Down and Out Looking for Summer Work

How hard is it to find summer jobs in the current economy? Follow FrumForum correspondent Daniel Portoraro as he chronicles his attempts to find employment.

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  • poboy

    It’s not the economy, stupid

    The problem with you is you expect to be living the “glamorous” professional lifestyle set forth in a fictional cable television show about an advertising agency, what is more, you expect it right now. You ignore the glaring disconnect between what you studied and the “glamorous” advertising job that you think you deserve as well as your lack of work ethic and unwillingness to start at the bottom which is required even for the majority of grads who are applying for jobs within their field of study. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps you did not get call-backs because they hired someone else who also paid a fortune for their education and is also bussing tables but has does not have fanciful delusions about how to build a career and does not mismatch his area of study and the available job. The mere fact that you are complaining that bussing tables sucks compared to being in a “glamorous” ad agency like that illustrated in Mad Men just further shows how little you know about or respect the people in the field you so longingly wish to be a part of.
    I am aware that the economy and job market is a nightmare for ALL of us. I will concede that the job market is particularly difficult for those of us who expect $100k+ right out of college in a field that they know nothing about and are unwilling to learn about.
    I am wrong? Explain to me in specific details why you are qualified for any “glamorous” position at an advertising agency.
    You are right this is not a “one-off freak accident” there are tens of thousands of recent grads that come to the table with nothing more their sense of entitlement and shoddy work ethic.
    P.S. I have worked in advertising for almost 20 years prior to that I squeezed orange juice, bussed tables, washed dishes, line cooked and mowed lawns. There’s a difference between hating your job and not being able to get a job.

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