Beck: Comments on Reform Judaism Were ‘Stupid’

February 25th, 2011 at 2:00 am | 2 Comments |

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Haaretz reports:

Fox news commentator Glenn Beck apologized on Thursday for comments that he made about the Reform movement of Judaism, which drew widespread criticism among American Jewish leaders.

On his February 22 radio show, Beck compared Reform Judaism to “radical Islam,” saying that both were more about ‘politics’ – changing what is outside of oneself – rather than about ‘religion’ – changing what is inside of oneself.

Beck began his Thursday radio show by saying, “I made a mistake on Tuesday and I want to make sure you understand I was wrong on it and I apologize on it.”

Referring to the comments, Beck said “someone called me ‘ignorant’ for it and it’s a good description of what I said. I started comparing Judaism to Islamic extremism and it was stupid.” He added that he “didn’t do enough homework” on the topic.

The Jewish Funds for Justice responded to Beck’s apology by saying it was “welcome but incomplete,” and they called on Rupert Murdoch to end Beck’s tenure at Fox News.

Jewish leaders from the Reform movement and beyond slammed Beck for his comparison.

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  • nelsonsack

    The problem here isn’t Glenn Beck. The problem is Roger Ailes for endlessly putting up with this national embarrassment. It’s time for him to stop this deranged Howard Beal experiment and return to thoughtful introspective conservatism.

  • balconesfault

    Watching Beck and complaining about that one ignorant statement he made that insulted a whole class of people is like going to a Metallica concert and complaining about one song they played that was loud enough to make your ears bleed.