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On Tuesday, for sale Congresswoman Michele Bachmann took to Iowa to call Washington “out-of-touch” in the current debt ceiling struggle, clinic instructing: “What we need is a fundamental restructuring of our economy.” She went on to insist that in the course of her campaigning, she hears nothing but repeated calls to flat-out reject any move to raise the debt ceiling, period.

Let’s begin with the latter claim. Presuming that the voice of the people of Iowa is firmly aligned against raising the debt ceiling under any circumstances, it would appear to run contrary to nearly all polling on the subject. Indeed, on the bottom-line question of whether to raise the nation’s debt ceiling at all, the answer continues to be an unequivocally clear “Yes”. It’s the failure to do so and the surrounding impasse that’s rapidly diminishing the popularity of ALL politicians involved. Yet the Congresswoman insists, “The American people are saying… ‘Don’t raise the debt ceiling.’” Who, exactly, is out of touch?

In addressing the need to “fundamentally restructure our economy,” does Bachmann take it upon herself to buckle down, roll up her sleeves, and work toward a solution? In her severe disappointment with the leadership of Speaker John Boehner, does she show herself to be a capable and adroit legislator by proposing alternatives that can earn the support of the Tea Party Caucus?

The Congresswoman of course has done neither of these things, declining to fulfill the responsibilities of the office to which she was actually elected. Instead, she continues to reveal herself to be a politician of both little accomplishment and low character, a back-bench heckler content to make jejune comments on the campaign trail.

In asserting that she herself would not vote to raise the debt ceiling, Congresswoman Bachmann said, “My colleagues will have to come to their own conclusion.” Where the Congresswoman herself is concerned, “conclusions” are increasingly easier to draw.

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  • lilmanny

    Michele Bachmann is destined to be one of those people we look back on in thirty years and say “boy, that was strange”. She has about 60 days left in the life of her celebrity at which point she will be relegated back to loony commentator for the right on XYZ cable talk show. She will then lose her seat in the next election and become the historical equivalent of Fawn Hall. Perhaps in several years we’ll all guffaw as we read about her being cuckolded by some randy flight steward and Corey will say “I wrote an article about her once”. Cut to the chase, I say.

  • sinz54

    PRINCETON, NJ — Gallup finds that Americans, by a 42% to 22% margin, are more likely to want their representative in Congress to vote against rather than for an increase in the federal debt ceiling, with 35% saying they have no opinion.

    And since heartland states tend to be more conservative than coastal states, it wouldn’t surprise me that in Iowa an actual majority might be against raising the debt ceiling, if 42% are opposed nationwide.

  • Primrose

    Even if its a statistical majority in IOWA, another 10 points, lets say, that is hardly an overwhelming amount of Americans, she is claiming.

  • Raskolnik

    “fundamental restructuring of our economy”

    Sure, why not, she’s already fundamentally restructured our history and our Constitution, why not let her fundamentally restructure our economy? Because clearly, there is nothing authoritarian about deciding you want to restructure the whole nation’s economy, all by yourself. It’s not like that was one of the major goals of Communism, or anything. Obama wants to prevent worldwide economic collapse, she wants to “fundamentally restructure our economy,” and who is the radical again?

  • Graychin

    Bachmann and so many other “conservatives” are out of touch because they only listen to people who agree with them. That, and the voices in Ms. Bachmann’s head, which she presumes to be the voice of God.

    It’s called “epistemic closure.”

  • Nanotek

    she suckles taxpayer subsidies for her farm, clinic and home … what a true believer

    • Raskolnik

      The Department of Agriculture’s budget authority was $131 billion in FY2010, on track to be approximately $147 billion in FY2011. USDA’s total outlays are actually estimated at nearly $152 billion in FY2011. For those keeping score at home, that’s more than 10% of the deficit. Their discretionary outlays alone are over $30 bn in 2011.

      Source: (pp. 118, 121)

      And Bachmann continues to receive handouts for her farms…

    • LFC

      Just another welfare queen, living large on our tax dollars.

  • valkayec

    Bachmann is right that the economy does need to be restructured. However, I seriously doubt that her idea of “restructuring” is anywhere in the same galaxy as mine.

    She latched onto the Tea Party to ride her way to power and the presidency but basically she has no clue of how to solve the challenges facing the US economy or those of American families. She’s big on slogans but has a deficit of ideas. Moreover, her only audience – the only one’s she’s hearing from – are those people who are an uninformed or delusional as she is.

  • Saladdin

    Doesn’t matter, it’ll be either Romney or Perry. If/when Perry gets into the race, Bachmann will drop like a rock. Apt for someone who’s never submitted any piece of legislation that had a chance of passing.

  • Rob_654

    This is a politician from a district in Minnesota – probably the only district she could win in and she’ll never have a chance at winning a state wide race let alone a national race – throwing verbal ‘bombs’ is all she has…

    Even Right Wing Conservatives aren’t really into her which must at some level be pretty upsetting to someone like Bachmann who views herself as such a true conservative.