Hoover Event Draws Crowd Amid Debt Crisis

July 23rd, 2011 at 12:24 pm | 14 Comments |

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Despite the  apocalyptic debt crisis, Friday’s launch of Margaret Hoover’s book American Individualism drew a large crowd from the D.C. political scene. The event, held at the Hotel Monaco, was co-sponsored by GOProud.

Margaret Hoover [left] with FrumForum’s manager-of the editor,
Danielle Crittenden Frum.

Washington Times columnist Eli Lake [left] with John Avlon,
senior columnist for Newsweek and the Daily Beast
(and Margaret’s husband).

Stephen Richer [left] of the Washington Legal Foundation with
David Boaz, executive vice-president of the Cato Institute.

Patrick Forest, GOP nominee for Virginia State Senate [right]
with campaign manager, Buck Cram.

Margaret Hoover with FrumForum contributor/ Davis-Block LLC
associate Jeb Golinkin

Eli Lake, Danielle Crittenden Frum, and Noah Pollak,
executive director of the Emergency Committee for Israel.

Stephanie Wayne [left] of the Washington Examiner, and Suhail
Khan [right] director of external affairs for Microsoft.

Ilya Shapiro [left], senior fellow at the Cato Institute with Noa Levanon
of the Center for International Studies.

Margaret Hoover with FrumForum Assistant Editor Nicole Glass.

Jeb Golinkin with Mattie B. Carter [middle] student at Mississippi
State University, and Gregory Contreras, blogger for Citizens5408.

Margaret Hoover with FrumForum Intern Ajay Ravichandran

FrumForum’s managing editor Noah Kristula-Green with [left]
Randy Hall, senior staff writer for the Media Research Center.

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  • hisgirlfriday

    Amid NOT Amidst.

  • Danny_K

    Clearly, it’s time for another Hoover! You can’t make this stuff up folks.

  • Emma

    Now we know why Frum will always be a neocon, even when his compatriots start firing shoulder missiles at Air Force 1 (to nail that black impostor), or laying land mines on the steps of the Fed (to resurrect the gold standard), or declare martial law at the Kansas state fair (to redeem the old-time standards of animal husbandry). Because Frum likes the parties (provided low ethnicity rates) and because Frum has a thing for Republican broads (Jewish guy with a shiksa fetish). Oy.

    • Hunter01

      Emma, you are by far the most insightful and colorful of the participants on this site — and I include here Frum and his stable of mumblers — but, sometimes, your grammar sets my teeth on edge. Proof before you post.

    • JosephP

      Frum is unusual for a Republican in that he does try to have a bit of intellectual honesty in his opinions. But let’s face it—anyone that is truly honest with his feelings and emotions would never be a Republican if it was only about intellectualism.

      I think you’ve got it exactly, Emma. It’s all about the parties.

  • Graychin

    I gotta agree that Margaret Hoover is hot. The more pictures of her on Frum Forum in that screaming orange dress, the better.

    But Ms. Hoover has a tragic marketing problem – her name and ancestry. She may resonate with “conservatives” who always hated FDR (especially his defeat of their whiz kid Herbert H.), but every other sentient being thinks she’s going to have a hard sell outside that little closed circle. (Those old mossback conservatives like a little eye candy too!)

    Her name is almost as difficult a sell as that ill-fated Saint Louis brewery of the 1950s – Griesedieck Brothers beer. Except that GB made an excellent brew. Hoover economics? Not so much.

    • Redrabbit

      I haven’t read the book, so perhaps my analysis is wrong, but…she does not seem to be selling Hoover economics, or any kind of actual economics, or any…anything! Everything I’ve seen so far from her is just some very vague sentiments and platitudes about responsibility, public service, freedom, etc.

      In other words, most of it seems pretty devoid of any real content to object to.

  • Holmes

    Many have wondered why the low editorial standards on this site. I think Emma points to the answer: Frum is a country club wannabe of the WASP-Cato Institute variety. For him, the longing for social acceptance shapes and constrains all of his commentary. Usual Jewish guy inferiority complex — will they never get over this?

    FRUM, for Christ’s sake, just bang the shiksa and move on. There is work to be done.

  • Oldskool

    Like sailors in Hawaii on 12-6-41.

  • cheves222

    Holmes: way to throw the Jewish thing/”banging” a gentile girl in there. Tasteful. My bet is Frum closes the web site in days due to your insightful, devastating anaysis. Looking forward to your blog! Can I come to YOUR book deal party? Can’t wait to meet all the hot, brilliant chicks that will show up to that!

    • Emma

      Tasteful, no. On point? Probably. Never underestimate the self-doubts of Jewish men in the company of powerful gentiles. It’s all that history of the sorry plight of European Jews in the middle-ages and after. Jewish boys are forced to study that stuff ad nauseum and it has a crippling impact. (And who wouldn’t be affected?) Even in America Jewish men (not the women so much) still feel like unwelcome immigrants — Woody Allen lite. An over-broad generalization? — sure, some guys feel it to a lesser extent, but they all suffer the affliction. And it gets in the way of ambition. (Thus persecution doth make cowards of us all.) I think this is what Holmes was trying to get at in his crude way. And you cannot deny that Frum is unnaturally meek.

    • Hunter01

      I’m pretty sure that “banging the shiksa” is a metaphor for overcoming one’s self-imagined limitations. Think before you take offense, cheves222.

      • cheves222

        Frum is “unnaturally meek.” Yes. So a guy who goes against Limbaugh/Palin/FoxNews AND tries to maintain his conservative outlook may be a lot of things, but meek ain’t one of them.

        And I refuse to get into the weeds on Jews’ alleged self-doubt until I re-read Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Let’s all do the same and meet back in a week.

  • Holmes

    “So a guy who goes against Limbaugh/Palin/FoxNews AND tries to maintain his conservative outlook may be a lot of things, but meek ain’t one of them.”

    Some folks need heroes and there are worse traits, I suppose, but I think Brecht was onto something when he said “Happy is the country which requires no heroes.”