Don’t Fear Egypt’s Revolution

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Over at the Enterprise Blog, viagra sale Marc Thiessen laments that the jubilant crowds in Tahrir Square believe we were against them. “Egyptians,” he writes, “knew that America was closely allied with the Mubarak regime.” And so, the protesters’ “hopes gave way to disappointment and eventually anger [at the United States].”

Thiessen is absolutely right to fault Obama’s uninspiring, lackluster leadership regarding Egypt. Unfortunately, the same criticism can and should be made of virtually every conservative “leader” and Republican politician: They, too, seem ambivalent about, if not hostile to, Egyptian freedom.

For example, at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), insofar as I can tell, Egypt got nary a mention, except for an unwelcome shout-out from libertarian Ron Paul.

(Paul used the Egyptian revolution as an excuse to remind everyone that he’s still against foreign aid. So, as far as Paul is concerned, the Egyptian people are on their own. They will have to fend off the Islamists and the extremists without any American aid or assistance.)

Newt Gingrich at least recognizes that what happens in the world profoundly affects American liberty. However, Gingrich can see in Egypt only doom and danger, not hope and opportunity. Ditto most congressional Republicans: Consequently, they seem to have a soft spot for dictators and autocrats such as Mubarak.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity, meanwhile, is obsessed with the Muslim Brotherhood, which he seems to imagine is omnipotent and all-powerful. And if a GOP presidential candidate has said anything positive about Egypt, I’m unaware of it.

In short, fear and loathing — of Muslims especially — rules the Right. “Some 85 percent of Muslims believe that Islam should have a role in the government,” Hannity warns.

Is this really that surprising or necessarily disturbing? Egypt is a poor Muslim country with an autocratic political tradition. Why, then, would most Egyptians not want Islam to be an integral part of the law that governs them?

Would Hannity say the same thing about Americans who believe that the United States is and ought to be a “Christian nation”?

Look, I’m not naïve, and I’m no Pollyanna. I’m well aware of the vast differences between the Judeo-Christian tradition and the Muslim tradition. The political, religious and cultural hurdles to liberal democracy in Egypt and the Middle East are huge. I know that. But what is the alternative?

Another dictator? How long would he last? How long could he last in this day and age of instantaneous communication, 24/7 cable television, Twitter, Facebook and the Internet?

As Winston Churchill put it, liberal democracy is the worst form of government except for all the rest.

Moreover, right-wing critics don’t seem to understand that although Egypt and the Middle East are regressive in key respects, they need not remain so forever and ever.

“What we want to see happen in Arab lands and in Iran,” writes Reuel Marc Gerecht, “is real intellectual competition—the starting point for healthy evolution. In particular, we want to see devout Sunni Muslims in Egypt try to figure out what exactly are ‘Islamic values.’”

That, in fact, is the great thing about democracy: It gives the citizenry the right to discuss and debate issues. It gives them the right to try and change people’s minds. It gives them the opportunity to fix and remedy their mistakes.

“The promise of democracy for Muslims,” explains Gerecht,

offers something historically unparalleled. For the first time since the early caliphs, it holds out the possibility of an organic, reciprocal relationship between leaders and their communities. It could begin to undermine Islam’s long history of rebellious religious violence.

It could give the Middle East’s Muslims some of the elemental, nonthreatening, unflappable pride and self-confidence that Americans, the oldest modern democrats, have in spades. In an age of proliferating nuclear weapons, that would be a very good thing for believers and nonbelievers alike.

But the right-wing critics don’t get it.

Conservatives also talk as if the United States is powerless to shape and to effect history. But we’re not — far from it. And so, we should be exercising all elements of national power — political, economic, cultural and military — to move history, in Egypt and elsewhere, in a liberal democratic direction.

Will Egypt make mistakes and cause us problems and difficulties? Undoubtedly. But again, what is the alternative? What do the right-wing critics, such as Hannity and Levin, Gingrich and Gaffney, propose instead?

“This is the most stunning event in modern Arab history that I have witnessed in my lifetime,” declares Johns Hopkins University Professor Fouad Ajami.

Indeed, it is. Equally stunning, though, is that the political movement which gave rise to Ronald Reagan, a man who championed liberty for millions worldwide, can’t see this because it is too blinded by its fear and loathing of Muslims.

John Guardiano blogs at www.ResoluteCon.Com, and you can follow him on Twitter: @JohnRGuardiano.

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  • lessadoabouteverything

    Apart from the requisite Obama knock (I am not saying Obama handled this perfectly, but lets wait and see what they were saying behind closed doors from day one before we pass judgment on this issue, public and private diplomacy are very different so, for one, am willing to wait to pass judgment)
    Non office holding Republicans have no excuse. They have been, for the most part, a disgrace. I have said it before, I personally think Bush would have handled the situation about the same as Obama, maybe he would have been a little more public in favor of the protestors but as he has said nothing recently while this was going on (yes, he has vowed to stay out of the public sight but c’mon, if he disagreed with Obama about what was Bush’s signature fp issue I think he would have let us know, so for me, silence was acquisence, meaning Bush was appraised at the private diplomacy and was satisfied)

    I disagree with this line: that the political movement which gave rise to Ronald Reagan, a man who championed liberty for millions worldwide, can’t see this because it is too blinded by its fear and loathing of Muslims.

    For one, it is only a portion of the movement (in fact, as most of the movement that brought Reagan to power are all old now I am not sure why he was mentioned except as another genuflection) and two, I think about half of the remaining portion is based on pure animus to Obama. Republicans supported Bush’s Democratization policy in Iraq, contrary to Rummy’s idea of getting in and out quick and putting in a Mubarak style oligarchy. A Democratic revolution in the Middle East, even if it has nothing whatsoever to do with Obama, will make him shine in the history books. If this happened at the time of Bush I doubt there would be more than a few Conservative critics.

    I think that there are a far greater number of Republicans who are hopeful at the events than not. Don’t confuse Fox with Republicans.

    As to the fear and loathing of Muslims, yeah, I agree that is a problem with many. As an Iraqi war supporter I never quite got people who could have supported the war yet still held Muslims in such negative lights.

  • PracticalGirl

    Not a bad analysis of the right wing furor. I would add that its more naked than even your expose. They simply cannot have freedom breaking out on Obama’s watch, whether he had anything to do with it or not. Period. I also think that they’ve exposed their greatest hypocrisy to date:

    Under Bush, they crowed about Iraqis and Afghanis who wanted desperately to have the freedoms we Americans enjoy. We’re the greatest society on Earth, the cried. Of course the people of Iraq and Afghanistan are grateful to their liberators.

    Today, we have a country full of enough people who yearned to be free of oppression that they took it upon themselves to make it so. No waiting for the US to turn its head (and military might) on Egypt. After 3 decades of a dictator who amassed a ridiculous fortune on their backs and at their expense, they could wait no more. But do the radio patriots cheer this obvious desire to emulate the US? Not at all….

  • red-menace

    “Will Egypt make mistakes and cause us problems and difficulties? Undoubtedly. But again, what is the alternative?”

    The alternative is quite simple rather: keep the Jihadist in the cage until opportunities offer a better solution. Muslims, in their majority, do not understand democracy. Just like true Christians do not accept Socialism, true Muslims do not accept democracy. It’s not natural to them. The alternative solution should have come only when Islam has lost its dominance in the region, and for that Islam had to be discredited and unveiled for what it really is – not a religion but an ideology of oppression, similar to what Socialism is. Yes, it can take centuries to achieve, up until then islamists are best off in jail as where Mubarak had them.

    • John Guardiano


      I completely disagree with you about Islam and Muslims. As I’ve observed here at FrumForum, as a simple empirical matter, there are several predominantly Muslim countries that are, for the most part, successful, even if imperfect, democracies.

      But please be specific about what it is, exactly, that you recommend. In the real world, policymakers must make difficult choices and tradeoffs. What do you propose? Do you want the United States to impose a new dictator on Egypt? Please advise.


  • red-menace

    Practical Girl:

    It’s premature and irresponsible to talk about ‘freedom’ in Egypt and give credit to Hussein Obama. But it would be acting like an adult to read and realize the history of the ME, history that never produced a democracy.

    Don’t the simple facts that Obama is a Muslim and that he has been supportive of Muslim Brotherhood make you wonder what where his goals in orchestrating ‘revolution’ in Egypt using Soros money? Do you seriously think it happened spontaneously and unexpectedly for Obama? Doesn’t Google’s executive involvement and his open confession about ‘triggering’ the revolution make you wonder what else been going on there?

    • John Guardiano


      You’ve lost touch with reality. Your paranoid delusions are themselves the problem, I regret to say.

      Suggest you go back to your Bircher meetings, where you can spin more conspiracy theories while watching Glenn Beck and reading NewsReal Blog.


    • TerryF98

      red-menace also known here as Communists basher is a troll. Please don’t feed.

  • TerryF98

    Well done John.

    I really appreciate this piece. You have analyzed the situation and are not afraid to tell it like it is. I will forgive you the obligatory knock at Obama. Please more analytical pieces like this and less of the Military promotion.

  • drcme

    This post is excellent. Thank you, Mr. Guardiano, for a voice of reason from the right. I second TerryF98-more pieces like this, please.

  • Watusie

    The right has a problem with this becasue:
    1) everything – and I do mean EVERYTHING – that happens while Obama is in office has to painted as a Bad Thing.
    2) the military-industrial complex doesn’t have a dog in this hunt, and therefore also it is a Bad Thing.
    3) if Egypt becomes a democracy, it will be harder to justify the continuation of Israel’s blank check with the line “but they are the only democracy in the Middle East!”
    4) the participants are brown.

  • lessadoabouteverything

    John, why are you having a dialogue with a crackpot.
    People said Asian societies with their background in Confucionism would not be able to have Democracy (and Japan worshipped their Emperor as a GOD) yet, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan are all flourishing Democracies. India is as well and if a country like India can be a flourishing Democracy any place can be, at least, a Democracy. In addition, Turkey is a Muslim nation that is a Democracy and has been a full on NATO ally for generations. Indonesia, Malaysia are also Islamic countries that have Democracy.

    As to the Middle East, Turkey is at the cross roads but being that its neighbors are in the heart of the Middle East and that they themselved ruled the ME for centuries it is safe to include them. In addition Lebanon would be a happy Democracy if not for Syria destroying them periodically.
    And Israel is also a Democracy. A significant portion of Israelis are strictly Middle Eastern going back millenia (the Sephardim) and they managed to be true and faithful Democrats.

    Red-menace, this is not a web site for you. You will only be laughed at and mocked by everyone, now unless you have a secret masochist fetish I simply can not imagine what you can get out of coming here.

    As was mentioned on another thread, are you “Communist basher?” He was a loony that posted similarly bizarre things. What happened, did they let you out of the loony bin? Budget cuts, right?

  • red-menace

    Well, in a pack of blood thirsty Liberal Progressive Socialist Fascists a normal American with common sense will of course be hated, appear ‘foreign’ to them and called a troll.

    One would think that a forum organized by a RINO (Frum) have participants who are at least close to RINO’s in their world views … unfortunately, it’s dominated by Liberal Fascists actively promoting Socialism. How sad. Does Mr.Frum care at all? Or he just cares about Liberals clicking on his ads?

  • TerryF98

    The Leader of the Egyptian revolution ( the Google manager) On 60 minutes.

    Why did the secret police release you.

    Answer. Pressure, ask Obama

    • valkayec

      Thanks for the programming note. I’m watching the interview with Ghonim now. It’s fascinating.

      It’s amusing (comical?) that he said he forgives those who beat him because “they are simple people; they are not educated. They thought I was a traitor; that I was hurting the country.”

  • wfathauer

    Democracy (and Japan worshipped their Emperor as a GOD) yet, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan are all flourishing Democracies.


    Out of those, only one is a truly comparable venture. In Japan–possibly America’s most successful attempt at nation building–we forced a secular government on the people and enacted a total separation of the state and the schools from their violent religion.

    And as for Turkey, it would be good to examine WHY it’s been a stable pro-Western ally for decades. Hint, hint: It hasn’t been so democratic. An enlightened despot ruled (many times with an iron fist). And the army prevented anyone they viewed as overly religious (or otherwise a threat to Kemalism) from gaining serious political power. Sort of a reverse of what the Guardian Council does in Iran.

    It’s only recently, as the electoral process has become more democratic, that the country has slid away from the West and towards fundamentalism.

    • valkayec

      Just a quick note, wfathauer. Japanese ancient religions were and are Buddhism and Shinto. Shinto is ancestor worship, but not necessarily violent. Rather it was the culture of the warrior that was so violent.

      • wfathauer

        Was referring to “state Shinto.” Apologies for the confusion.

        My basic point was, however, that if you have a religion that is either inherantly violent (or that encourages outward militarism based on a people’s own sense of superiority), then seperating it from the state is a necessary prerequisite to building a society where everyone’s rights are protected.

        Thus, if we wish to create a truly democratic Muslim state, Islam and government need to be split. The result of not doing so would, at best, something like Iraq or Afghanistan–where the rights of religious minorities and women (and others who are viewed as subservient under Sharia) are given lip service, but are more often than not violated. With either government acquiescence or indifference.

  • red-menace

    John Guardiano :

    What I suggest be done in Egypt is this … We should support the US-friendly Military Regime for as long as it takes. It’s not unusual for developing countries to be under Military. Remember who defeated Communists in Chile, and Chile is now democratic?

    In the case that the Military cannot sustain, the elections should be held but with NO Muslim Brotherhood participation in contrary to what Hussein Obama has proposed.

    Also, before calling me ‘paranoid’ and ‘delusional’, can you please prove that Obama is not Muslim? Or do you need Maher to tell you that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim name?

    Can you prove that Egypt events were not orchestrated from the US, by the current administration. I thought it’s very obvious, based on Obama’s reaction and Obama’s state media coverage, for common sense people to see how it was orchestrated by Obama and Soros. There is plenty of articles written documenting their involvement.

  • wfathauer


    Perhaps I’m imagining, but I just posted a post (a rather long one) that I am not seeing here. And I could have sworn there were about 50 other posts before it under this topic.

    I’m not going to rethink and retype what I had written, but its too bad because I thought it was quite good.

    Either way, I’ll just retype the final sentence that said while I disagree with many of the things said at Frum Forum…It is a fantastic site with some wonderful intellectual discussions that are more and more rare in today’s political environment. Always a joy to read what’s posted here.

  • red-menace


    This sentence of yours is idiotic, seriously. And so the rest of rant.

    “And Israel is also a Democracy. A significant portion of Israelis are strictly Middle Eastern going back millenia (the Sephardim) and they managed to be true and faithful Democrats.”

    Also, are you suggesting that this Forum is reserved to Liberal Progressive Socialists only? Oh mine, so I guess it’s a new tactic, ha? Find a Republican forum, take it over and suppress any voice of actual Republicans that the forum was intended for? Awesome. I’m learning. Thanks.
    BTW, who’s came up with this tactic? Soros’ or Obama’s campaign manager?

    • ktward


      Let’s be clear about something: it’s not solely the commenters here who have asked you to move on. The author of this column and regular FF contributor, Mr. Guardiano, has asked you to move on. And no one with any knowledge of JG’s views would ever accuse him of being anything but a GOP hawk.

      So really, move along already. There’s no one here interested in buying your CT wares.

  • wfathauer


    I disagree strongly with John about Islam…and believe the religion’s history and theology bear him out to be incorrect.

    And I think he gives way to much credit to the “successful” Muslim democracies (or else holds them to a disturbingly low standard for what is a success).

    But spouting conspiracy theories about Obama being a Muslim and purposely orchestrating the events in Egypt so that the MB can take over (the latter, I must admit is a new one to me) does nothing but make it easy for others to write you off as a nutbar. Instead of debating Islam’s compatibility with democracy or the wisdom of the freedom agenda, people are going to focus on discounting anything you say because the conspiracy theories make you seem less rational of a debater.

    And they’re not inherantly wrong in doing so.

  • red-menace


    Well, is the New World Order still a conspiracy to you or is it real, as it is in Soros’ own words?

    Another question for you that many refuse to ask themselves: What it possibly was that started the ‘revolution’ in Egypt? Can anyone answer this question intelligently? I doubt it. Nothing has happened or changed in Egypt prior, absolutely nothing that could have triggered this.

    The only thing that can be related at all is the appraisal in Tunisia, a week or so prior. Do you find it amazing that it spelled over to Egypt that fast and that Hussein Obama called for Mubarak resignation and for Muslim Brotherhood release from jail almost immediately?

    And another question for you: Who coined this event a ‘revolution’? And Why? Was it really a revolution? Or more like Obama telling Mubarak “we don’t need you any more”.

    And what Birthers stuff? Do you really think all these lawsuits currently going on are by some delusional folks with tons of money to spend just having fun. How about the one lawsuit that is in courts as we speak, about his SSN# ? It was reported by last week. Does WND lie about the lawsuit too? Hahahaha, stop pretending, wfathauer, a progressive Liberal you’re.

  • lessadoabouteverything

    Or do you need Maher to tell you that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim name?

    Wow, a new idiocy. Barack is not a Muslim name, it has its antecedents in Aramaic and it means blessed or blessing. Baraka means ‘blessing’ in Kiswahili. As aramaic is a language that existed far before the time of Mohammed it is truly an ignorant thing you wrote. And there are plenty of western names that have their origins in pagan times. The name Mark means consecrated to the god Mars, so anyone who goes by the name of Mark must worship a fictional Roman god?
    As to recent Presidents, Ronald is of Old Norse origin (ie. worshipper of Thor and Loki)
    George comes from Greek, and was a name that existed before Christ. William comes from the Germanic name Willahelm, which was composed of the elements wil “will, desire” and helm “helmet, protection”, not very Christian either. You gotta go back to Jimmy Carter to have a biblical name. Now Hussein is Arabic, but Arabic does not mean Muslim, as James does not mean the person is Jewish.

    I wonder, have you managed yet to walk upright or do you scurry about on all fours? I am impressed that you have acquired language, though most of it is gibberish.

  • wfathauer

    Yes…I think it’s still a conspiracy.

    I don’t recall Obama immediately calling for anything specific (something that got him flak) or calling for the Brotherhood to take over. I recall him implying that the Brotherhood couldn’t be removed from the political process. Which sucks IMO, but isn’t much different than what I imagine GWB would’ve said.

    As for what caused it…likely what happened in Tunisia. I personally like Mubarak (although less than the Shah and Ataturk)…but the Egyptians, not so much. I imagine it wouldn’t take a whole lot to light a fire under them.

    As for your last question about the Birthers…you seem to be suggesting that if a significant amount of people spend a significant amount of time on something, it gives it some inherant validity. Something like 25% of Americans believe 9/11 was an inside job. That doesn’t mean that there might be something to such a theory–it means that 1/4 of Americans are idiots. Something that isn’t a shock, given the state of our education system.

    I’d like to know exactly what positions I hold make me a “progressive liberal.” Or are you just using it as a generic slur??

  • lessadoabouteverything

    Was really a revolution?
    stop pretending, wfathauer, a progressive Liberal you’re.

    You are an illiterate dunce. “Was really a revolution?” has no subject. I could not write as stupidly if I tried, obviously you are not an American but an alien, a subversive out to poison our vital essences, perhaps by floridating our water.

    Seriously, please tell me English is not your first, or even second, language, my 2 year old communicates better than you do.

    OK, I have had my fun picking on the garden gnome. I must not feed the trolls.

    • red-menace


      Now it does, check again. Your claims are easy to discredit.

      From what I’ve been observing on this forum, you’re a paid Progressive basher who tosses unrelated facts into one long rant in hopes to take attention away from an obvious truth of who Obama is and what really happened in Egypt.

      Stupidly I write or not, you’re getting my points … or you wouldn’t be so offended.

      And what about your liberal religion of Multiculturalism? Or only Muslims can be afforded the benefits of Multiculturalism? Why are you questioning my command of English language? Are you a racist? Do you hate people who are not like you?
      Of course, you’re racist, all Progressive Liberals are.

  • red-menace


    As for calling you a “progressive liberal” … I apologize, I overreacted.
    And you’re right – it’s all conspiracy theories. And I’m a troll sent by KGB thus my poor English.

  • ktward


    This bit of penned reason is so impressive I’ll ignore the gratuitous Obama bash.
    So why are none of your fellow pro-Israel compadres (Frum included) at all willing to acknowledge that, in the land of the unknown, all indicators point more heavily toward some kind of democratic outcome for Egypt vs. a fundamentalist Islamic regime?

    I have the shapings of one answer:
    There’s no reason for Israel to overly worry that the Egyptian people would allow their leaders to drag them into another war with Israel. But unlike Mubarak’s regime, even democratic leadership in Egypt might be expected to put more pressure on Israel w/r/t to Palestine. Thoughts?

    (btw, I caught your CrossTalk appearance. You held your own in a tough crowd, gotta give you that.)

  • lessadoabouteverything

    Why are you questioning my command of English language?

    Because you are an idiot. It is “command of the English language” or simply “command of English”
    The fact is you are not an American but some outside agitator who wants to destroy America, the evidence is plain to see.

    I am not remotely offended by the likes of you. You are certainly not American so what you write about Obama is not of the slightest bit of importance to me. I felt the same way about eurotrash who screamed about Bush.

    And how can I be racist? As far as I know you could be a white man or a black woman (though I doubt that). My being racist must be predicated on my knowing what your race is you stupid feeble minded clown.

    “Stupidly I write…, you’re getting my points” There are no points anymore than the ravings of a madman in an insane asylum is making points. There is nothing to get. Mubarak is an 82 year old man who has been ruling Egypt with an iron fist for 30 years, Tunisa showed the Egyptians that change was possible. It had virtually nothing to do with Obama, except that Gates probably told the Egyptian military that Mubarak had to go.

    Americans believe in Democracy a concept that it appears you have little familiarity with. Why don’t you go to websites in your own country you outside agitator. This is a website by Americans for Americans.

    Now to the normal people out there, I am just having fun with this monkey brain. Of course I welcome intelligent contributions from writers from every country. I know I am being bad feeding the troll but sometimes it is fun to poke sticks at them and listen to them grumble from underneath the rock they live in.

  • ktward


    Dude- you’re getting paid to bash Progressives?!
    Sounds like a sweet gig. Think you might put in a good word for me? I could use a few extra bucks.

  • red-menace

    So, lessado …
    What makes Americans so different? That they’re all on drugs, liberal retards, ignorant about the world history, all gays, abort their unborn like it’s a chicken factory, all union members, elect the first black Socialist, convert to Islam in droves, support the failed multiculturalism, hate Israel, hate Christianity, support Shariah, apologize to every dictator in the world, follow Keynesian economics to destroy their currency, copy China in their economic policies, elect Socialists, promote out of control Liberalism, bomb Christian countries (Serbia), conspiring for New World Order, housing the globalist socialist UN, promote Marxism, support Muslim Brotherhood and the Victory Mosque, support illegal immigration, take anti-depressants daily and ADD pills from the childhood on top of pot … did I miss anything else? You’re the proud product of your screwed up country.

  • red-menace

    … and btw, you don’t need no one to destroy you. America is destroying itself by electing Socialist Fascist Obama and by promoting out-of-control Liberalism. Your days are numbered.

    While you believe that you’re building some type of Liberal Socialism or State Capitalism … the outside world clearly see that you’re simply destroying your country. And they’re laughing at you, stupid Americans. The Chinese are laughing, the Muslims are laughing, the Russians are laughing, even the Brazilians. You’ve became the laughing stock, Donald Trump is right.

  • red-menace

    … just look at what’s going on in your screwed up country:
    The Polish have been leaving, the Bulgarians have been leaving, the Russians have left … the white Europeans are leaving this sinking ship.

    Instead, the Mexicans, the Muslims and the Chinese have been flocking in like mosquitoes. They smell an easy takeover. Hahahaha. So much for your good command of English Language.

  • red-menace

    … but not to worry. Arabic is now mandatory in Texas’s schools, Shariah law is accepted in American courts and by American bankers, Mosques are everywhere, the Muslim Soap Operas and the Al-Jazera news are on TV, Christianity is defeated, Blacks and Hispanics are happy on welfare, all services are in Spanish and soon in Arabic, the history books are revised to alter the American past and promote Islam … all you need to do is pick up some Arabic or Spanish, put your burka on, change your name to sound like Barack’s and … you’ll have nothing to worry about. Except occasionally aborting your unwanted white children … and stop being gay. I don’t know how are you going to get the gay thing resolved … but I guess when Islamic law will take over everywhere, you’ll find a way to sacrifice a small percentage of population in the name of Multiculturalism. Almost forgot, you’ll need to ‘terminate’ all Jews too, even the Liberal ones. Amen

    • TerryF98

      You had better learn the direction of Mecca then pretty quick as you will soon be required to pray in that direction 5 times a day.

      Get to it boy.

      • red-menace

        No, Terry, you as an American will be required to pray 5 times a day. You’ll be also required to stone your wife or dauther if they flirt at work. And you’ll be waking up to the sweet call of your local neighborhood Imam, calling on all Allah followers from a nearby tower. I mean, really, Terry, some Americans already are. Don’t they love their Imams. Allah … Ibrahim … Allah … Salaam Alaikum Allah …

        • TerryF98

          You hate us for our freedoms!

        • red-menace

          No, Terry, you hate yourselves for your freedoms. You believe that if Muslims have no freedoms you shouldn’t have either, you feel guilty for your freedoms.

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  • red-menace

    No-no, the question should be: why so many American Progressive Liberals are so exited about Egyptian revolution? Because it emboldens them to revolt in America? Is this why Obama said just the other day that Egypt ‘inspired the American Youth’ to continue their support for the fundamental transformation of the US …?


    “How about the one lawsuit that is in courts as we speak, about his SSN# ? It was reported by last week. Does WND lie about the lawsuit too?”

    What, the Weapon of News Destruction? Goodness no, WND would *never* lie about anything. They’re as honest as the day is long. I know because talk radio tells me so!

    “Wow, a new idiocy. Barack is not a Muslim name, it has its antecedents in Aramaic and it means blessed or blessing.”

    It also means basically the same thing in Hebrew.

    “No-no, the question should be: why so many American Progressive Liberals are so exited about Egyptian revolution? Because it emboldens them to revolt in America?”

    Don’t worry, dude.. you’re far more revolting than any progressive I’ve ever met.

  • red-menace

    You don’t worry, dude … I’m somewhere in the Muslim country that has 57 states (according to Obama). When we come to convert you into Islam, you shouldn’t worry. It’s good for you.

    But I wouldn’t trust anything I say. Just like you won’t trust a record of a lawsuit recorded in the court logs, black on white, with the nature of the lawsuit, defendants and plaintiffs names stated. Sure, it’s all fake. The court itself doesn’t exist. It only exist on –
    But not to worry, it’s not a real link, it’s fake link to a fake website. The Progressive Radio America said so.

  • red-menace

    You’re right again, great intellectual progressive liberals and talkradio … Hussein Obama is a Hebrew name, it just has not been very popular, I guess, I mean you know better. This makes Barack Hussein Obama Jewish as I all suspected. No wonder he is the best friend of Israel and hates Muslim Brotherhood. Now I know why he hired two Jewish Socialists to be his Chief of Stuff and his Strategy Consultant.

  • ktward

    Obama’s got a Chief of Stuff?
    Just general Stuff, or some specific Stuff?

  • Gypsum Fantastic

    Who’d have thought Guardiano would become FF’s voice of reason on the Middle East?

  • Rob_654

    The issue with Egypt is just the newest thing for the Far Right to gin up their base on.

    The Far Right lost the gay’s in the military issue, they have never made any progress on outlawing abortion, the gay marriage issue is being chipped away and they know that they will eventually lose that argument, they are not going to do anything serious about spending and the deficit, and the list goes on…

    The Far Right has grabbed on the Egypt issue and is now holding up to their base like a shiny new toy to distract their followers from the fact that they are not following through on their pledges made prior to the last election and are saying “Don’t look there – look over here”.

    Egypt will be around for a while and then they will find a newer issue to gin up their base with and suddenly the Egypt will barely be a back burner issue for them…

    • TerryF98

      You are right. Meet the new fear, same as the old fear. And you only have to read anything by the red idiot to see how this is very effective on those with a feeble mind.

      • Rob_654

        The poster is posting under the name “red-menace” – you aren’t taking him or her seriously :)

        Most likely he or she doesn’t even really believe what they are posting – just trying to fan the flames and get people riled up.

        The best thing to do with those folks is just ignore them – they don’t add anything to the conservation, they are not interested in discussion and in the end if they are ignored they just go and bother some other board.

  • dugfromthearth

    “I’m well aware of the vast differences between the Judeo-Christian tradition and the Muslim tradition. ”

    Of course you are. Christians would not invade countries and force them to convert. Christians would not declare that women had no right to vote, right to property, and were under the authority of their father or husband. Christians would not declare that rulers ruled by divine right. Christians would not want the commandments in their holy book to be the basis of law for the country.

    Christian tradition is one of peace and love and acceptance.

  • Why the Far Right Can’t Stand that Mubarak was Overthrown | Talk Radio Sucks

    [...] commenter on a pretty good John Guardiano article nails it: The right has a problem with this because: 1) everything – and I do mean EVERYTHING – that [...]

    • Rob_654

      That article “” really does nail it in a quick and concise format.

      And of course you are correct about the peace loving history of the Christian faith…