Bachmann’s Best Promise: $2 Gas

August 18th, 2011 at 2:21 pm | 71 Comments |

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I have been quite critical of Michele Bachmann lately, but I will defend her whenever she is attacked unfairly. She has just promised that if elected she would bring the price of gas below $2 per gallon. This promise has been met with widespread derision, and even conservative outlets such as National Review doubt whether she can achieve this.

But I have no doubt: yes, she can!

Bachmann’s economic policies (such as immediate drastic cuts in federal spending) would surely cause a new recession, the recession would also affect Europe, China, India and other major oil consumers. Oil prices would collapse and gas prices would indeed plummet below $2 a gallon (just as they did in late 2008). So if you want cheap gas (and absolutely don’t care about anything else), vote for Bachmann!

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  • Oldskool

    If she really thinks it’s possible, she should share it with people who can make it happen to prove her patriotism.

  • Kingofthenet

    It’s a game EVEN if it were possible to pass a law that 100% of US oil reserves went to the US, it would mean NOTHING! Why? because even with 100% of Domestic oil going to the USA, it would only account for a small percentage of what we use, OPEC would get angry and limit production so the WHOLE WORLD would be chasing after limited oil raising prices.Besides the environmental concerns there is a VERY good reason for not drilling in Anwar. Peak Oil is coming whether you like it or not, when who knows? All I know is I’d rather ‘Use Up’ Foreign Oil first and have a cushion to fall back on when we REALLY need it, rather than using it all up now and leaving us in a venerable spot in the future.

  • Smargalicious

    Andrew, this article is sophomoric at best.

    “So if you want cheap gas (and absolutely don’t care about anything else), vote for Bachmann!”

    Nyaah nyaah, your half-Kenyan reparationist is toast, and you know it.

    • PracticalGirl

      Smarg The Racist Troll mouth-farts again.

      Can you really be the pig you portray, or are you simply playing one on the blogs?

      • Smargalicious

        I fart in your general direction.

        • haterinos

          N ah..You RINO teabaggers fart everyday. No wonder you smell like trash heap.

        • natebw

          As a long-time FF lurker, I must say that the quality of the discourse has really gone down hill. I used to come here because I thought it was one of the few places on the web where people could disagree yet discuss issues rationally with facts.

          Sad to see this so no longer the case…. :(

    • Banty

      I looked at this comment, turned it upside down, sideways, looked through paper using a light, and tested it for invisible ink. And I still did not see an actual logical response._

  • PingGuy

    Maybe she’s intending to nuke India and China once she gets control of the button. That would destroy demand enough to give us $2 gas and would work faster than drilling. Let’s hope that’s not the plan…

  • Kingofthenet

    She got’s a bad case of Crazy Eye again….

  • Solo4114

    Perhaps this will come about through Federal subsidies to U.S. petroleum importers designed to bring down the price of gas for the average consumer. Funded, of course, by gold obtained from leprechauns.

  • TerryF98

    Bachamans promise of $2 gas is the equivalent of McCain stating he knew where Bin-Laden was. Only he was not telling anyone.

    Totall bullshit of the highest order.

    • Smargalicious

      “Totall bullshit of the highest order.”

      Yeah, like Hope. Change We Can Believe In. He’s The One We’ve Been Waiting For.

      BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • forgetn

    “Merica” has an absolute right to cheap gas, no paying taxes and getting cheap stuff from China. If you are going to be a “God blessed nation” it has to be worth something after all! I totally agree, create a massive recession in America and Europe and gas prices will fall to $2. Also house prices will fall another 30%. Its OK, Ben will print money give it to the banks, all will be well

  • Kevin B

    And a chicken in every pot!

  • drdredel

    I know it’s really entertaining to watch these morons prance about, but I’m starting to get a little tired of the never ending articles about Perry, Bachman, Palin et al. They’re entertaining, but this is starting to look more and more like reality TV.

  • jjv

    This is completely doable. If we drilled in America, lifted the hold up on canadian gas; stopped the ridiculous ten kinds of gas you had to have in California you would have gas closer to two dollars than four.

    • wileedog

      You do understand that even if we lifted every single restriction on drilling that exists here tomorrow that not a single additional drop of domestic oil would hit the market until years after President Bachmann was out of office, right?

      And that’s assuming she got a second term…

      • ottovbvs

        Funny, I was in California about three months ago and don’t recall a choice of ten different gas formulations at the pumps. In fact there are across the country over 20 different gas formulations which the oil companies deliver to their retailers to take account of regional climatic conditions (eg. you want a easier starting fuel in the north eastern and mid western winter but in the summer that fuel would give you less mileage). Also different auto engines demand different formulations. Vecchione’s solution, a return to the one shoe fits all days before folks drove more efficient and less pollutive blended fuels. What do you drive Vecchione? A model T? In fact I suggest you go and drive an unblended fuel in your shiny Beamer and see what it does to the engine. What a putz.

    • TerryF98

      You are a total clown, and you consider yourself a writer. Please get a clue.

    • drdredel

      “For every problem, there exists a simple and elegant solution which is absolutely wrong.”
      - J. Wagoner

      You’re the smartest guy in the room, right? No one else has noticed these really obvious and easy to implement paths towards cheap gas. Thank GOD you’ve turned up to point them out.

    • Rob_654

      and the they just cut back production in the middle east to keep the prices up…

  • jjack

    I’m going to guess that her $2 gas plan will be achieved by massive tax cuts for millionaires. Because that solves everything.

    • Graychin

      When is it NOT a good time to cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans, now known correct Republi-speak as “job creators”?

      Never! The best time for an upper income tax cut is always – right now. Or yesterday.

      And we need to get all those people who don’t owe income tax because their incomes are too low to start paying their share too! Freeloaders!

    • medinnus

      Meanwhile the Energy companies report record billions in net profits…

  • Fastball

    Why all the skepticism? All President Bachmann has to do is force King Abdullah, Vladimir Putin, and Hugo Chavez to open the taps, force the Chinese, Indians, and Brazilians to throttle their consumption, and order those fun-loving folks in the Niger River Delta to stop blowing up pipelines. Nothin’ to it.

  • Demosthenes

    I am still waiting for a candidate (or Obama) to start talking about nuclear energy. This is one of the main places where the regulations and the red tape actually are causing serious problems.

    • Kevin B

      A year ago, I was starting to thing nuclear power was going to be in the mix again. But I don’t think any candidate (or Obama) wants to get within 20 km of Fukushima Daiichi right now.

      • Demosthenes

        That is a good point, however we can also talk about reactor technology and how modern reactor designs (of which the second-generation Fukushima Daiichi was not an example) are much safer and more efficient than what we have had up to this point. No it will never be safe or efficient enough for the flower-power hippies, but at a certain point you have to ask: is it really safer or more efficient–at any level–to continue using petrocarbons? France has never had a problem. No one died at Three Mile Island. Do we really want to continue burning coal, oil, and gas? Do deaths from cancer &c. near these plants, or the loss in air quality, do these not count as negative externalities?

        The only thing modern reactors have in common with CP-1 and CP-2 (and Chernobyl) is the underlying idea of using the energy stored in the nucleus of atoms. The mechanisms are completely different. But this takes us back to the pitiful state of science education in the United States…

        • JohnMcC

          As a certified ‘flower-power hippie’ (who actually inhaled), I could be talked into supporting nuclear power….IF: A viable method for recycling the fuel rods and/or storing them was put in place AT THE SAME TIME the plant was built. And if the siting of the plants placed them where earthquakes/hurricanes/floods and similar fairly predictable catastrophes have virtually no chance of disrupting them. And a security service dedicated to keeping the nuclear material out of the hands of terrorists was established.

          In other words, never. It would require far too much political commitment.

          And anyway — it’s just an incredibly dangerous and complex technique for just boiling water.

        • Demosthenes


  • ottovbvs

    Neat formulation Andrew. Yep, that’s the only way we get to $2 gas, a repeat of the worst global recession since the thirties. Btw did you fix the crazy eyes in this pic or was that just the way it came out?

  • Frumplestiltskin

    c’mon, Jeebus told her the rapture is coming and that will reduce the population in the world by a lot, and then Jeebus will replenish all the oil wells for the non raptured.

    And jjv has the hilarious comment of the day. I had no idea we were not drilling in America. If every possible drilling site was opened up there would not even be anywhere enough rigs or petroleum engineers to man them all. Couple that with the fact that barrel costs are around $70 a barrel in the US and $5 dollar a barrel in Saudi Arabia and it should be evident that Vecchione is as clueless as Bachmann.

  • drdredel

    I don’t understand. This doesn’t follow ANYTHING else that this idiot has said. If the message is “stop regulating things, and get the government out of people’s lives”, how can the next message be “except for when the government will come in to artificially modify the price of the MOST common commodity in the market place.”
    If she’s just out to promise people what they want, why not just promise to spend her first term in office fellating anyone that turns up on her doorstep (for 2 bucks). It’s a more realistic promise, and it’s likely to get more takers.

  • Carney

    Unless she endorses the Open Fuel Standards Act (HR 1687) or some other mandate that new gasoline cars from now on must be compatible with alternative fuels (thus ensuring that OPEC’s days of having a helpless captive market forced to pay whatever price OPEC sets), she can’t keep that promise.

    • ottovbvs

      Carney: surely you MUST have got the memo from the RNC by now? Ethanol is dead.

      • medinnus

        I may not often agree with Carney, but he’s espoused non-GOP talking points often enough for me to believe that he thinks for himself.

        As opposed to the usual set of trolls.

  • sinz54

    I’ll say this: Promising to reduce the price of oil (and hence gasoline) would be far more popular among American voters than promising to raise the price of gasoline to fight global warming.

    Liberals really want the price of gasoline to go higher, because they want to discourage use of fossil fuels. Right?

    That view seems to be well-nigh universal over at the New York Times blogs and editorials.

    • Frumplestiltskin

      yeah, I really love politicians who promise things that they can’t possibly bring about. Next she will promise to have 10% growth, negative unemployment, an unicorns under every Christmas tree.

      You can have your delusions. And Democrats are not promising to raise gas prices, they are talking about offering credits to production of alternatives. And why not get rid of the .50 cent tax on imported flex fuel? Oh, right….tell me that it is the Democrats who are forcing that to exist. Yeesh.

  • anniemargret

    sinz, I believe the real issue is that dependency on fossil fuels is just plain unwise. Wars are already being fought for oil…we will see more of them in the future, unless we take the lead in development of renewable clean energy sources…China will make this a realization before we ever do.

    This country is not a pragmatic one, unless the problem is shoved into our face. When push came to shove, the Manhattan Project was created and put into play quickly and stealthily. There wasn’t debate…it was just done.

    I would gladly pay more at the pump if I knew my sacrifice was going to make this country smarter and more efficient.

    The issue here on this page is that Michelle Bachmann would govern by divine intervention, not common sense, and that should scare most people to death. Is this really the best the GOP can come up with to govern this country at a precipice of urgency in a global community?


  • medinnus

    If we’re going to fight another war for oil, can it please be Venezuala? Please?

    And this time, can we raise money for it with a special bond or something instead of saying “Charge it”?

    • Sinan

      Ever been to Caracas? The last thing we want to do is rebuild a nation like Venezuela. Let Hugo run his course. After he redistributes the wealth for a few years, the middle class may have a chance to prosper and then through education, they will adopt a less dictatorial system. Until then, Hugo is doing a great job for the people. He is not our enemy unless of course you are an oil company executive…

    • Banty

      Am I the only one that hates it when a You Tube URL is posted, no indication of what it is, and I guess I’m expected to go over there and watch something for three minutes to whatever time ..

      So, John, can you bother to tell me WHY I should check this out?

  • Rob_654

    But only if her husband let’s her…

  • Houndentenor

    Are people actually stupid enough to…oh forget it. Yes, they are. Some of them anyway. Enough for her to remain competitive? We’ll see.

  • Stewardship

    The problem is too many people will believe her and vote for her. I have a certain branch in my family tree that would gobble that up, hook, line, and sinker. (by the way, that branch uses dynamite to fish with…the fishing tackle lingo was used simply to make a point.)

  • bluestatepastor

    I am no Bachmann fan – her relationship with the truth is a bit too slippery for my taste, but does FF go out of their way to find crazed-looking photos??

    • Rabiner

      Don’t really see how that is a ‘crazed’ photo. She always looks like that when stressing her point.

      • Rich T Bikkies

        Her eyes always remind me of those news reports that contain the phrase “and then s/he turned the gun on himself”

    • armstp

      Almost all her photos are crazy because she is crazy.

  • Polifan

    This reminds me of HS candidate for Class President who promises everyone free stuff. Unfortunately, they get elected and lose their seat the following year.

  • paulw

    I thought the Invisible Hand of the Free Market was supposed to dictate how much our products and services are worth.

    If all it takes is a President to dictate keeping gas prices at $2 a gallon, why hasn’t Obama, or Bush the Lesser, or Clinton, or Bush the Elder, or Reagan, or Carter, or Ford, or Nixon ever cap the price of gasoline/oil? Wait, maybe Nixon did… didn’t he freeze prices once or twice?

    What deal does Bachmann think she can make with gas/oil companies to keep the price of gas/oil artificially low?

  • hopitab

    Did she actually try to explain how she would accomplish lowering the price of gas? Does she think more domestic drilling will do it? It’s not like she wants cozy relationships with the Islamic countries who control most of the oil. Or perhaps she’d like to make a deal with Hugo Chavez?

  • cranky_engineer

    The woman has very little connection with reality. Not every gallon in a barrel of oil can be made into gasoline. Depending on the specific oil etc it varies greatly. Never mind that we have other needs for products from oil. How about home heating oil in nice cold Minnesota? Global warming is only a myth after all.

    Since oil is a global commodity the price is set by the open world market. The price will never drop to a level where $2.00 gasoline is possible. Unless the whole world economy tanks so badly no one will even be able to afford $2.00 gasoline. Where in the world does she get the stuff? Do people really believe it?

    If you want facts and figures about energy try reading the Oil Drum Blog.

    • armstp

      She believes that it is gods will that she becomes President.

    • Frumplestiltskin

      that is a great site, I used to read it in connection with my job but not as much so thanks for the refresher.

  • Bunker555

    Let the bitch fart, and the fart bitch as long as she wants. She sure as hell ain’t goin’ nowhere.

  • balconesfault

    You want $2.00 a gallon gasoline?

    Great. Pump crazy sums of money into renewable energy and gas power plants, into electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed to support them, and into mass transit systems. Fast track the construction of new electric transmission lines and rail transit corridors. Subsidize mass transit so someone has to just be the hardest core of hardcore drivers to drive certain trips … for example, make the Amtrak between Washington and New York cost $5 per person one way, so that anyone considering that trip leaves the car in the garage.

    There’s a double payback here. For every car we get off the road, we save some amount of gasoline. For every car we get off our highways, we make our highways more efficient at carrying the remaining vehicles, and increase their fuel efficiency. We take a major bite out of the demand side of the equation.

    THAT will bring the price of gas down far faster than anything we could do domestically on the supply side.

  • Noah Kristula-Green

    I am no Bachmann fan – her relationship with the truth is a bit too slippery for my taste, but does FF go out of their way to find crazed-looking photos??

    Oh oh! I can answer this question since I pulled and uploaded the photo.

    I used that photo because she is holding a piece of money, and so it tied in with the theme of Bachmann promising cheaper gas.

    There are not many images of Bachmann holding pieces of money.

    • wileedog

      “There are not many images of Bachmann holding pieces of money.”

      There are, however, plenty of photos of Bachmann looking bat shit crazy.

    • armstp

      I don’t think she looks particulary crazy in this photo.

      $20 will get her 10 gallons of gas at her $2 per gallon. What will she do with that 10 gallons of gas?

  • Frumplestiltskin

    i don’t think that picture makes her look crazy, it does make her look old. Has she had a face lift?

  • cranky_engineer

    Sigh – I’m probably preaching in the wrong church. We should do lot’s more with renewable energy and conservation. There are things we can do to mitigate the inevitable rise in the cost of energy. It will go up there is too much competition for the available resources. The chinese and India are both growing at rapid rates and want more energy and have lot’s more people. They will keep commodity prices high if nothing else. When in doubt TANSTAAFL (There Ain’t no such Thing as a Free Lunch). You want something ya’ gotta pay. I pretty sure the president understands this.

    Michele Bachman is not stupid – She is however clueless on basic science and from all appearances arithmetic (lets see 42 gallon in a barrel and $2 per gallon…). She is a religious zealot and scares me along with her fellow travelers.