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Politico reports

MINNEAPOLIS — Michele Bachmann used her Minnesota homecoming Saturday to focus on the economy.

With her first appearance in the state since declaring her presidential candidacy Monday night in New Hampshire, prescription the Republican congresswoman explained why she gives President Barack Obama an “F” for his handling of the economy.

“We’re now approaching the Obama trench of a double-dip recession, ailment ” she told hundreds of conservative activists gathered here for RightOnline. “Mr. President, it’s the Grand Canyon. It is not a bump in the road.”

Bachmann brought down the house. She got a standing ovation as she entered to Katy Perry’s song “Firework.” About a third of the room jumped to their feet when she said she was running for president.

“Gee, maybe we could just take a vote and get the primary over right here,” she said.

When Bachmann said the country needs a different kind of leader, someone in the crowd yelled “You!”

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