Coburn Rules Out Tax Hikes

April 21st, 2011 at 1:36 pm | 6 Comments |

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The Hill reports:

Republican senators trying to hash out a bipartisan deal to reduce the deficit will refuse any significant tax hikes, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) said Thursday.

Coburn, one of six senators involved in behind-the-scenes talks considered crucial if there is to be a deal, said that while it was possible that some voters could see their tax burdens rise, the “Gang of Six” talks would not result in a significant tax hike.

“There’s no plan to have a significant tax hike on anyone,” Coburn said on conservative talker Laura Ingraham’s radio show. “I don’t think there’s any of the three of us who will embrace tax hikes.”

Coburn’s comments suggest the senators are unlikely to agree to end the Bush tax rates for families with annual income above $250,0000, a priority for the White House.

President Obama wants a long-term deal to reduce the deficit to do away with tax rates for the wealthy put in place by former President George W. Bush. After agreeing to extend those tax rates in December, Obama said he would refuse to renew them again.

“We cannot afford $1 trillion worth of tax cuts for every millionaire and billionaire in our society,” Obama said in a speech last week laying out his vision for cutting the deficit.

The extension of all of the Bush rates in December is a major driver of the deficit, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Polls suggest voter support for raising taxes on the wealthy, but Republicans are under heavy pressure from conservatives to include no tax increases as part of a deficit-cutting deal.

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  • HeeHee23

    That’s a shame. I guess Grover got to him.

  • hisgirlfriday

    So it turns out that despite hints to the contrary previously, Coburn, Chambliss and Crapo are more concerned about placating Grover Norquist and the anti-tax fundamentalists to ensure they don’t get primaried rather than brokering a serious compromise with Democrats to reduce the deficit.

    Good to know.

  • Watusie

    Anyone who rules out raising taxes is ruling out reducing our deficit.

  • valkayec

    From NRO today:

    “Norquist, in an interview with National Review Online this afternoon, called on Coburn to drop out of the “Gang of Six,” a bipartisan group of senators working on deficit reduction. ‘Coburn is negotiating with President Obama’s best friend in the Senate, Dick Durbin,’ he said. ‘They are playing Coburn like a Stradivarius. Durbin is walking him down into an alley where he is going to get mugged.’

    ‘He should walk away as soon as possible,’ Norquist said. ‘He should say that all the Democrats want to do is raise taxes, and we’ve got the Ryan plan, so let’s fight this out in 2012. Otherwise he is going to cost us Senate seats right across the board.’ [...]

    Norquist argued that by supporting such a “Gang of Six” deal, Coburn would be throwing a rope to vulnerable Democrats. Voters, he predicted, may ask, ‘What’s wrong with Ben Nelson? What’s wrong with Bill Nelson? Why not keep Sherrod Brown?’ Voters will wonder why you need more Senate Republicans if Coburn makes Durbin and others look reasonable.’”

    All politics…and Norquist apparently wants to be the party boss.

    His economics philosophy is as flaky as Ayn Rand’s.

  • COProgressive

    It is Grover Norquist who is one of the leading proponents of the nit-wit “Starve the Beast” plan.

    But Norquist feels that he is in the home stretch with the nit-wit plan to undermine all the social contracts that Americans have fought for all these years. If he can only keep the Republicans under his control he feels he will win and Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will be abandoned to be able to keep the 3% tax cuts for the wealthest Americans……. while allowing the poor, the elderly and the powerless suffer the burden of his nit-wit failure of a plan.

    Google “Starve the Beast” to find our how we got into the mess we’re in today!

    They talked themselves into believing that cutting taxes was the only thing necessary to control the size of government. Thus, rather than being a means to an end–the end being lower spending–tax cuts became an end in themselves, completely disconnected from any meaningful effort to reduce spending or deficits. – Bruce Bartlett

  • ggore

    The rationale these people use to justify not increasing taxes on the richest 1-2% of Americans just slays me. Obama is talking about those who make multiple millions per year, NOT the people who run small businesses in our communities. People like Charlie Sheen who make $1.5 million per episode of his TV show and could pay an extra million in taxes and never miss it. People like the CEO’s of clothing manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers, appliance makers, people who receive a $20 million per year salary and could pay an extra million in taxes and never miss the money. People like the Wall St. bankers who got away scot-free in destroying the U.S. economy and are now back in business receiving $35 million “bonuses” who could pay an extra $2 million in taxes and never miss the money. But the biggest thing that galls me is the Republicans saying we can’t tax those people because they provide jobs for Americans. These are the same people who shipped MILLIONS of jobs overseas and to Mexico after receiving the Bush tax cuts in the first place! They never mention that little factoid in their rhetoric. We can’t raise taxes on the CEO of Whirlpool because he provides jobs for Americans, when Whirlpool actually closed down factories in the U.S. in 2003 and moved production to Mexico, resulting in the permanent loss of thousands of American jobs????? And the Republicans think Americans are too dumb to figure this out. Amazing.