Are We Moving Beyond the Welfare State?

Yuval Levin’s new essay in the current National Affairs, “Beyond the Welfare State”, endorses a new vision of radical reductions in government’s social insurance function. In a new series, David Frum examines Levin’s ideas and the implications for politics and policy.

Part 1: Ryan Budget: Compassionate Conservatism Goes Kaput

Yuval Levin endorses the Ryan idea of radical reductions in government social insurance. Is this plan the right next step for conservatism?

Part 2: What Worries Americans More: Big Govt or the Economy?

Yuval Levin sees Americans worried our social-democratic model is going bankrupt. But isn’t our anxiety really due to the worst economic downturn since WWII?

Part 3: The Welfare State Goes Bust

The changes contemplated by Yuval Levin and Paul Ryan won’t be the end of the welfare state. They will however amplify differences between those who receive aid and those who don’t.

Part 4: Less Welfare Doesn’t Equal Less Government

The new kind of welfare state proposed by Yuval Levin, with programs aimed only at the poor, will create their own set of new problems.

Part 5: If Ryan Plan is Out, What’s Plan B?

Yuval Levin’s National Affairs article poses this challenge: If not the Ryan plan, what should be the conservative response to the fiscal crisis?

Part 6: New Tax Revenues: The Fiscal Crisis Fix?

Conservatives looking for an alternative to the Ryan plan will need to pay more attention to tax revenues if they hope to craft a serious response to the fiscal crisis.

Part 7: Two Cheers for the Welfare State

Since the economic and electoral disasters of 2006-2009, Republicans have veered in a sharply libertarian direction. But I can’t take seriously the idea that the worst thing that has happened in the past three years is that government got bigger.

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