Cutest Chicks at CPAC Go For Ron Paul

February 19th, 2010 at 12:01 am | 8 Comments |

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Today, CPAC’s main speeches and panels ended at 4pm. However, this just meant that no one was forced to listen to the same speech that everyone else was hearing. The attendees divided amongst themselves into different groups for dinner and started to attend the events they probably really wanted to attend, and not just what they had to attend.

Notably a few hundred souls decided to go hear Ron Paul speak at 8:30pm. Throughout the day, Ron Paul acolytes stood on the sides of escalators and outside of meeting rooms, handing out paraphernalia from The Campaign for Liberty (CFL). The Campaign for Liberty describes itself as an educational organization working to “promote and defend the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy”. It should have described itself as a conference within the CPAC conference. Effectively, a Ron Paul and Friends forum.

From discussions with attendees, it seems that most of the heavy lifting for CFL, has been done by the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), a college group. What’s so great about the YAL? As one student put it: “I saw a lot of cute, YAL chicks in the lobby.”

I was talking with three college students who had come out to Washington, D.C. from Kansas. They were wearing sweatshirts and netted hats. This is not the typical CPAC attire at an event where even the Young Republicans (especially the Young Republicans) bring out the shirts and ties.

It turned out it wasn’t just that YAL people were young. Another student chimed in: “Yeah, the 50 year old neocons are trying to recruit them.”

They were only here for Ron Paul, and a discussion about the 10th Amendment (it’s a really big deal for them.) As I left to write up a description of what it was like to be in the alternate universe where attendees could envision a government that had no military forces abroad, I found out that the libertarian fans were not the only attendees still at the hotel.

George Will was addressing a black tie event. The main convention space had been turned into a dining hall as many older (and likely richer) Republicans listened to the columnist provide a high-brow take down of the Obama Administration: “This is an administration that doesn’t believe in the internal combustion engine, but believes in saving Chrysler!”

George Will’s jokes would have probably entertained, but from a cursory glance at the attendees, this was not a young person’s affair. What could you do if you were not a Ron Paul fan, or an old donor? The Young Republicans had gotten a nearby bar to agree that attendees could get unlimited Miller Light for only $10.

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  • BoolaBoola

    Listening to George Will on cspan, man, the nostalgia! The “dependance mentality”–haven’t heard that one since the 1980s.

  • TAZ

    I love me some Ron Paul………

    Run Ron Run, Run Ron Run….

    He a dweeb, but he would get my vote (again)!

  • GOProud

    Noah, I’m sorry you missed out on all the fun last night… I guess bloggers aren’t use to being out of the comfy security of Mom’s basement whilst keyboarding in their pj’s.

    You should have hit the X-PAC party in Georgetown, or come over to Rhino Pumphouse and you could have spent some time actually rubbing elbows with Mitt and Scott and Fred Barnes and Eric Cantor and Newt… or, with some planning, you could have joined a bunch of us who went to the 2nd half of the ‘cuse v Georgetown b’ball game.

    But I’d have made it a condition of being part of our group that you leave the PJs at home. And ditch the hypenated name. And lose the bowtie. Nothing says dweeb like an Adam Smith bowtie. Just kidding –you’d have been welcomed and had fun; imagine that?

  • Carney

    Ron Paul favors imposing defeat on our military and our country, and handing defeat to our enemies, by running away in shame and disgrace from contested battlegrounds. Why is this useful idiot for the jihad being celebrated as a patriot in a conservative gathering?

  • Mandos

    Because wars in foreign lands aren’t really a traditionally conservative plank?

  • GOProud

    Carney, if you think Ron Paul is celebrated as a patriot anywhere except in Ron Paul supporters’ minds, you might want to get out more. WingNut Paul, like Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum, draws out the fervent crazies just about everywhere he goes or she’s in print.

    It is instructive that usually high school poli sci students lose their interest in Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum around their senior yr. It’s equally instructive that the Paul supporters’ median age tends to hover around 19-20… at best.

    This C-PAC, like the prior few years, is no different. There are the AynRandThankYouMame devotees… and in a few years, they’ll be momentary Ron Paul supporters and zealots.

  • old timey conservative

    Since you chatted and with me (and my daughter, who is beautiful and brilliant) at C4L last night I will take a moment and say that you came across as a lightweight then and and your blog post certainly confirms that.
    Regarding your one semi-serious comment, my problem is that our military is trying to build Islamic Yugoslavias in Iraq and Afghanistan. An we older conservatives might say that there ain’t NOTHIN’ in Kabul, Kandahar or Kirkuk that is worth the life of one American soldier, much less 5000 dead and 35,000 wounded! I guess Neocons want strong central governments everywhere.

  • blowtorch_bob

    I’m sure there are lots of other “cute” chicks not going for Paul. Where to find them? Oh wait a minute, I know where they are! They are serving in Iraq! And Afghanistan!