Conservative Nerd Trashes Ex on C-SPAN

October 18th, 2010 at 12:25 pm | 7 Comments |

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During a C-SPAN Book TV discussion of Jonah Goldberg’s new book, Proud to be Right, panelist Todd Seavey took the gloves off and attacked his fellow panelist and former girlfriend Helen Rittelmeyer live on air.


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  • ktward

    Truly funny stuff.
    I laughed out loud, right along with the panelists and attendees.

    However, whoever edited this video (not FF) ought to be brutally pummeled at the very next gathering of Conservative Fight Club. This vid not only cuts off Helen’s response mid-sentence (WTH?), but it cuts off Seavey’s serious bit of introspection into today’s Conservatism: the very moral to his sad I-dated-Helen-and-she’s-an-evil-biatch story, as it were.
    FF to 44:50ish.

    Seavey: This is a darkness that can be concealed by [Conservatives'] references to Tradition and G.K. Chesterton, and something maybe a little scary we need to worry about rather than just thinking it’s all fun and games. The Right can perhaps conceal nihilism as disturbing as the Left’s.

    My own takeaways from this clip:

    - I suspect that if Seavey had not been personally spurred by what was clearly a painfully failed relationship, he would not have so, ahem, indecorously declared that the Right isn’t, in fact, as ubiquitously noble in both motive and narrative as they paint themselves. (Isn’t that the Right’s Trademark? Always Noble? As in Patriotic and Defenders of Freedom and Family Values and general moral superiority and yada yada yada.)
    - I’m reminded, yet again, why it is that I don’t read NRO anymore.
    - Intra-Right drama is, evidently, way more psychotic than I ever imagined. Who knew?
    - It looks like Goldberg is piling on the pounds these days. Obama stress?

  • pampl

    I think Seavey was right to air the dirty laundry, even if his motivation was petty. If she’s actually as sociopathic as he claims, e.g. setting people up just to split them up, then she’s not a good judge of right-and-wrong, which is part of a pundit’s job.

  • Mark Yzaguirre

    Watching this video made me want to channel my inner Ogre:

  • Madeline

    Awww; I hope these two crazy kids can work it out. They seem like such a fun couple!

  • libertarianliberal

    Was this panel part of the “how not to get laid” summit?

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