a low turnout election. It could happen, but only if the economy remains awful with no end in sight.


  • Lonewolf

    Let’s add to the mix the fact that Perry’s Florida campaign co-chair, Pam Olson, claims that she can raise the dead. Interesting little clip of her explaining her ability to grant immortality on Olbermann’s “Worst Person” segment y’day.
    Way to pick your staff, Rick. Great confidence-builder in your judgement.

    • Watusie

      Also thinks that tornadoes are caused by teh gay.

      Put these two together, and you can see that she’ll probably be either Surgeon General or head of FEMA in a Perry Administration.

      • Dragonfly

        I agree – Perry is an Al Gore/Hillary lover kind of guy to the core – too many years of that in him to strip, which explains the love of illegal aliens – couple that with his lack of a decent education, and private sector experience, and his selections for Cabinet and czars may actually turn out worse than Owebummer’s.

        • TerryF98

          Nope not a parody troll just a plain smeggy troll in disguise.

        • Dragonfly

          TerryF98, there’s no comeback for truth, so personally attack the messenger.

          You strengthen my words, and never realized you would.

          From your standpoint, you would have been better off saying nothing, but you have diarrhea of the mouth and can’t control yourself.

  • jnail

    Ah NO!!! Looks like Herman Cain served up some whoppin’ in FL

    • Dragonfly

      He’s from right next door – Georgia, so………….. no big surprise.

      The big one is – Perry polled terribly considering the time and money he spent there.

  • Gramps

    Can it possibly get any worse for the graduate from… Harvard on the Brazos River…Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College…?

  • TJ Parker

    Goodness! With 8 flavors of batsh!t on the menu, Floridians dig down for guano from nearer the bottom of the cave. Could have been worse, I guess: it could have been Gingrich.

    That 999 plan is begging for some creative Photoshopping.

    • Dragonfly

      I think it worked out OK – Perry spent a lot of time and money there and got trounced – GREAT news.

      I don’t think Cain will win the GOP nomination and he will never win the general election.

      Half the country doesn’t pay taxes, so they are not about to want to vote for a guy who wants to tax them 9 9 9. And his calling for knocking out the EPA because the EPA has a concern over dust shows he’s out of touch and handing over ammo to be used against him in the general. The EPA wants farmers to dampen the dirt with water before discing because millions of people are suffering with stuff from asthma to other lung related ailments that leads to heart ailments, as well as allergies. Seeing that, I’m sure the DNC can dig enough similar statements to burn him with in the general, but I don’t think he will get there.

      I preferred to see Cain get it over Perry, I think Cain and his supporters will throw in for Romney when that time comes, and Romney not getting it saves him from being a front-runner target. Perry still has that until they fry him out of the scene and out of the game.

      • TJ Parker

        I think Cain and his supporters will throw in for Romney when that time comes, and Romney not getting it saves him from being a front-runner target.

        Well Cain’s supporters could have thrown in for Romney now, but they didn’t. Romney is the “none of the above” choice.

        Tea bag is the new sheep’s clothing for yesterday’s evangelicals, and they now control the party. I don’t see how a Mormon inspires them. Goodness, Mitt’s Prophet is alive and living in Salt Lake City!

        • Dragonfly

          I wouldn’t know much about Tea Party people, but I do know a lot about D’bags (Democrats) – they are the most incompetent people in America – why else would they create the need for a welfare dependency cesspool, to include lining up illegal alien votes with it, for their voting block?

          Welfare dependency is the bulk of their voting block – the one eyed king leading the blind – creating millions upon millions of idle people to near riot in all our major cities.

          And your mention of religion in politics exposes you to be an ignorant bigot.

        • Watusie

          Lets say for the sake of argument that you are right.

          82% of the population of American lives in an urban area. So why don’t all the middle class and rich people who live in cities outvote the welfare dependent poor?

          The states that Obama carried include NM, NV, OR, CO, ME and IA (yes, IOWA) – all are in the bottom third for population density. How did he pull that off, given that he had no hordes of welfare dependent poor to rely upon?

        • gocart mozart

          No, lets say for the sake of argument that he is a potato

      • Watusie

        “Half the country doesn’t pay taxes”

        Simply not true.

        • Graychin

          Whenever someone says “half the country doesn’t pay (income) taxes,” I assume that means they want to raise income taxes on that segment of the population. Right?

          Sounds like a winning electoral strategy to me! :D

        • Dragonfly

          I used the talking point ‘half the country doesn’t pay taxes’ because it’s out there that 47% of households don’t. I know they pay some taxes, sales, property, etc., but I used the talking point blurb just to make my point – there are millions of voters who do not pay 9% in taxes, so if you say, vote for me and I will raise your tax to 9% – I think not.

          Just like there are millions of voters who are in their 30′s and 40′s who hear a candidate say, I think the retirement age should be raised. There is no way they will vote for that person.

          Just saying………….

        • Dragonfly

          Graychin, in answer to your question; WRONG.

          My point was that people do not want their taxes raised, so they will not vote for the guy who wants to raise them.

          How the heck did you get I want to raise taxes out of that?

        • Watusie

          Shorter Dragonfly: I said something I knew wasn’t true in order to bolster my case.

          Even shorter Dragonfly: I lied.

  • Graychin

    The Cain Mutiny?

    Good one! :D

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  • Redrabbit

    Well, this straw polls, as Florida Republicans like to point out, has predicted the GOP nominee every time since 1980!


  • Frumplestiltskin

    I have long thought that Cain has been doing real well at the debates, he hasn’t stumbled nor has he attacked any other candidate on the stage and since no one else thinks (thought) he had a chance they were all kind to him. It is curious to think what will happen next debate. And as to his 9 9 9 scheme, it is nuts, it would dry up billions of dollars of trade along both the Mexican and Canadian border (what Canadian would shop in the states and then pay a state and federal sales tax?) And I would move along the border myself and do all my shopping in Canada, thereby avoiding that 9%.

    And dragonfly, stop with ridiculous talking points, there is a talking point that 9/11 was a conspiracy…would you repeat it just because it is out there. If you bring up ridiculous talking points expect to be mocked. Everyone but the very poor pays nearly equally in percentage in total payments for government expenditure, from state, local, federal taxes, user fees, etc.

    My friend, who is childless, complains about my tax deductions for my 3 children. If we did not have deductions I would not have had 3 children, but 2. You start hammering the millions of middle income people in taxes and then America will be like Italy with few people having children. It is nuts.

  • Dragonfly

    “Watusie // Sep 25, 2011 at 9:19 am

    Simple question: can you name the act or acts that Nancy Pelosi somehow forced the Senate to approve and GWB to sign that caused the recession?”

    Watusie, any half-brained dolt should know that the D’bag (Democrat)-controlled Congress held Bush hostage for what he needed for our war on terror.

    If you didn’t know that – no-brained dolt.

  • Dragonfly

    “Watusie // Sep 25, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    Shorter Dragonfly: I said something I knew wasn’t true in order to bolster my case.

    Even shorter Dragonfly: I lied.”

    No great surprise that you’d lie – it’s what D’bags do best.

    Romney is going to win the GOP nomination, and then go on to beat Owebummer and/or Sillary, whichever way the DNC runs with it going into next year.

    America has had enough of the rotten D’bag ways – we’re going to fix it, and fix it good.

    • TerryF98

      How old are you? I am guessing around 15 years old.

      You are so immature and senseless.

      • Dragonfly

        I guess you don’t like it that I call Democrats D’bags – well, if they weren’t such incompetent, corrupt, illegal alien loving law breakers……………….

        D’bags fits them well in my book.

        If you don’t like it, fix the party, and I may call them something different after that.

      • gocart mozart

        Why the hate for 15 yr olds Terry?

    • Redrabbit


      What does that even mean?