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Easy for Me to Say

“Easy for Me to Say” is a FrumForum feature series in which David Frum answers reader questions about political issues. Readers are invited to pose questions that take the form of: “OK – so what would you do instead of this or that politician you’ve criticized?”

Questions should be e-mailed to editor[at] with “Easy for Me to Say” in the subject line.

Past Entries:

How I’d Fix Unemployment

How I’d Reduce Healthcare Costs

How I’d Revive the Middle Class


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  • poboy

    Privatize the postal service? small step

  • nhthinker

    Preach practicing…
    Giving the emphasis on how others are not respecting the global warming issue, what voluntary personal and corporate actions are David Frum and FrumForum taking with respect to reducing their own GHG footprint? Are they committed to having a footprint that is less than average for their locales?

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