If Saudi Women Drive

December 3rd, 2011 at 11:39 am David Frum | 34 Comments |

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The social consequences will be horrendous, warn Saudi Arabia’s clerics:

As part of his careful reform process, King Abdullah has allowed suggestions to surface that the ban might be reviewed.

This has angered the conservative religious elite – a key power base for any Saudi ruler.

Now, one of their number – well-known academic Kamal Subhi – has presented a new report to the country’s legislative assembly, the Shura.

The aim was to get it to drop plans to reconsider the ban.

The report contains graphic warnings that letting women drive would increase prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce.

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  • Rich T Bikkies

    Ah, yes. George HW Bush’s old pals, if I mistake not. Money talks ….

  • Oldskool

    Heck, our conservatives are just as crazy.

  • valkayec

    Ah, yes, if women drive there will be no more virgins. Where do old men come up with these dumb ideas?

    • Rich T Bikkies

      You mean “Where ELSE do old men come up with these dumb ideas?”

      In the Vatican.

    • Primrose

      No, it is actually a fairly rational statement. If women drive, they will be able to leave and being able to leave will be able to make their own decisions and even, horrors choose their own spouse, instead of letting their uncles do it.

      The essential problem is that far too many men are far too lazy to make an effort getting and keeping a woman. And because of this they don’t have one, unless they construct elaborate, repressive systems in which they trade women with each other. Very much the Saudi way.

      I am not surprised at all that this subset of men want to keep patriarchy going. It does surprise me why the men who have always understood effort is necessary permit it since it is not in their interest. They are far more likely to get superior (and lets be honest more) picks in a competitive marketplace so to speak, then where the game is fixed.

  • Nanotek

    “The report contains graphic warnings that letting women drive would increase prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce.”

    they sound just like American conservatives’ doom-n-gloom if marriage equality emerges

    • chicago_guy

      “And if they let women drive, soon goats will want to drive too. See? It’s a slippery slope.”

      Now THAT’s just like the argument against marriage equality.

  • Graychin

    Do Muslim religious authorities believe that the only way to save their women (and men?) from sinful ways is to lock the women away and keep them hidden?

    It doesn’t say much for the moral power of Islam, does it?

    Of course some Christians are just as silly:


    • Fart Carbuncle

      But of course. A regular poster here on HuffingFrum Post spins this into an anti-Christain rant.


      • ConnerMcMaub

        The blanket insult against the entire Forum aside, it is a false equivalency in quality and quantity. But if this place sucks so bad, why keep coming back?

      • medinnus

        Forgive the Flatulent One – he’s nothing but a bigot in CINO (Christian In Name Only) clothing, like most of the Religious Reich.

        • ConnerMcMaub

          Please don’t defend me by hurling insults many times worse than the minor one I was trying to point out. Crap, all Fart did was sarcastically call the entire forum Huffpost users. Please don’t compare people to NAZI’s unless they are actually killing people, it’s offensive.

        • Fart Carbuncle

          Oh, the irony…meddinus is a moderator on HuffPo! lol

      • jakester

        Oh no, I’m agreeing with Flatulence Pimple! Must be a reverse flow day on the river too.

      • Primrose

        All graychin did was point to the witch-finder general’s, (Oh excuse me, chief exorcist) own words. No rant happened at all.

    • Houndentenor

      It’s one thing to have religious people make ridiculous statements. Those statements are their right under the first amendment. It’s not as if they have successfully banned Harry Potter and yoga classes. There is no equivalency here.

  • Frumplestiltskin

    and being that women can’t get in a car with anyone other than a male relative how can they take taxis?

    I gotta admit, there is a real dark side of me that would love to be a rich guy there, to have 4 wives, they can’t talk back, etc.
    Of course you always have the problem of what to do with the 3 men who won’t be able to get a wife, true story, when I taught in China I mentioned the disparity between men and women (due to females being aborted) saying there were 110 men for every 100 women (it is worse now) and I asked one young man what he would do, hoping to elicit a response that he would work hard, study hard, yada yada. Instead he said he would kill 10 men.

    In Saudi Arabia they figured out how to deal with this which is why promoting jihad is so great, you have them go be suicide bombers in Iraq or Afghanistan and promise them 72 virgins (or raisins, whatever it amounts to the same thing in the end) after they kill themselves. It has got to be one of the most brilliantly devised rackets ever.

    • Aaron

      Some places, such as Dubai and Kuwait, have “pink taxis.” Maybe Saudi Arabia does, too?

    • Primrose

      I simply do not understand men. I understand the fantasy of being a James Bond character but multiple wives, not at all.

      Why would being stuck for the rest of your life with three-four women perpetually angry at you and each other be more substantially more exciting than one with whom you are in love and who loves you.

      Love can do much to compensate for no variety. But there would be no love and no variety, and constant demands, bickering and strikes (a very usual technique in such households). Women who can’t talk back (which is to say women you beat the hell out of) hate you.

      Bachelors I suppose might not know any better but I don’t understand how any married man can think more wives will improve marriage.

  • TerryF98

    Good job we don’t have religious fanatics in this country telling women what they can and cant do as a sex.

  • dante

    The Saudi religious leader is insane… It’s obvious that that allowing women drivers will lead to:

    More fender-benders
    More rear-end collisions
    Fewer cars parallel parking
    Greater sales of VW Beetles
    Increased sales at shoe stores
    Increased sales of GPS units


  • Houndentenor

    If women could drive they would be able to escape from abusive husbands who treat them like chattle.

    Why do we suck up to these backwards hateful bastards? Oh yeah, they have oil. We are addicted to that oil. We are Saudi Arabia’s crack whore.

  • Probabilistic

    If Saudi women could drive… hmm… I imagine the first thing they would do is drive off to an oasis to go skinny dipping. :)

  • blowtorch_bob

    As nonsensical as people complaining about the Jewish bankers on Wall Street.

  • rbottoms

    Next the Saudis will be claiming the the HPV vaccine will lead to mental retardation and becoming a slut. Oh wait, that’s Michelle Bachmann.

  • jakester

    I agree, things would go a lot smoother on the roads without all those pathetic female drivers and those girly cars they inspire the automakers to produce for their market niche, like the PT Cruiser