Freedom Can Still Come to Catholic University

December 6th, 2011 at 11:07 am | 8 Comments |

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Here is an update my article on Catholic University and same-sex dorms.

Via Ed Whalen at Bench Memos I have learned that the D.C. Human Rights Commission has rejected the claim that Catholic University can not have same-sex dorms. While not the last word on the law the DCHR is highly influential in the DC Courts on this topic. Its a win for religious freedom and common sense.

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  • Graychin

    Justice Scalia has publicly expressed his opinion about this matter. Should it wind up before the Supreme Court, I presume that you will call for Scalia to recuse himself.

  • CautiousProgressive

    The Catholic University most definitely should be allowed to have single-sex dorms.

    I happen to think the policy is stupid for many reasons, but I will defend their right to make such stupid decisions. And people on the left and right should as well.

  • Frumplestiltskin

    Single sense dorms is a religious doctrine? I missed those verses in the Bible. You know, you can have single sex dorms in a secular school just as easily, and it would have nothing to do with “morality.”

    As to it being common sense, that is a matter of opinion. I don’t see how either single sex or mixed sex dorms are somehow common sense. I guess JJV is not aware that hotels in America are not single sex but mixed. I guess his common sense is more of the Saudi variety (better get those girls in burkhas lest you see their ankle and feel compelled to rape them…or something)

    Look, I am fine with single sex dorms and if I had a daughter I would prefer she stayed in one. I know impulse control amongst 18 and 19 year olds is not all that high but what lengths should society go to protect newly adults from their own experiences? This, I think, is the right of the parents (if they are paying) and the students themselves. If parents are fine with mixed sex dorms and want to send their children to universities that have them, that is their right. I would never send any of my 3 sons to Catholic University because, frankly, it is way too expensive, not because it has single sex dorms.

  • think4yourself

    It’s rare I agree with JJV, but I did before on this issue and do again. The University has the right to make whatever policy it wants so long as that policy is not discriminatory.

  • Reflection Ephemeral

    Well, the original post was a great big angry ball of nothing. Now, the school is getting to do what they wanted to do. Hooray! A victory for the forces of truth and justice against the evil forces of [strike]postmodernism, moral relativism, and making the sexual revolution mandatory[/strike] one professor who made a bad argument.

  • dugfromthearth

    Hooray, freedom to live in same sex dorms may come to the university. I join the author in applauding the arrival of freedom.

  • baw1064

    We all know that single sex dorms, or their absence, if the most critical problem facing the country today.

  • Primrose

    Next time, Mr. Vechionne, when you are thinking about acting like chicken little about one person’s ideas, you will think again. Everybody knew that such a claim would go no where. There was no groundswell of support, even among people like myself, who are not impressed with the necessity of single sex dorms.

    One instance is not even a trend, let alone a cultural juggernaut. There is nothing conservative about hysterical reaction.