Braun’s Mayoral Strategy: Make Rahm Angry

November 12th, 2010 at 1:56 pm | 4 Comments |

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Chicago’s CBS 2 TV News reports:

Some feel the battle for the fifth-floor office at City Hall has already been conceded to former North Side Congressman Rahm Emanuel.

But CBS 2 Chief correspondent Jay Levine reports, one of his challengers, Carol Moseley Braun, has a strategy in mind. …

Her campaign plans to attack Emanuel on immigration reform and his differences with Congressman Luis Gutierrez, in hopes of tapping the Latino vote. But there’s one more tactic: exploit Emanuel’s legendary temper.

“When a guy like that’s buttons are pushed, we expect to see a reaction, and that kind of reaction we believe the people of Chicago are not gonna like,” Noonan said.

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  • pampl

    This could backfire when Rahm pries open her ribcage and devours her still-beating heart.

  • abj

    pampl, hah.

    No one in Chicago takes Mosely-Braun seriously, nor, for that matter, Luis Gutierrez. Since Tom Dart (the sheriff of Cook County) is no longer running, I don’t think Rahm will have any serious competition.

  • Madeline

    What about the Republican candidates? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    I wouldn’t count Gutierrez out. He has loyal support in the Hispanic community. And a lot of people really don’t like Rahm.

  • abj

    I don’t think Gutierrez has any support beyond the borders of the 4th.

    And as for Republicans…if we resurrected Abraham Lincoln and ran him for mayor of Chicago, he’d get maybe 30% of the vote. It’s Chicago. Doesn’t matter who runs on the GOP side.

    I agree that Rahm has alienated a lot of people…but he’s also pushed almost every viable contender aside.