Fox’s Own Poll Shows Tea Party, Palin Less Popular Than Obama

January 22nd, 2010 at 2:27 pm | 10 Comments |

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A new Fox News survey shows that Americans remain deeply wary of the tea party movement, and strongly prefer Barack Obama to a hypothetical tea party candidate.  And it’s a result Fox News chose to bury in its reporting on the poll — choosing instead to highlight “anti-Obama” voter sentiment. The poll, released by Fox News yesterday, shows that if given the choice between re-electing Barack Obama and electing a member of the tea party movement, Americans prefer Barack Obama 48% to 23%, a margin of 25 points.

Fox’s survey, conducted just over a week ago, shows that independents are still uneasy about trusting a member of the tea party movement with a position of power. Indeed, among independents, Barack Obama enjoys a 17 point lead.


Interestingly, the poll reveals that only 32% of independents would probably or definitely vote for Obama in 2012. But when matched against a tea party candidate, President Obama’s vote share jumps by 11 points to 43%.

The poll also looks at hypothetical matchups between Barack Obama and potential Republican nominees, and finds the President in a decisive lead among all the candidates tested.

President Obama would trounce former House majority leader Newt Gingrich and former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, beating each by 24 points. The strongest challenger to the President appears to be former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who is only 12 points back in a hypothetical race.




The poll also reveals the depth of disenchantment that Americans are starting to feel towards their elected officials. Fifty-seven percent of Republicans and fully half of all independents believe it would be good for the country if all the current members of Congress were voted out of office and replaced with new representatives.

Americans also remain skeptical of their representatives’ intentions. Seventy-nine percent of Republicans and  independents alike think that elected officials in the United States are more concerned with power and wealth than with public service.

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  • kevin47

    Independents are no more likely to support Romney than a tea party candidate? That’s odd, but the important numbers here regard the known quantities. In short, Palin isn’t viable at this point, and Obama is very, very strong.

    Someone is going to have to change the game at this point. I wonder if that person isn’t Mike Huckabee, after all. I had written him off after the cop shooting in Washington, but its amazing how quickly that faded from the news cycle. I’m not a fan of his foreign policy, but his isolationist bent could be fairly popular in 2012.

    I would be interested to hear who Frum et al… would like to see in this election. I know it’s not Sarah Palin. You are crystal on that point. Don’t worry. We get it. But who shows promise?

  • TAZ

    I would love to have a conservative leaning news channel, …….in that they covered stories more along my taste in politics (conservative).

    Fox seems to think “conservative news” means altering / downplaying the facts of whatever story they are covering to the conservative view point.

    I dont want spin, I just want real news others dont / may not cover.

  • teabag

    Fox is not a News Channel. Period. It’s a fact free opinion channel.

  • Tim Mak

    One person not polled in a hypothetical matchup is Mike Huckabee. He’s statistically tied with Barack Obama in this PPP poll:

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  • ltoro1

    There is a lot of time between now and 2012. I’m not sure if this means that much now.

  • kevin47

    That PPP poll seems more on the money all around. I have a hard time seeing how Romney would be as far behind McCain’s numbers as the Fox News poll suggests.

  • franco 2

    This poll is meaningless. Look, Fox news probably knows Palin isn’t going to run. It’s pretty clear to me. She knows she’s been Quayled by the press and needs at least some time to gain traction as a viable candidate. Sure, she is popular with many…that doesn’t win elections. Now she is filling her obligation to campaign for McCain to save his Senate seat (Now there’s a story FF!) This is going to damage her politically with HER base. This pretty much confirms to me that she ain’t running for anything soon. So it doesn’t really matter.

    And why should a defeated VP candidate poll better than a sitting President one year into his term? Why Tim?

    Why should a nebulous movement that means different things to different people poll better than a sitting President?The fact these numbers are even close tells us much.

    BTW Huckabee is a phoney and I would never support him.

  • mm232

    Firstly, FOX’s viewership isn’t high as it is, because the viewers support the agenda of Rupert Murdoch, or the neo-cons. It has the viewership that it does, because the vast majority of viewers reject the coverage of the big 3 networks, and MSNBC and CNN. Polls can be manipulated to promote whatever one wants them to. Mitt Romney isn’t popular, because he’s a RINO, Palin, however much I might like her as a person and agree that she was abused by the MSM is not a good candidate. She gives her support to whomever will advance her personally, so no, I won’t vote for her. Newt Gingrich, a corrupt neo-con, who advocated and fought for the same policies that helped create our fiscal nightmare. Our economic collapse was brought about by the tag teaming of the neo-cons and the far left, everyone knows that. Neo-cons won’t get the mileage they need to seize power, the electorate rejects their mindset. A prime example of this is Carly Fiorino’s campaign for senate in CA. The woman is a joke, she feigns conservatism. Prior to this, she sneered at American citizens, telling them they no longer had any right to work. Now she demands their votes, and is sucking up to Jesse Jackson and the women’s movement. Carly Fiorino is going to lose, as is John McCain, because as MA proves, once the people focus on the truth, the scam artists, irregardless of whether they are left wing or neo-cons, can not succeed,

    The tea party is comprised of American citizens, of all races and ethnicities who love their country, and their constitution. We don’t take marching orders from fascists, we never will.

    We refuse to vote for any of the open borders, guest worker demanding, exploit our visa programs, outsourcing our jobs tantrum takers. We recognize now, the anti-Americanism of the neo-cons, we reject their corrupting influence.

  • Mandos

    The “far left” opposes all of the policies you blame. The “far left” cheers the thought of being rid of Bernanke, and rightly so.