Is the IMF Also Treasonous?

August 29th, 2011 at 9:29 am | 9 Comments |

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Does anybody want to start a pool on how long it will take for Republicans to denounce the IMF as a bunch of French socialists?

At a conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the new IMF head Christine Lagarde called on advanced economies to avoid drastic spending cuts and to print more money (“as the risk of recession outweighs the risk of inflation”), i.e. to reject economic policies advocated by the GOP. (This makes me wonder who we should trust on this matter - American and European finance experts or someone whose only encounter with economic theory amounted to earning ‘D’ in economics at Texas A&M).

No word yet of any presidential candidate threatening to treat her ugly….

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  • FosterBoondoggle

    She’s French, so it goes without saying.

  • Chris Balsz

    ” This makes me wonder who we should trust on this matter – American and European finance experts or someone whose only encounter with economic theory amounted to earning ‘D’ in economics at Texas A&M.”

    As if there wasn’t fifty years of criticism of IMF advice to national economic planners, from all sides of the spectrum. Is Noam Chomsky a dumb redneck now?

  • Kevin B

    The headline asks a dumb question. The International Monetary Fund cannot be treasonous by definition. Treason is “the crime of betraying one’s country”. And the IMF does not belong to the United States.

  • forgetn

    First question is traitor to whom? She’s not American, so not to America, she’s French so I guess the French may have a problem with her, then again… many Americans have a hard time understanding the meaning of the word “treason” , they have a feeling the know, so I guess that’s enough.

    Thankfully, Italy has seen the error of its way, and today announce that most of the tax increases it had announced two weeks ago are now off the agenda (Sarcasm). thank god, the Italians listen to the IMF. BTW for those who don’t know the IMF, they’re the one who first invented the idea of “Cut everything” the Argentine in particular really enjoyed the IMF’s prescription.

  • drdredel

    trea·son Noun/ˈtrēzən/ The crime of recognizing reality for what it is, when at the same time, said reality is not personally beneficial to Rupert Murdoch.

  • Graychin

    When too many learned voices tear disrespect your treasured ideology, the best strategy might change from shouting “treason” to ignoring them altogether.

  • jollyroger

    she was an elite athlete and will cheerfully disarm gov churl and show him ugly for real.

  • ProfNickD

    American and European finance experts

    Lol — you mean the very “experts” that helped cause the ongoing debt crisis? The ones that think the solution to debt is more debt, and the solution to overspending is more spending?

    These Keynesians may not technically be engaged in treason, but they sure are engaged in the destruction of human wealth and of the human spirit.