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November 23rd, 2011 at 6:20 pm David Frum | 14 Comments |

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The Anne Applebaum–Danielle Crittenden Polish cookbook, advice released in Polish last month, ask has hit the Polish bestseller lists.

The English-language edition will be released in 2012.

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  • Ray_Harwick

    Poland has a national cuisine besides sausage? Who knew? I buy more cook books than I do David Frum books, so I look forward to the English version.


  • nuser

    Poland say you , last time I visited Europe , Poles were busy stealing Norse cars. Intriguing
    to say the least. But I am tempted to look beyond my prejudice and enquire about the book.
    I so love Harwick’s reply ,they are indeed fond of sausages.

  • jorae

    Anne Applebaum and Mrs Frum, aka Danielle Crittenden, who wrote the book.


    March 16, 2011
    David Frum:
    Libya: Barack Obama is in no hurry to see Gaddafi go

    “Whoever called this moment the Arab 1848 had it right – assuming, that is, that the anonymous wit remembered how the original 1848 turned out.”

    [Republican SLANT - proven WRONG for BRAINWASHING PURPOSES]

    Frum Forum
    March 16, 2011

    My piece in Thursday’s Telegraph cited the “anonymous wit” who compared the Arab insurrections to the doomed uprisings of 1848. I should have either flexed my memory better or Googled more carefully: the “anonymous wit” was my friend (and my wife’s coauthor!) Anne Applebaum. No excuse for this senile spasm.

    Seems the Team of Applebaum and Crittenden, like politics and cooking.

    The point is? The repubican theory that … if you try hard enough in America, you can make it….But the GLARING NEPOTISM is never acknowledged… And, the articles that join the two, is pure Propaganda …

    The ledgendary republican brainwashing continues….No, the cards are stacked against indivduals vs money in America…and Obama put more effort into getting rid of OBL and Gaffy than any republican…Face it, Demorcats have always been better..

    • Ray_Harwick

      You really should learn to compartmentalize you political issues. The response to a cookbook is not an invitation to a political rant. Jeeze. Get a freaking life.

    • Noah Kristula-Green


      Just wow.

      jorae is right, insidious Republican Brainwashing is being done via a Polish cookbook! Its like the Bible Code, certain messages are hidden inside the recipes.

      One day you’re cooking a sausage, and next thing you know, you suddenly think that the Koch brothers should only have to pay voluntary taxes.

    • a.n.

      Well speaking personally, I know that when I dig into some fine Polish cooking, I suddenly feel an insatiable urge to write my congressman in support of a balanced budget amendment.

  • Bingham


  • Giggles

    I’m glad the Frum Cookery Industrial Complex are following the Mitt Romney Immigration Playbook.

    1) This Polish speaking book must first go back to Poland.
    2) Once it has learnt some English it can come over here.
    3) It can work in my yard.

  • ZombieTory

    I have Polish relatives (through marriage) and I can say first hand that Polish cuisine is surprisingly delicious.

  • Frumplestiltskin

    congrats, i remember reading about this back on slate from Anne Applebaum.

  • jorae

    How come the image looks like a hippy life style…basket full of some green veggies? Can the Frum Industry decide on, who they really are? And what life really has values?

    I certainly feel the passion for the earth, doesn’t fall anywhere near the tree for a republican.

    • ZombieTory

      “I certainly feel the passion for the earth, doesn’t fall anywhere near the tree for a republican.”

      Have you even read anything Frum has written in the past 4 years?