Conrad Black Faces Resentencing

June 24th, 2011 at 11:29 am | 1 Comment |

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National Post reports:

Conrad Black faces a Chicago judge for the last time today when his long-running legal battle with the U.S. government comes to an end. The former media baron will be re-sentenced on one count of fraud and one count of obstruction of justice. He served 29 months in a Florida prison after he was convicted by a jury in 2007 and sentenced to 78 months in jail.

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  • beausoleil

    Conrad Black could not have been charged with anything in Canada. No Canadian laws were broken.
    That is a big difference.

    The Americans had to pervert their own law made for corrupt Government officials to prosecute Conrad Black. A law for matters that did not concern Hollinger business was used to pursue Black.
    The Chicago D.A. attorneys did the same thing as the US did to their other law to Prosecute Ramos and Compean the US border patrol agents who legitimately shot a drug dealer. They were prosecuted for using of a firearm in the commission of a felony. This was a law designed only for the prosecution of persons with prior criminal records. Somehow doing their USPB Job became the grounds of felony conduct????

    This was like Blacks case a political prosecution. Additional evidence that would have exonerated the two border guards was blocked from being revealed to the jury. So the anti-gun lobby perverted the law and ruined careers to make a pointless point against guns in the hands of law enforcement.

    Has enyone really looked into the Obstruction charge that is repeatedly raised in the Canadian press against Black?
    It is not there. In Canada the so called obstruction would have resulted in Black being called a friend of the Court for preserving evidence that would have been destroyed by the building landlord.

    American court orders have no force and effect in mandating the preservation of evidence in a building in Canada. If the Canadian landlord had placed the records in a dumpster because the US DOJ would not pay the rent. The US courts could not have prosecuted the landlord.
    Black waas deliberately on CCTV of is own volition to ensure the movement of every document to safe storage on the floor below was recorded to show there was no tampering.
    The obstruction charge was “Black touched the documents” that were under seizure where the US court had no Jurisdiction.

    The witness who testified against Black did so for a plea bargain, return and release deal back to Canada – he lied and it was shown.

    Black was prosecuted under the Honest services provision of US Federal law
    This “honest services” law was enacted to prosecute Government officials who took bribes which thwarted honest bidding processes for government contracts.
    Slick US prosecutors started using this law on business fraudsters in the 1990′s when they could not prove a case of substantive fraud the nebulous phrase “honest services” received a new use. It finally evolved into being used whenever the Government of the day decided a CEO made an unfair amount of money. The reasoning was “surely this was by a lack of honest services”!. The right of lawful non-disclosure gets turned around suddenly to mean fraud? Due diligence is no longer a requirement due to a violation of “unspecified” honest services which aren’t claimed until after the fact???
    American law really is bad stuff. If they had disclosure like in Canada Black could never have been prosecuted.

    In the hands of a Liberal/Socialist judge adjudicating a Conservative businessman American law is of the most base form there is.