House Votes to Repeal Net Neutrality

April 8th, 2011 at 6:37 pm | 5 Comments |

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Politico reports:

House lawmakers on Friday voted to roll back the FCC’s net neutrality rules, dealing another political blow to one of Chairman Julius Genachowski’s top priorities.

The full chamber cleared the Republicans’ measure on a mostly party-line 240-179 vote, despite the protests of Democrats who said the chamber should have instead been focusing on the looming threat of a government shutdown.

An uphill battle now awaits the Republicans’ resolution of disapproval, a vehicle by way of the Congressional Review Act that gives Congress a say in evaluating agency rulemakings.

An identical effort is pending action in the Senate, where industry leaders expect the measure to encounter serious political roadblocks. Even if the Senate does move forward, the White House has already said it would veto an attempt to undo FCC rules that require Internet providers to treat all Web traffic equally.

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  • COProgressive

    This is the BIGGEST issue going on in Washington that no one has heard of, and even fewer understand.

    What’s happening is the FCC ruled that the Telcos and Cablecos CANNOT in any way throttle, degrade or block content from competitors. The FCC wants to maintain the Internet the way we enjoy it today. The Carriers want to control the content of the Internet with “partnered” applications which will be offered to consumers as channels as they are on a cable system. If you want to access Google, but Bing is the search engine your network is partnered with the Carriers want to be able to either charge to use Google or slow access to Google down so much as to render it useless. The same is true with Comcast. They want to block streaming video from providers such as Netflix and Video-On-Demand from Amazon. If your subscribe to Comcast they will prohibit you from using any other service.

    The Carriers are looking longterm to create Internet access networks that look very similar to what we know today as cable TV service. They want to create vertical networks where THEY provide the access and control the sites and services you can receive. If you want something else, they will provide it to you either at an expense, “For just $2.99 for the day you can access Frumforum. Please have your credit card handy.”, or they will provide the access, but at a much reduced bandwidth (sloooooower speeeeed). The Republicans in Congress are siding with the Carriers and against the consumer (big surprise there) on this issue.

    We need to support the Net Neutrality we enjoy today and keep control of Internet content OUT of the Carriers hands.

  • busboy33

    If it allows corporations to screw citizens, the GOP is for it.

  • valkayec

    As stated, even if you FCC rules, the House’s plan will never be signed into law.

    The internet should be free and open to anyone and all to search and see whatever they want. If Comcast or AT&T or Verison don’t like, too bad.

    • COProgressive

      The problem is that Comcast, AT&T and Verison have a lot of $$$,$$$,$$$ to buy congressmen and lawyers to try to steal the Internet. The reason they’d spend so much? Because they see $$$,$$$,$$$ times 10, or 20 or 50 or 100 that much if they could only get their greedy little finger around the neck of the Internet consumers.

      This isn’t something new, I’ve been following this fight since the late ’90′s. I was an network engineer for a large Telco and all they talked about was getting control of Internet access and being able to do vertical marketing to a captive subscriber base.

      P.S. The fight will never stop. Every year it keeps coming back. The Carriers will keep pushing this until they win.


    Thanks for sharing some much-needed perspective on this COProgressive. How any sane person can be against net neutrality is beyond me.