GOP Promises More Repeal Efforts

February 3rd, 2011 at 6:57 am | 10 Comments |

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The Hill reports:

Senate Republicans have vowed a sustained, malady unrelenting push to repeal President Obama’s healthcare reform law, generic despite falling short in their first effort Wednesday.

Republicans say they are not content to wait idly until the Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of the healthcare law in 2012 or later.

Instead, they will pursue a multi-pronged strategy to delay implementation of the law and repeal its most controversial provisions.

“We think is just the beginning,” Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) said Wednesday evening after the Senate voted 47-51 along party lines to reject an amendment he offered to repeal the law.

“This issue is still ahead of us and we will be going back at it in a variety of ways,” McConnell added.

In addition to attempts to repeal various sections of the law, Republicans will attempt to block funding for implementation of the law when a stop-gap spending measure funding government expires on March 4.

McConnell noted that Republicans blocked more than a million dollars in funding for healthcare reform that Democrats tried to include in a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill at the end of last year.

“You may recall that when we passed the continuing resolution to March 4, we deleted funding for additional bureaucrats to ramp up enforcement of Obamacare,” McConnell said. “So we’ll be looking at it in every different way to revisit it.”

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  • Raskolnik

    Part of being a conservative means accepting defeat and disappointment as a natural and unavoidable part of life. This battle is over, guys. Let’s move on.

  • jerseychix

    Repeat after me



    The Senate isn’t going to repeal it and the president isn’t going to sign it. Get over it and DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE.

  • andydp

    Funny how “jobs” “economy” “debt” “Sharia law” “Hallowed ground” and any other election buzz words you can think of have morphed into:

    “Repeal Repeal Repeal Repeal”

    BTW: I notice “replace” has not come into play yet.

  • mikewaz

    The GOP mantra when it comes to health care reform has been “this is what the people want.” The GOP has signaled they intend to defund the law to prevent its implementation. There’s just one problem: the people don’t want the GOP to use defunding as a way to stop the law. In the January health reform survey from Kaiser Family Foundation, a full 62% of polled people said they do NOT approve of defunding the law. Hell, even 41% of people who disapprove of the law and 38% of people who favor repeal said they do NOT approve of defunding the law! What the hell happened to “this is what the people want,” you stupid hypocrites?!

    • busboy33

      The 62% aren’t real people, silly. Real People agree with what the GOP is doing by definition. Since Real People agree with them, then they are correct that all Real People support them.

      Its like Boll O’Reilley saying Mars has no moons, or not knowing how our moon formed. If you think that’s just crazy, all that means is you are a subversive trying to undermine a Ral American so your voice is irrevelant.

  • armstp

    112th Congress: 28 bills to repeal Patient Protection Act in 11 days, but nothing to create jobs.
    Here’s a list as of today, divided by House and Senate.

    H.R. 105 Dan Burton, GOP – Indiana : To repeal the Patient Protection Act & enact in its place incentives for people to buy health insurance.
    H.R. 118 John Fleming, GOP – Louisiana : To permit a state to elect not to have an American Health Care Exchange.
    H.R. 119 John Fleming, GOP – Louisiana : To prohibit hiring of irs agent to implement or enforce health insurance reform.
    H.R. 127 John Graves, GOP – Georgia : To de-authorize funding of Patient Protection Act.
    H.R. 141 Steve King, GOP – Iowa : To repeal the Patient Protection Act.
    H.R. 145 Connie Mack, GOP – Florida : To repeal the Patient Protection Act.
    H.R. 154 Ted Poe, GOP Texas : To prohibit any federal funds to be used to enforce Patient Protection Act.
    H.R. 171 Cliff Stearns, GOP – Florida :
    H.R. 2 Eric Cantor, GOP – Virginia : Repeal of Patient Protection Act.
    H.R. 38 John Fleming, GOP – Louisiana : Rescind funds authorized for Patient Protection Act.
    H.R. 9 David Drier, GOP – California : Requires Committees to look into Patient Protection Act.
    H.R. 26 David Drier, GOP – California : Repeal Patient Protection Act.
    H.R. 215 Don Young, GOP – Alaksa : Repeal Patient Protection Act.
    H.R. 19 John Carter, GOP – Texas : Disapprove rules on MLR in Patient Protection Act.
    H.R. 299 John Carter, GOP – Texas : Repeal Patient Protection Act.
    H.R. 358 Joe Pitts, GOP – Penn : Remove abortion funding from Patient Protection Act (there is none)
    H.R. 360 Michael Burgess – Texas : Amend Patient Protection Act to include President in Health Care Exchanges.
    H.R. 364 Tom Latham, GOP – Iowa : To Repeal Patient Protection Act
    H.R. 371 Marsha Blackburn, GOP – Tennessee : Repeal Title I of Patient Protection Act.
    H.R. 5 Phil Gingrey, GOP – Georgia : Repeal Patient Protection Act.
    H.R. 397 Wally Herger, GOP – California :Repeal Patient Protection Act.
    H.R. 429 Darrell Issa, GOP, California – Repeal Patient Protection Act.
    H.R. 452 Phil Roe, GOP, Tennessee – A bill to repeal Patient Protection Act.
    H.R. 450 Dave Reichert, GOP, Washington – A bill to repeal Patient Protection Act.


    S. 19 Orrin Hatch, GOP – Repeal Health Mandate & therefore repeal patient protections.
    S. 17 Orrin Hatch, GOP – Repeal Tax on Medical Devices
    S. 16 David Vitter, GOP – Repeal Patient Protection Act
    S. 196 Chuck Grassley, GOP, Iowa – A bill to to provide congressional staff gets to participate in Exchange.
    S. 192 Jim DeMint, GOP, South Carolina – A bill to repeal health care.

  • TerryF98

    Where are the JOBS?

    • busboy33

      Step 1: Repeal Health Care Reform
      Step2: ????????
      Step 3: Profit and Jobs!

      Step 2 might be a little vague . . . but otherwise its a neat little plan.


    “What the hell happened to “this is what the people want,” you stupid hypocrites?!”

    Both sides always do this. And shamelessly so. The same people jumping up and down about how the GOP having a 25-seat margin in the House represents a “mandate” spent the first half of 2009 claiming that Obama “had no mandate because 46% of the people voted against him”.