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Best of FF: A Party of Jerks

December 30th, 2011 at 12:00 am | 41 Comments |

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As 2011 comes to a close, FrumForum plans to re-run some of our best featured pieces from the year. Here is Eli Lehrer’s observation on the GOP leadership.

I’m not the first to make this comment, but the current debt limit debate shows what the Tea Party movement (which I once basically supported) really values: being a jerk. Speaker Boehner has a close-to-perfect voting record on conservative issues, is not terribly warm in person (heck, Newt comes across better) and has proposed a good, tough spending cut plan. But he has also demonstrated a modicum of willingness to work with the president and appears to want to bring the debt ceiling crisis to a close.

Eric Cantor—who may well become speaker before the end of the year—does not disagree with Boehner on any major issue including the debt plan but, unlike Boehner, Cantor is basically a jerk who is willing to work against his own Speaker, the President, the financial interests that have traditionally supported his party and, indeed, just about everyone else so long as it keeps him in the media. I’m disgusted.

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  • Clayman

    “Cantor is basically a jerk who is willing to work against his own Speaker, the President, the financial interests that have traditionally supported his party and, indeed, just about everyone else so long as it keeps him in the media. I’m disgusted.”

    You couldn’t have written a better piece. He single-handedly ruined your party and most of all hurt the country.

    • Reflection Ephemeral

      Well, he rode longstanding trends. You unfairly overestimate Cantor’s talents when you say that he singlehandedly rendered the GOP a policy-free collection of jerks. That’s been the Gop’s modus operandi since at least ’08.

      • armstp

        It is all about the arrogance coming from the 2010 election and the unwillingness to accept Obama as the elected President of the United States.

    • Graychin

      There’s a difference between being a jerk, and just being deranged.

      I think that the most devout Tea Party members are merely deranged. However, Eric Cantor is the very prototype of a jerk.

      Boehner is as much of a jerk as his caucus requires him to be. At heart, he probably isn’t a jerk – just a full-of-himself windbag.

      • margoharris1

        I do remember with much satifaction the exchange with Cantor at the meeting President Obama told them to ask him anything they wanted about the Affordable Care Act. The smackdown wiped the pointy faced weasel smirk right off his face.

      • TJ Parker

        Now now now: no need to attribute to derangement what is adequately explained by naivete, ignorance and stupidity.

  • JohnMcC

    During the ‘Payroll-Tax-Cut’ manifestation of the present Repub House of Representatives misadventure, Mr Boehner got a good bit of attention for not being aware of the size of the vote in his caucus against the ‘Senate Compromise’. What was almost never mentioned is that actually counting those votes was the job of Rep Kevin McCarthy (their ‘Whip’) and Eric Cantor (Republican ‘Leader’).

    The real story is that those two gentlemen failed their Speaker. We are left to wonder (for at least a few more weeks) if that was intentional or simple incompetence.

    Stay tuned!

  • Ludwig von Mises

    “A Party of [circle] Jerks” of which Frum is in the circle, of course. Frum takes his place next to the other cattle whisperers who whisper out to the bovine masses: “this way little doggies, this way; A Neocon cattle-car filled with hay awaits in exchange for your vote.” Yes, “vote for a Circle Jerker like Bull Sh*tt Romney. He’s a businessman (read: cattleman) who knows how to run a big cattle business; therefore, he should be the new Cattleman-in-Chief. Bush was a good cowboy, remember? I, Frum, worked for that cool-ass cowboy, and Roundup Romney will even be better.”…….

    Vote for anybody, the cattle whisperers imply—including cattleman Obama—anybody but that kooky Ron Paul, because he’ll stampede the herd right into the circle and trample the jerk(ers).

    • abc123

      There actually are some things about Ron Paul I like, but sorry; his policy ideas are kooky.

      He is generally honest, he is willing to be a lone voice in the room and he stands by what he believes in. Unfortunately he practices his ideology like a religion and is willing to toss common sense out the window for it.

      • kuri3460

        So what you’re saying is that a principled idiot is better than a flexible pragmatist? In what parallel universe?

        • Ludwig von Mises

          What I’m saying to both KURI & abc and others like you is go get your hay.

          What I’m saying to those who are ready to discontinue listening to the cattle whisperers from the Neo(con) Circle Jerk Party is that Ron Paul is not a cattleman, but, rather, a libertarian infiltrator willing to help you stampede and trample those Mother F*ckers who want to feed off of you.

          End The Fed! End The Wars! End Crony Cowboy(ism)! End The Fear!

          Stampede To FREEDOM! Discontinue Being Cattle and Become Men Again!

          Ron Paul Revolution!

        • pnwguy

          It’s probably obvious to most, but the vast majority of Paul-ites spout off more simplistic platitudes than most religious evangelists. It would be easy to substitute key phrases in their dialog just a bit, and you’d think you were hearing some plan of salvation.

          There are parts of Paul’s thinking I agree with, parts I greatly DISAGREE with, and parts which seem to be howling-at-the-moon crazy. But trying to communicate with most Paul-ites is usually a difficult task. Most are True Believers of the religion, and they only want you to accept their faith – the whole enchilada.

        • valkayec

          That kind of over the top, and frankly insulting disparagement of American voters, is why I run from a Paul candidacy. You’re not doing Paul any favors or helping his cause by denigrating voters. You’re not being hopeful or explaining how he can move the country forward in the 21st Century to improve education, global competition, creating more equity amongst all people of our country, or eliminate the corruption in congress. All you are doing is spewing hate. How will that kind of attitude attract anyone to Paul?

        • Nanotek

          “End The Fed!”

          audit it, at least

        • abc123

          By all means hate today’s politicians.. They lie, cheat and steal. They tell us things that benefit themselves and don’t try to make the country better. They’re more interested in getting elected for personal benefit than doing the right thing. It’s a horrible situation we’re in, and the extreme partisanship is only making it worse. It’s our fault as a voting public that we let them fool us and we don’t use enough if our own critical thought to filter out the BS.

          BUT, while Ron Paul may not seem to fit the mold of most politicians, he still has horrible policy ideas that are short sighted and would only create worse issues than the ones they address.

        • Saladdin

          Wow, okay I wasn’t convinced until the CAPITAL LETTERS STARTED COMING OUT. NOW I UNDERSTAND. Puh-leeze

        • Graychin

          “So what you’re saying is that a principled idiot is better than a flexible pragmatist? In what parallel universe?”

          That would be the Republican Party, ever in search of a “True Conservative.”

    • armstp

      I hope you guys nominate Ron Paul or eventually his son. Then we can have a real election with distinctly different views of the country. Settle this small government BS for once.

      • Ludwig von Mises

        1) “simplistic platitudes” A) Simplistic yes, platitudes, no. Simplistic truth is sometimes more effective than discussing, for example, how the bovine masses are getting screwed by hypothecation and re-hypothecation of their hard earned wealth by the Banksters.

        2) “why I run from a Paul candidacy.” B) Why you run and what you run for is hay, end of story.

        3) “’End The Fed!’ audit it, at least” C) Once “it” is fully audited and the corruption revealed, then “it” will be ended by popular outrage. So, yes, by all means completely audit it with Ron Paul or one of his appointees in charge of the audit committee.

        4) “I hope you guys nominate Ron Paul or eventually his son. Then we can have a real election with distinctly different views of the country. Settle this small government BS for once.” D) Thank you, because at least you recognize that both of the major political Parties are big government parties. Yes, let’s “settle this” big government BS.

        Finally, I’m speaking to people like the ones who are found on the following video which is going viral, i.e. the people who see right through the Neocon and presstitute propaganda which is designed to keep them chained up as bovine slaves:

        • valkayec

          You appear to be an awfully sick, hate-filled little man. I pity you.

        • armstp

          A libertarian like Ron Paul would get crushed in a general election. Despite the U.S. public’s constant b!tching and complaining, they actually really like their government. They like their SS, medicate, military, environmental regulations… etc. etc. etc.

          You can read all the Ludwig von Mises you want, but that is not the mainstream of America.

        • Ludwig von Mises

          1) “You appear to be an awfully sick, hate-filled little man. I pity you.” A) That’s what they said about Ayn Rand, so coming from you I’ll take that as a complement. Thank you.

          2)”They like their SS, medicate, military, environmental regulations… etc. etc. etc.” B) Yes they do, just like the Romans liked bread and circus, remember? Sure they do, you know that and I know that, but here’s the problem: It’s called austerity. You don’t have to be a Ludwig von Mises or an F.A. Hayek to see that the borrow-to-spend economy is not going to end well. My personal goal is to tell people the truth, support Ron Paul and hope that if he does not live in the White House, then Rand Paul will.

          Somethings got to give; And when it does, then it’s not going to be pretty. The free government hay that the bovine masses are dependant upon is going to have to be cut back. The government can’t keep up the rate of spending forever. And that soulless, hollowed-out ghoul, Sh*tt Romney will change nothing, only, perhaps, delay the day of reckoning.

          Happy New Year! Ron Paul 2012 Rand Paul Next IN LINE!!!

        • Dalai Rasta

          “Ron Paul 2012 Rand Paul Next IN LINE!!!”

          And the feudal fantasy of the so-called libertarian rears its head. Congratulations, you just dropped trou.

        • margoharris1

          Oh my.

    • TJ Parker

      Hey! circle jerks were fun!! Gee, haven’t done that since middle school. Should I become a Republican again?

  • Oldskool

    A couple of years ago when Obama had them over at the White House and insisted on cameras being there, the whole party showed their true colors and looked foolish. Apparently the only thing they learned from it was not to be caught in the same room with him again.

  • icarusr

    And Frum’s great love, Romney, has just compared Obama to Marie Antoinette. The man worth $220 million who actually said, two weeks ago, that he, too, is unemployed, is calling Obama Marie Antoinette. “Jerk” is too kind a word for these post-e-coli sphincters.

  • valkayec

    Eric Cantor deliberately chose to side with the Tea Party/Young Guns faction of the House GOP. He saw that as his way to power. Of course, he also shared many of their views, being a rich, pampered kid from Virginia with a large financial portfolio. Remember too is wife was a senior exec. at a large TBTF bank. Cantor is, and always has been, interested in himself. As he told his prep school classmates, “I want what I want when I want it.”

    He’s basically a spoiled, self-centered twit. Why Virginians don’t see that aspect of him is beyond me since it’s so clear to everyone else.

    The consequences of Cantor’s self involvement is that he will tear anyone down, back stab wherever he can, and generally betray anyone to get what he wants: power. Trusting him is like trusting a cobra not to bite. It’s pitiful that he and McCarthy did not inform Boehner of the caucus’ intention to bolt on his agreement with McConnell. It’s pitiful that they couldn’t whip their caucus to support what they ultimately gave in on. The backbenchers are running the show and Cantor is willing to let them for his own selfish purposes, namely to destroy Boehner and take the top spot for himself.

    • nitrat

      What you say is glaringly obvious to a casual observer.

      What is wrong with GOP voters that they can only evaluate the morals – being for yourself over your country is definitely a moral issue – of Democratic candidates and be oblivious to the sins of their own?

  • Nanotek

    (1) “Cantor is basically a jerk who is willing to work against his own Speaker, the President, the financial interests that have traditionally supported his party and, indeed, just about everyone else so long as it keeps him in the media. I’m disgusted.”


    (2) “Eli Lehrer is Vice President of Washington D.C. operations for the Heartland Institute.” (see wikipedia)


    (3) “Canto.. is willing to work against… the financial interests that have traditionally supported his party… I’m disgusted.”


  • Saladdin

    Boehner and Cantor, the Othello and Iago of politics.

    • valkayec

      Well, I wouldn’t compare Boehner to Othello, but Cantor does compare greatly to Iago.

      Thanks for the giggle.

      • Baron Siegfried

        Well, perhaps if Othello were cast as an Oompa-Loompa it would work . . .

      • Saladdin

        I think it depends on whom you think Desdemona is (my guess is Mitch McConnell).

        • Houndentenor

          oh, SNAP!

          I can’t believe that Ms. McConnell doesn’t get called out on the perfectly obvious more often.

    • TJ Parker

      Better: Eric Cantor and John Boehner from the film A Tea Party in Washington, Part 2: The Two Houses:

  • Graychin

    Cut Boehner some slack. It’s hard to be Speaker with a knife sticking out of your back.

    • margoharris1

      How in the hell does he swing a golf club with a shiv in his back?

      • TJ Parker

        Ha! how does a puppet sing and dance with someone’s hand up its @ss? Talent and practice! Its what makes them professional politicians.

        Contrast Sarah Palin: you can always tell what she’s got up her @ss.

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