I’m Betting On Michael Steele.

January 30th, 2009 at 3:17 pm | 2 Comments |

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I’m thrilled with Michael Steele’s victory.  His outsider persona, record of success in Maryland government, strong rhetorical skills, and boundless enthusiasm all bode well for a rejuvenated RNC.  But we all have work to do, as Steele will remind us.

I think it’s great as well that he was elected on the same day as President Obama appointed a “Middle Class Task Force” headed by Vice President Biden.  So we’re in a race:  which party and which leader is going to come up with the best ideas for real solutions to the problems middle-class Americans face every day? 

I’m betting on Michael Steele.

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  • coleman

    Michael Steele is an outstanding choice. Suddenly the GOP has a new face: A man who is articulate, reasonable, a consensus builder.
    But his success will hinge on his willingness to confront and counter Talk Radio. If he takes Limbaugh and Hannity on, he will command respect. If he lets them continue their spewing of rancor and resentment, he will be viewed as impotent and irrelevant.
    He has his work cut out for him. His biggest battle won’t be with the Democrats, it will be with the far right of his own party.

  • aw

    I agree that Steele will help, but more even more important than bringing in minorities is trying to shift the party’s image to one that is moderate and will heavily stress bipartisanship. That doesn’t mean we should abandon our values, but we should make it clear that we are open to other ideas. Steele isn’t a wingnut, but he’s no moderate either.