GOP Plays Mediscare in West Virginia

September 24th, 2010 at 4:42 pm | 5 Comments |

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The NRSC has a message for West Virginia voters: Joe Manchin supports getting Big Government in your Medicare!

A new ad opposing Governor Manchin in his quest to replace Robert Byrd runs as follows:

“Manchin supports Barack Obama’s big government agenda…Manchin supported the government takeover of healthcare that cuts Medicare…”

The words “Government takeover of healthcare” are actually juxtaposed with “Cuts Medicare” on the screen.


Ironically, the cuts to Medicare were among the only responsible parts of Obamacare. Do these newfound entitlement-lovers think that these cuts were made because Nancy Pelosi enjoys watching old people suffer? The cuts to Medicare are assumed to be made up for through increased quality elsewhere, and are there to help pay for the new provisions. I think that this approach is misguided — FrumForum‘s own David Gratzer has written a book and a pamphlet explaining why — but the NRSC’s implications are simply preposterous.

West Virginia is one of a few sleeper races that have unexpectedly become competitive. Businessman John Raese, who entered the race after Congresswoman Shelley Moore-Capito declined to run, is mostly self-funded and hopes to upset Manchin, whose approval ratings are in the 60s — although, after this race, we may have to say that they were in the 60s. It will be an astonishing measure of voter anger at the Democratic Party if one of the country’s most popular governors cannot win against an anonymous businessman.

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  • TerryF98

    LIE your way to victory then have zero plan to govern.

  • easton

    Yeah, one outlying poll. yeesh.

    And I love this assertion that the health care insurance reform act is bad just because Knepper says it is. Look, you are a libertarian who thinks the uninsured should suffer and die before you were to pay one penny (selfishness is wonderful) but most Americans don’t think this way.

    By the way, Japan pays half what we pay, has better outcomes, and has UHC, it also allows its companies the competitive advantage of not having to be social welfare agencies by offering employees health care plans that the companies themselves choose (take it or leave it).
    And, of course, a healthy society is a more productive society. But libertarians don’t care about society, the individual is all so even if it is detrimental to the individual they will still oppose it because of the irrational principle involved.

    Go to Taiwan, or to Japan for a year, see how much better life can be when trillions of dollars aren’t being pissed away in insurance company overhead via advertising and sales costs, and where economies of scale (even in a smallish place like Taiwan, 22 million of course is not that small) do matter.

  • Rabiner


    While Alex is making an argument over the overall aspects of the health reform bill that you and I disagree with he is really talking about a completely different issue: Disingenuous politics. It’s one thing to oppose health care for the mandate since you’re against government intervention in the marketplace, it is a completely different them to be against reducing the size of Medicare because you’re against intervention in the marketplace and that is what this advertisement is saying. We’re against the government takeover but don’t dare reduce entitlement spending.

  • drdredel

    Basically, like most political ads these days (mostly from the Right, but from the Left too), it’s just them finding the scariest most “nerve” hitting line they can think of and shouting BOO!!! at the top of their lungs, making you choke on your sandwich.
    That it’s so effective speaks volumes to the general level of mindlessness that our citizenry is guilty of.

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