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April 15th, 2011 at 8:22 am David Frum | 9 Comments |

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Today marks the 100th day since the new Congress took the oath of office. On this occasion, for sale we at FrumForum are rolling out a new feature: FroshBlog, a regular writeup of the doings of the 87 newly elected House Republicans as they encounter the fixed ways of Washington DC. Led by reporter Tim Mak and correspondents Nicole Glass and Shawn Summers, our team offers unique insight and detail – indispensable reading by some of the best young writers on the right-hand side of the blogosphere.

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  • ottovbvs

    What’s next, watching paint dry?

  • armstp

    It will be interesting to see if these Tea Baggers actually do anything. If any of them actually try to put together and pass major legislation. Legislating is all about compromising with fellow Republicans and Democrats, which is something these people have no interest in.

    My bet is these freshmen will do absolutely nothing. There are two types of elected officials in Washington. Workhorses and showhorses and I suspect that all these Tea Baggers are only showhorses. They have no interest in actually doing their job and governing.

    All they will do is vote NO and critize. That is no way to run a country.


    Meh. I thought this was going to be a special blog for the *FrumForum* “freshmen” — meaning the students and other younger writers who contribute to the site. That might actually have been an interesting idea.

    A blog devoted to a handful of congresscritters? Not so much. Sorry.

  • Watusie

    Can I suggest you start with Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) who came right out and said that controlling the vagina of poor women is more important than fiscal issues?

    I’d like to know – is he officially ending the charade that the “Tea Party” is motivated solely by economic concerns – or was that an inadvertent moment of truth-telling.

  • TerryF98

    A total waste of resources and bandwidth.

    Frum promised us about 6 months ago an honest analysis of the Bush Presidency and what it did to the country.

    We are still waiting………………………..

  • Watusie

    Here is another idea – you could ask Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD) about the $3,058,152 in USDA farm subsidies she has received since 1995. Isn’t that a wealth transfer policy we could do without?

  • zephae

    I originally read this title as “FrumForum Lunches Free Blog.” I’m now disappointed as well as confused at myself.

  • WaStateUrbanGOPer

    Please let this blog cover the shallow Palinite inanities of my new Palinbot congresswoman, Jaime Herrera. The absurd and increasingly tabloid-like Seattle Time recently ran a puff piece that celebrated her as some sort of thoughtful moderate in the mold of the late Jennifer Dunn. This is complete balderdash. Herrera’s a standard issue christianist hack, a disingenuous blank cartridge who talks a lot of balls about fiscal responsibility but is in reality working to forward the agenda of the Ayatollah Dobson and Ku Klux Klergy like Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham. Jaime Herrera’s far-right position on abortion– she’s against it without ANY exceptions for the life of the mother, rape or incest– was anathema to the pro-choice Dunn. How the Seattle Times editorial staff could’ve overlooked this glaring detail is beyond me.

    Herrera’s in no way a moderate. I hope Tim Mak and Jeb Golinkin do some serious in-depth reporting on this theocratic weirdo.