Awkward TMI Moment for Texas GOP Chair

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In his biography, posted on the the Texas GOP website, newly elected Texas Republican Chairman Steve Munisteri gives an excruciatingly personal recounting of how he met and divorced his ex-wife:

When Steve was 18 years old, he sat next to Deanna Armstrong on a bus of Reagan youth staff traveling from Texas to Kansas City to work on the 1976 Reagan campaign. Ms. Armstrong was the president of the local University of Texas Young Republicans, and later the president of the University of Texas Young Conservatives of Texas, and later a full-time staff member of the Republican Party of Texas. Steve and Deanna would marry a few years later.

Unfortunately, his marriage with Deanna ended while the couple was in their 30’s without the couple having any children, in part because of Deanna’s desire to relocate to the western part of the country which she has done. However, the couple still remains on good terms and still talk occasionally.

Munisteri supplements this by describing his current relationship, the new “woman in his life”:

A few years ago, Steve started dating the woman in his life, Judy, whom he actually had first met in 1979 when she joined the University of Texas chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas. Although they ran into each other occasionally at law functions it wasn’t until decades later that they actually started dating after Steve referred her a case. A couple of years ago, Judy decided to quit practicing law in order to teach high school. She currently teaches at a private Christian school in Houston, Texas, and lives in a home in the Heights.

Another notable aspect of Munisteri’s personal biography is the narrative on his childhood decision to choose the debate team over football:

As a kid he was active in athletics playing baseball, soccer, and football. In high school, despite being the second smallest player on his squad he played freshman, sophomore, and one game of junior varsity football for the Memorial Mustangs until he was forced to choose between attending debate tournaments and continuing playing football. Being a better debater than he was a football player, he opted for debate…

Other tidbits Munisteri apparently thought it pertinent to bring up in the biography, which presumably was approved by himself and/or his staff:

  • He won his high school’s geometry award
  • His law practice has been in the same office building for 14 1/2 years
  • He graduated from his high school 32nd in a class of about 600
  • During high school, he worked as a theater usher, a salesman at a hardware store, and a door-to-door salesman for Cutco Knives
  • He completed his undergraduate and law degrees in 4 years and 11 months, instead of the usual 7
  • He has a business interest in a fly ash beneficiation start-up

A Houston businessman, Munisteri was elected just last week at the Texas Republican convention. This ‘TMI’ moment is an unprofessional start to his tenure – after all, doesn’t he realize that this is what Facebook is for?

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  • JeninCT

    When I read your headline I though, “Eeewww, who wants to know THAT!” but once again you’ve exaggerated. The what Munisteri actually wrote about his personal life, including fact that he met his former and current wives at political functions isn’t too personal, it’s relevant enough to include and it’s in no way too personal.

  • jjv

    This is Texas. You better be ‘splain’n why you left football for debate.

  • buddyglass

    Having attended UT, I can tell you that the YCT was the Tea Party before there was a Tea Party. They’re totally obnoxious. They’re the student organization equivalent of a “troll post”. Their chief end seemed to grandstand in order to rile up liberals.

  • buddyglass

    Err, “seemed to be to grandstand”.

  • Arch

    I agree with JeninCT. This was a bit talky, but not TMI.

  • GeraldBall

    This is just Frum Forum bashing of “red state” types who are likely to support Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee. Before you are able to promote RINOs like Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Tom Campbell, first you need to discredit the party mainstream by making them look creepy, incompetent and “unprofessional.”

    The truth is that in Texas, where social conservatives are a huge influence, a person needs to be able to directly confront and explain his marital and family history, especially divorce. That John McCain-Rudy Giuliani “public humiliation of your first wife” thing doesn’t fly in Texas, and the only reason why Newt Gingrich got away with it in Georgia is because none of the voters knew about it at the time.

    Also, in Texas, people are very personal narrative-personal story driven. It gives people an idea of the type of person that you are and whether you are trustworthy and of good character or not. Now in New York City, Boston, Washington D.C. or Los Angeles, maybe folks want to know about the big business deals that you negotiated, the high profile legal cases that you handled, or the “corporate lawyer of the year” awards that you won. But in other places, folks don’t care about that, because we all know that not only is it possible to be successful professionally but atrocious personally, but it is known (and even more so lately) that the business world actually rewards unethical people who cut corners, change their stripes at the drop of a hat and tell people what they want to hear.

    This may explain people’s frustration with Sarah Palin, I suppose, people who rely on their backstory and what it says about their toughness and values rather than on their accomplishments. Well, the sort of people who would put something like this together and who would read it with interest know that there are LOTS of very liberal – and very unethical – people with degrees from elite universities who made a ton of money on Wall Street.

    This guy’s “TMI” reminds me of how Eddie Robinson, the late football coach of predominantly black Grambling State University of Louisiana, used to charm the southern conservatives (which yes did include a lot of segregationists) by mentioning how he had spent his entire adult life at the same job with his same wife. Rudy Giuliani fans don’t care about stuff like that, but that’s why Giuliani got elected in New York City, not Texas. Oh yes, it is also why tons of people in Texas are former New York City residents who couldn’t take that city anymore.

  • rbottoms

    Has anyone explained to Texas Republicans that a blowjob from the wife is sodomy?

  • jg bennet

    i’m a texan and i can assure you the type of texan that tells their story like that is the same type that has the christian fish on his business card, says the word blessed way too often, believes “man” has dominion over the world, loves guns, says the word nigger amongst friends and dreams of blowjobs but not from his wife. the guy is typical texas and texas is now the center of the political universe for republicans. just the other day i was at a micro brewery in boerne texas (well heeled town that voted 76% for palin-mac) and there was this guy sitting next to me and out of the blue said “there’s gonna be a race war soon are you ready”? then i posted a little something on my facebook page about the documentary gasland and the oil spill. i said “have you heard of gas fracking? i just learned it and feel real naive right now. if you could light your tap water on fire or put a blowtorch to a bucket of water from your well and the surface of the water turned to plastic would you drink the water? watch it on HBO”.. a local (gotta “break bread” with the natives) posted back.. “where is your bicycle dude? drill now! I grew up in the oil field, this crap is your anti capitalist hate shit and the rest of the country is getting wise to these lies”…..aaand then there is the barton apology, the texas GOP desire to ban sodomy, the textbook debacle and much much more to come. texas it is a whole other country and it is invading america. Yee Ha, get yer guns & bibles & lets kick hell outta sum fags and send all them meskins back to where they belong! i’m an american dammmit and a proud conservative republican. i hear that crap every day guys and now i’m starting to hear it from the GOP talking heads and politicos in DC… welcome to your future GOP!