I Don’t Think Mitt Enjoys that Drink

December 8th, 2011 at 10:11 am | 16 Comments |

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Ok Axelrod, whatever the Mormon Mitt Romney may be, it’s not a member of a Martini Party.

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  • TerryF98

    One of your very best pieces, just loose the first sentence!

  • TerryF98

    Romney to the teabaggers who totally refuse to support him.

  • medinnus

    …I got nothing – which is twice the content.

    You could have written a short article of substance on Axelrod’s speech, instead of… and I can’t believe the FF editorial allowed it… a stupid one-liner about Romney not being a member of the “Martini Club”, presumably because as a member of the LDS church he doesn’t drink.

    Really? Is FF reduced to a one-line lame joke for analysis?

  • balconesfault

    Eh – I figure if Republicans could talk about how the supposed teetotaler GW Bush was a better guy to have a beer with than either Al Gore or John Kerry … then calling Romney, who without a question is more comfortable hanging out in a room full of martini-drinkers than tea drinkers even if he’s not partaking … is so non-headline worthy as to make temple garment jokes seem of import.

  • Graychin

    Grasping at straws, aren’t we?

    I hadn’t heard the expression “martini party” before. I’m sure it was intended as a verbal parallel to “tea party,” not as literal truth that Romneybots all drink martinis. But JV seems not to be very good with metaphor.

    Just to keep JV from wigging out, perhaps Axelrod should stick with the description “Country Club Republican.” Everyone knows what THAT means.

    Or maybe that would also be inappropriate for Romney. Do we KNOW if Romney belongs to a country club or not?

  • nuser

    That one liner kept Romney in the news! Isn’t Huntsman mormon as well? Hm..Has FF
    ever mentioned the latest big lie Romney told?

  • Frumplestiltskin

    years back I had a Mormon flatmate, he drank up a storm and chased skirts all the time. JJV has really bought the party line on Mormons.

    I have no idea if Romney is a private drinker or not, I, for one, never drink but it has nothing to do with religion, I simply don’t like it, but JJV is wildly leaping if he imagines Mormons are super virtuous people. It might come as a huge shock to JJV but often times church policy and the behavior of the adherents is not one and the same.

    • margoharris1

      No doubt. My husband had to deal with Mormons in his job and the peer pressure is huge. A couple of them confided to him that they stayed with the religion for business reasons and that they didn’t really believe the crazee stuff but it would ruin them financially if they didn’t conform.

  • LFC

    I think we all should thank JJV for the link. Talk about Axelrod being right on target:

    Next, Axelrod addressed the state of the Republican party, which “has split into two parties . . . the Tea Party and the Martini Party,” “the right-wing populists/social-conservatives . . . and the old center-right corporate Republicans.” He continued, “By orientation, Romney is more of the Martini Party sect. He’s spent the last six years banging on the door of the other, trying to win admission, abrogating one fundamental principle after another. They’re just not buying it . . . there’s a sense that they don’t really know what he stands for and they want a more authentic exponent of their view.”

    Absolutely pitch perfect. No wonder it’s driving the Romney backers nuts.

    • Bohemian_Idol_Smasher

      I agree that Axlerod’s characterization of Romney’s tortuous and confusing political shifts is spot on, but his use of the “martini” metaphor is a bit unforunate, and not merely because of Romeny’s abstinence from alcohol, but also because a Grey Goose Martini is the favorite drink of…David Axlerod’s boss, in the service of whom Axlerod is attacking Mitt Romney.

  • icarusr

    LFC – thanks for the excerpt.

    So Yecchione is a pedant. Good for him.

    Which reminds me … evidently, I missed the Yecchione article – one-liner – about how Romney and Perry had lied, outright, about Obama’s “lazy” speech. And no doubt there was one attacking Romney for the craven, base and calumnious quotation out of context of Obama in respect of the economy. How about Palin’s easy-to-discover lie about “death panels”? There must have been at least one Yecchino pithy and oh-so-witty one-liner noting how absurd it is to think, literally, that Obama’s philosophy is to be found in “anticolonial Kenyan roots”, much as it is perhaps literally not true that there is a “martini party sect” within the Republican Party to which Romney the Moron could not literally belong because the literal rules of the said party sect require drinking martinis at set soirées. Yecchino no doubt wrote reams and reams about how Obama could not, literally, be a marxist or a socialist or whatever it is that he is routinely and without shame accused of by Yecchione’s fellow-travellers …

    I have not been diligent in keeping up with my Yecchione articles. Would have been a hoot reading those one-liners.

  • dante

    Let’s see, mega-rich corporatist who’s raised more money directly from Wall Street than any other politician (including Obama), who’s defended Wall Street from the populists of this country, and who thinks that the main problem we have is that the rich pay too many taxes and the poor don’t pay enough.

    Aaaaand you’re thinking this guy is somehow part of the populist Tea Party? Aaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. The fact that you still….don’t….get….it…. is why you can’t understand why Romney hasn’t broken out above 22-25% in any single poll for the past 12 months.

  • ConnerMcMaub

    John is making a mistake attacking the sarcasm and not the substance. Axelrod isn’t calling Mitt a boozehound, he’s calling him a wealthy man out of touch with the needs of those of us who didn’t inherit multiple millions. John should attack the substance by pointing out Mitt’s tithing which I assume he does, not to mention his additional charity which I also assume. I’d like to point out another unfair attack from my fellow liberals, the snark attacks about him removing the cheese from pizza. He’s setting a healthy example and we should leave him be. I don’t know if he eats French fries or just freedom fries however. Conservatives have never made fun of the President for preferring dijon mustard or arugula salad, never ever. I seem to recall they don’t like his choice in beer either.

    • LFC

      “John should attack the substance …”

      That could be said for just about anything he writes against, and “John should discuss the substance” could be said for just about anything he writes for. I’m not sure I’ve read anything here by JJV that has any substance, unless that substance happens to be a hallucinogenic.