Do Democrats Hate the Working Class?

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Look at working class Democratic politicians as the control group:  Bill Clinton, sovaldi sale LBJ, healing Mario Cuomo.  Two of the three went to non-elite colleges.  All of them grew up in lower income circumstances than Palin (Clinton’s was pretty harrowing with the drunken stepfather).  Again, if you used the standard measurement for “working class”, they hit most of them regarding their background–these are politicians who are “from” the working class (of course, like Palin herself, and every other successful politician, they did not remain in the working class–really, what an amazingly stupid assertion!!!).

Ok, what’s my point?  It’s this:  Do Democrats and liberals hate those three?  No.  Obviously during the sixties, the Left vehemently opposed LBJ over the War.  But liberals today are sad–that’s really the word–about LBJ’s descent into Vietnam.  They think he missed a chance to be as great a president as his hero, FDR.  But they admire him more than ever for his domestic accomplishments; they, especially admire his genuine commitment to civil rights and his toughness and shrewdness.  Liberals think Clinton’s kind of an underachiever, and undisciplined to say the least about his sex life and his politics, too.  But he’s a good Democrat over all.  Cuomo remains, years after his retirement, broadly admired for his eloquence and decency.  All from the working class–all admired.

So Democrats and liberals don’t have anything against politicians from the working class–that’s just a stupid argument, and probably an argument made in bad faith too.  Like conservatives, they are opposed to politicians who:  1) they disagree with about the issues–therefore, of course they oppose Palin because she does not share their views.  If Palin had the politics of LBJ (domestically), Clinton or Cuomo, nobody on the left would care about “you betcha” and that she went to five non-elite colleges. But she doesn’t.

But there is also something else they don’t like about her: she is mediocre.  This dislike of mediocrity is sometimes described as “elitist.” It’s not. LBJ, Clinton, and Cuomo  were very able politicians, very smart people who understood the issues, understood how to promote the liberal agenda, understood how to intelligently advance progressive policies.  They knew what they were talking about.  Palin has a certain telegenic gift, but she does not know what she is talking about. Just as any smart boss wants capable employees, and any teacher wants interested, hardworking, achieving students, liberals believe public officials should be competent.  The reason liberals–and some discerning conservatives–don’t respect Palin has everything to do with her competence. In the case of liberals, it also has to do with her views on the issues.  It has nothing to do with her working class bona fides.

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  • barker13

    Another pointless thread.

    I see a trend here. Very few of Frum’s crew have a willingness to focus on specific policy questions.

    So… who wants to hear about my “Bill’s Heart Attack Potato Salad?”

    You start with a five pound bag of red potatoes…

    * To be continued.


  • barker13

    OK, so like I was saying…

    You start off with a 5 lb. bag of red potatoes. Wash/scrub the potatoes off, cut into “bite sized” pieces, boil till you hit the consistency you prefer. (I go for “firm” as opposed to too hard or too mushy.) Blanch with cold water (duh!) and set aside.

    Get a fist-sized white onion; peel and dice. Now FRY it up using a bit of oil.

    Next… fry up a couple pounds of bacon – I like peppered bacon. You can mix and match using some “regular” peppered bacon and some center cut bacon if you’d like. The key is… use at least 24 oz., preferably 2 lbs. Let cool. Crumble up. (Actually, I trim the cooked bacon by hand, removing any grizzle, tearing the bacon into little pieces.)

    Now… drain the potatoes and throw ‘em in a large mixing bowl or storage bowl. Mix/stir in the blotted fried onion pieces and the blotted bacon pieces.

    Next… grate a couple pounds of cheese up. A nice mixture is 24 oz. extra sharp cheddar and 8 oz. of creamy rich swiss. Stir the shredded cheese in with the potatoes, onion, and bacon.

    Finally… mayo. Hellmann’s of course. Add to taste. I usually use at least 16 oz. – half the jar. (Sea) salt and pepper to taste. Throw in some onion and garlic powder or any other favorite seasonings to taste.

    The key is to chill the prepared “Bill’s Heart Attack Potato Salad” for at least 6 hours. Then, prior to serving, mix in a bit more mayo and re-stir because the initial mayo has in large measure soaked in to the potatoes.

    I’m telling ya… not something to eat every day or even every month… but a hell of a treat a couple or perhaps three times a year.