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-FrumForum Goes Live

FrumForum launched itself almost exactly three years ago, on Inauguration Day 2009. Over the subsequent interval, our hundreds of contributors have reached more than 5 million individual readers. I like to think that together we have helped to move the national debate. When we launched, Sarah Palin was a leading candidate for president and Glenn Beck was broadcasting conspiracy theories on cable TV. Three years later–not so much. OK, maybe we can’t claim all the credit. But we won’t refuse some fair share.

Now like all good things, this adventure is coming to an end. I’ve been invited to move my blog and print journalism to the Daily Beast/Newsweek, a larger and more technologically advanced platform. Tina Brown is one of the great media visionaries of our time. The opportunity to work with her–and learn from her–is deeply exciting.

Starting Monday, my work will shift to the Daily Beast/Newsweek site. The FrumForum URL will forward readers to the David Frum page at Daily Beast/Newsweek. FrumForum itself will continue to exist as an archive site, preserving three years of debate–the brilliant insights of our writers–and the passionate comments of our readers. Noah Kristula-Green will join me on the Daily Beast/Newsweek team.

I sincerely thank all who participated and supported this project. The world is changed only very slowly. It’s a big rock, and as human beings we represent only very minuscule and fleeting drips of water. But change is made, and together I believe the change we have offered here has been for the good.

Above all, I thank every reader–those who dissented fully as much as those who read with agreement. Journalism in the digital age is a process rather than a product; an exchange rather than a presentation; intimate rather than abstract. That process continues as ardently as ever, but in a new and improved form and at a bigger and stronger venue.

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  • Carlos Machina

    Thanks to Mr. Frum and many of the commenters here for many hours of interesting reading. Few comment forums come anywhere near the quality of this one. I will miss it greatly. There is no replacement for it that I’ve been able to find, and I’ve looked. The closest rival that I peruse is Littlegreenfootballs. If my fellow comment junkies have any suggestions for a similar place where various political viewpoints are presented by commenters in mostly reasonable and intelligent ways, please let me know at Replace the at with @, of course.

  • indy

    Well, crap. This is kind of like having your favorite corner coffee spot bought out by a Starbucks.

    Fare thee well everybody and I really don’t know anywhere that had the kind of blend this site offered.

    • TerryF98


      • greg_barton

        d00d, I think one link per page or so is enough. :P

        • PracticalGirl

          Can’t blame a guy for wanting his “friends” to come to the party, can you?

          I think TRS has noted this on another page, but just in case…There are no ads. Nobody profits financially from this forum. Just a well built place for the conversation to continue. I’ve been participating since day 3 of the new format and have never seen anybody screened out or kicked off. Not that there aren’t spirited exchanges, but unlike FrumForum, there isn’t one overriding ideology to sell. Just your own.

          More than even FrumForum, TalkRadioSucks is as good as it’s commenters. I hope to see all the regulars come over, at least. Try your hand at initiating original discussion, keep educating me and everybody else with original thought

  • NRA Liberal

    I’ll be sad to see FF go.

    Not so much for the hackitude that makes up most of the contributorship here, but for the comments section, which is one of my favorite anywhere, and for Frum’s occasional solid, thoughtful pieces.

    Adios all.

  • Luke

    Damn. I’m going to miss this site. I always found the writing to interesting and provocative. I can honestly say its changed my thinking about politics. Thank you David. I’ll treasure some of writing for this site for a long time. Particularly the three pointed out by MSheridan.
    Waterloo, Were our enemies right?, and Two Cheers for the Welfare State are three of the best columns I read here. Thanks again.

    I’ll be following your work over to the Daily Beast.

  • Primrose

    Indy, you summed up my feelings exactly. I am bereft.

    I wish Mr. Frum well but oh man, oh man. I too learned a lot, and appreciated the challenge of those with whom I disagreed. Few of the official contributors had writing as engaging as my fellow posters.

    I’ll check out Daily Beast from time to time but am not thrilled by the official commentators (though was I here?) and it all seems so corporate that I suspect the comment section will be uninspired.

    I certainly don’t understand how it could be a community, which was one of the wonderful aspects about the Frum Forum. Comments weren’t just thrown up like graffiti, but there was a lot of give and take. As somebody mentioned, you had to have your facts straight, and your logic sound. One could get a real sense of where people were coming from and so understand nuance. I also liked finding myself on the same side as people I usually argued with, or opposite people I agreed with. It was a nice reminder that people are complicated.

    And of course it also raised the level of civility and conversation, not perfectly but perfection is overrated anyway.

    For those who don’t end up at Talkradiosucks, or the other sites listed here, so long. It has been swell, and even if we tangled in the past, you have my respect and appreciation.

  • nhthinker

    I’m noticing at the NYT , all their major political writers now have both blogs and columns.
    The columns typically have 500+ comments are impossibly too numerous to read.
    The blogs however have typically only have 5 to 200 comments! (not unlike FF)
    NYT moderates comments for new posters and I’m not sure of the average wait time but it also has a program that if you offer consistently good comments that you have the option of not being moderated before your comment gets posted.

    About seven years ago, I started with a small commenter community on Paul Krugman at NYT until they killed it: maybe its time to go back…

    I would certainly give DF and DB first dibs if they had a reasonably sized number of comments per article or blog entry.

  • TerryF98

    “I would certainly give DF and DB first dibs if they had a reasonably sized number of comments per article or blog entry.”

    That is very magnanimous of you.

  • budgiegirl

    good bye to the best comments section i have seen
    i used to think i was a good writer till i read some of the folks here.
    i rarely felt the need to write
    thanks Houndentenor, Watussie, Practical Girl, and a few others who speak my mind and write it way better than i ever could!

    PS I am still waiting for the second installation of “Heap’s story” about the hot sauce.

  • Graychin

    Best commenters ever.

    Although I often disagree with Mr. Frum, he’s thoughtful, well-informed, and well worth reading.

    I will not miss Mr. Foster and Mr. Vecchione.

    Mr. Frum, best of luck to you. Maybe I’ll catch you on CNN sometime. It’s been fun.

  • AnBr

    Though I did not often post here, I have read this blog most everyday. I, like others here, would often just skim through the main article and go right to the comments. This place has been amazingly free of the usual trolls from either side that nearly all other political/news sites suffer from. The national dialog has become so toxic that I have given up on most sites. FrumForum was a breath of fresh air. It is what our country so vitally needs — real, reasoned dialog from all sides. Everyone needs to have their precepts challenged lest they start to believe in their own bullsh!t. Trolls countering each other with the standard talking points and calling each other evil fail to make this challenge.

    I will not miss the crappy software that this site was based on and I will not miss a number of the less reasoned contributors, I will surly miss this site and its commentors.

  • anniemargret


    This site works. It works because DF created a political blog where intelligent, reasonable people can express their views and offer challenging answers to many challenging questions.

    I join my fellow bloggers here, liberal and conservative, who have participated and share views…even if we butted heads on many occasions. One of the things we learn in life is that we learn more when we allow our cherished views to face the light of scrutiny.

    I’ve learned so much from this blog. Thank you, David Frum, and wish you well. I will follow you over there and hope your lead will encourage the same thinkers that are here. I will also go to the other blogs mentioned here and hopefully meet the ‘regulars’ there as well.

    Good luck to everyone here.

  • carinthia

    I too will miss the comments on this site more than anything else. I hope the all the participants from here will make the trip to Dailybeast and spruce up their comments section.

    I wish you well David Frum!

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  • nuser

    Careful what you wish for , you might get it! Eh , well…….

  • nhthinker

    Thanks for the efforts in support of your commenters.

    I’ll be watching for to go live.

  • Marquis

    Oh well, back to Free Republic…

  • Luke

    One question, will David’s twitter feed be part of the blog at Daily Beast?

  • Bagok

    Well done everyone. A round of applause for the best political commentary on the web. Good luck with your message DF. It’s been a pleasure.

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  • Blankenship

    This was a very good site. One of very few that I bothered to keep up on regularly. Disappointing.

  • ottovbvs

    Inevitable of course but sad nonetheless. Tina is obviously hoping to swell her numbers by consolidation and presumably Frum expects a larger platform for his opinionating. It doesn’t necessarily follow there will be a lemming like rush to “The Beast” as from the couple of times I’ve visited Lord Copper’s site it seems to be heavily populated with know nothings and screamers whereas there are relatively few of them here. Generally speaking as many have mentioned the quality of the commenting here is far superior to that of the diarists (with the exception of Frum himself and Noah and a one off from some investment banker whose name I forget). I can’t see anyone missing Linnane, Vecchione or Guardiano but I’m going to miss the sensible commenters here. You know who you are.

    Ave atque vale!

    • Traveler

      Hail and farewell to you Ottovon. I will miss your interminable yet cogent sentence structure and dry wit (not to mention asperity). I learned more economics and history from you than any other poster or commenter. I too have my doubts about joining the unwashed masses at DB. I hope you drop over to TRS from time to time.

      • ottovbvs

        Likewise Traveller, I’m going to miss you and others because there’s no doubt comment here is better than most and that’s because of the general committment by most to accuracy. Without it any blog rapidly loses its allure. And thanks for the kind comments about my contribution. I’ll take a look at TRS and register and see where it goes from there. Either way best.

  • Rich T Bikkies

    I’ll be following you to the Daily Beast, David. I disagreed with you most of the time, and kicked you (infrequently but) regularly, but it was always clear that you were trying to talk sense and succeeded most of the time. That is so rare and precious in the present Republican Party. Also your prose was clear, economical and cliché-free.

    FF had a very small community of regular commenters, but they were extremely intelligent, well-informed and erudite. I posted, but not often, because I felt I was definitely in the dimmest ten percent of posters. I’ve learnt so much simply by reading at FF. I’ll miss the intimate atmosphere. The Daily Beast doesn’t have that village feel.

    Keep up the good work.

    • laingirl

      +1 Rich, you said so well what I wish to say. Reading FF, because of David, Noah and the intelligent commentors, felt to me like I was attending a great “School of Politics” that
      offered expertise in many other areas as well.

      Thanks everybody!

  • Banty


    Now what do I do with my FrumForum “drink coffee not kool-aid” coffee cup????

    (will it be worth $$$ in the future?)

    • TerryF98

      Will they have a fire sale?

      I think they ought to give each of us one free for having to read Linnane and Vecchionne all this time.

    • nhthinker

      As with sports teams, the expectation is that you buy into the new merchandise logoing/color changes at least every few years…and then bring out your “throwback” mug only on designated nostalgia days.

      Which is just another form of Kool Aid, of course…but you would be too embarrassed to be known as being anything other than a diehard fan and instead being known as cheap and out-of-fashion, right? Behold the wonders of modern marketing!

      BTW, unlike the NFL that runs sales on out-of-date merchandise, the Zazzle pricing never changes due to defunct nature of an enterprise.

      eBay has close to 4000 “David Frum” items, but none for “FrumForum”. ;)

  • jakester

    I like the comment section here a lot better than the TDB, simpler and old school. Can’t you keep this site running under a new URL?

  • SilvertipGrizz

    Maybe the “far right” has finally had their day, the collective press has has maximized their return from that nonsense are now prepared to consider what the all too silent majority of citizens want. The best for their country acheived through educated, respectful, thoughtful and insightful dialogue as championed in/demonstrated by FrumForum. Let the dialogue expand to new venues; thank you and best wishes to all at FrumForum.

    This move is good news for a larger audience and the mission remains!

  • jg bennet

    I came to the Frum Forum after his Waterloo article so in memory of the late great Frum Forum I posted it on frumtopia (along with a cool pic of David) & will leave it like a tombstone.

    CHECK IT OUT & click on the one comment. I posted the first page of comments in the comment section. TerryF98 is first on the list & Otto is there too.

    I enjoyed all of you guys & will miss getting schooled aka more informed.

    Here is my frumforum digital tombstone


      Um, egregious copyright infringement is not an auspicious start to a new blog. :)

      • jg bennet

        it is not a blog i will never post anything more to it, it is a digital tombstone.

        people can visit & comment like dropping off flowers but i will never ad another thing to it.

  • heap

    i’ll miss the comments, and i don’t really think the idea of vecchione/linnane left roaming unsupervised/unmedicated is a good one, but…all the same, yah. it’s probably time.

    without expanding the list of not-noahs you’ve given your e-ink too, you are a better contributor than consolidator/leader/publisher. go with that.

  • Voegelin

    Congratulations David!

    I’ve been a longtime reader and would have loved to have joined the conversation more vigorously had it not been for my current government position which, until very recently, restricted any public acts of political behavior, including most commentary – though I am still constrained by the Hatch Act.

    Your continued public rise as an emblematic independent thinker, I hope, serves as vindication for your untimely separation from AEI, and its continued demise (in my opinion at least).

    Best of luck in continued ventures. I have no doubt this move will serve to broaden your audience and enrich our political discourse.


  • Ex Cathedra

    Great! Maybe the site will load in less than an hour.

  • chephren

    I posted a farewell the other day, but I still get the urge to come back and check out this site.

    David Frum, you did good work here. I’ll miss Frumforum.

  • EBL

    So when does the big move happen?

  • Proud Independent

    Absolutely the best comment section on any political blog on the web. I will miss reading and learning from all of you. Gives me hope that the crazies are not winning. Best of luck to David and Noah. Now I only need one click to get to my favorite bloggers as David and Andrew are now in one spot.

  • FoolForum

    Because the best way to gain credibility and clout is to move from “independent” commentary into low-rated media outlets. I will say this, I think I might miss the daily dose of yellow journalism I came to expect from this place. Not just as a source of amusement, but as a study of how big government squares try to force themselves into conservative circles. I was drawn in by the allure of what was described as an intellectual beacon for conservatism, and I was sorely disappointed when I found that what lie beneath the thinly veiled cloak of civil discourse was nothing more than a hit piece factory toward anyone who rocked an already sinking boat. I hope the new job comes with a higher salary and makes you feel more accomplished, because that is all that may come of this.

  • ktward

    Holy Guacamole, Batman.

    Congrats to you, Mr. Frum. This seems quite a vindicating feather in your post-AEI cap. Well done.

    I haven’t had the time to hang out much here over the last handful of months, so I suppose it’s fortuitous that I chanced a quick visit today. Like TerryF98 and Sinz54 and no doubt a couple of others, I was here on day 1– back when it was NewMajority before FrumForum. I’m pleased that I didn’t miss the opportunity to book-end my FF life.

    The reality is that I still have very little time to visit these days, but I am seriously bummed anyway. Where else can such a collection of high quality commenters be found? (I love The League so don’t get me wrong, but the proportion of intellectual navel gazing over there is a bit high for my sensibilities.) I’ll miss you folks. I really dislike places like DB and HuffPo so I doubt I’ll run into you there, but perhaps I’ll have time to pop in at TRS.

    Be well, all.

  • nitrat

    Good luck, David and pals.

  • MurrayAbraham

    The odd thing is there is no mention of this move whatsoever at the Daily Beast, and it should take place … tomorrow.

    When Sullivan moved they made a fuss for a whole week prior. Hope you don’t get second hand treatment.


    Since the announcement of the closing of FF was made, several dozen FF regulars and readers have signed up over at This includes names you’ve read regularly in the comments section, and also some new folks who read here a lot but previously didn’t feel like saying much.

    TRS is a site that I started as a blog and converted to a forum for open discussion of politics and other issues. It’s not the same as FF, but it’s the best opportunity that has arisen so far for continuing the small, high-quality community that evolved here. We even had a fun live blog of the GOP debate last night with several participants.

    Registration is 100% free, and there are no ads or other attempts of any kind to sell you stuff or get you to part with your money.

  • jg bennet

    The Empire bought Frum off to silence his brilliant commenters and to prevent a critical thinking rebellion. The Empire/establishment fears the Frumian logic :)

    Too bad the Frumian’s can’t debate the half hour Bombumentary on Romney Newt is releasing. It would have been fantastic….

    • Rich T Bikkies

      The adjective is not “frumian”; it is “frumious”. As in:

      “Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
      “The frumious Bandersnatch!”.

  • nhthinker

    If Frum is still the “Balls of the Republican Party”…
    does this mean Tina Brown now has the Republican Party “by the balls” ?
    Should make for an interesting launch campaign. ;)

  • nhthinker

    talkradiosucks continues to bad mouth Frum while trying to blatantly encourage Frum’s commenters to move their valuable conversation to his TRS site instead of encouraging the commenters to try a wait and see on Frum’s blog on Daily Beast starting tomorrow.

    If I were Frum or Noah, then I would have revoked TRS privileges two days ago, when he started his blatant pitch to steal the conversation.


      “…steal the conversation.”

      Um, *what* conversation? :) The site is shutting down. There’s been less than a dozen posts on the site that I’ve seen in the last 24 hours.

      If people want to go to DB with Frum, great. I hope many folks will. I’m going to check it out myself. But that community will never be like what this one was. As I said elsewhere, it will be like a tank of tropical fish dumped into a pool full of piranhas.

      I don’t require any loyalty oaths.. and I don’t make any money off my site. There are many options out there, and TRS is one of them. It just happens to be the one that by far most resembles what the commenter community at FF has been for some time.

      I hope you’ll join us, nh. If.. you have the balls. :)

      • nhthinker

        The blog is not “dying” as you are misrepresenting it… it is simply moving over to DB (minus some of the contributors).

        From Noah,

        Hello everyone. David and I have been in meetings all day but we made time to check in on the comment thread announcing the move to the Daily Beast and Newsweek. The support in the comments has been remarkable. However, there seems to be some misunderstanging going around so we wanted to clear up a few things:

        1. Although David has been mandated with writing excellent magazine pieces for Newsweek, he will still be blogging regularly at The Daily Beast. In fact, we will be getting our own Andrew Sullivan-style blog. As of my most recent meeting, the url will be: This blog will be updated as frequently as FrumForum always was.

        2. This new blog will have comments! I strongly encourage all our regulars to sign up for the Daily Beast & Newsweek’s comment system. You are a dynamic and well informed commentating community, and I have no doubt you can raise the caliber of the debate at the Daily Beast (and if nothing else, you will continue the work of keeping us honest).

        3. will be retooled into an archive. The URL,, will redirect to the new site, but all the content and blog posts will be saved. The current homepage should be accessible via a new url: All the content that has ever been written on FrumForum will be preserved.


        A decent person would have at least suggested that people try it over at DB, and after a week or two if it was not working out, then make the pitch to move the conversation to your personal site. Trusting you with my registration information would give me the willies- it’s just not going to happen.

        The contributors here are not sensitive tropical fish, and the average DB poster is not a piranha. A better analogy would be modern humans and Neanderthals. Since when would modern humans be allowed to be driven out of any area that they decided to hold against Neanderthals?

        It basically comes down to that ad hominem only or talking point only commenters get intimidated when they read a blog full of real comments with facts and links to back up positions.


          “The blog is not “dying” as you are misrepresenting it… it is simply moving over to DB (minus some of the contributors).”

          Yes, where we’ll be treated to high quality discussion like this: “The Left loves Ron Paul because he supports the collapse of America’s military and the free-for-all drug use that will create untold numbers of new dependents from which to buy votes with drugs.”

          “A decent person would have at least suggested that people try it over at DB, and after a week or two if it was not working out, then make the pitch to move the conversation to your personal site.”

          Quality communities are fragile. They are built slowly over time, and easily destroyed. When an event like this happens, it is necessary to act quickly to increase the likelihood that the bulk of the community will remain intact. A week or two would be too late — if nobody stepped up and tried to keep everyone together, it would take just a few days before everyone went their separate ways.

          You can give it a week or a month or a year. At DB there will be nothing left of what used to be at FF. Even if every regular from FF goes over, they will quickly drown in the slime that infests the comments section of every large site like DB, Politico or Huffington Post.

          I’m sorry that you value your irrational hatred of me more than any desire to preserve this community. But rather than attacking me, a better question would be why Frum and his associates think so little of the commenter community at a site they labeled a “forum”, that they sprung this without warning over a weekend with no plan in place to keep the core of the commenter base intact.

          Your complaints reek of spite.

        • nhthinker

          “Quality communities are fragile. They are built slowly over time, and easily destroyed.”

          And you can have some idiot that bad mouth the forum of the quality communities come in and try to move the communities to their own personal site…

          One way to destroy a community is to try to steal it at a time when the leaders of the community is still trying to hold it together. Frum and Noah will be trying to hold it together under the DB.

      • Traveler

        I just registered at DB. I agree that the S/N ratio is not as good there as it was here (or is at TRS), but that won’t keep me from lurking from to see how DF and NKG are recieved. Not promising that there is no advance notice.

        thinker, get off your high horse. You are so querulous sometimes.

    • PracticalGirl

      nhthinker, you continue to misunderstand what this blog was all about.

      Noah and David aren’t stupid. They know what they gave rise to here: Critical thinking personified daily by really, really smart commenters. While it’s been obvious that a liberal-ish bend in comments existed, Frum and Co. have been busy doing heavy market research into exactly how many conservatives and liberals and all other persuasions are represented here (plus our buying patterns and income levels- haven’t you been paying attention?), and probably have confidence that the hard core will follow. They also know, from research, that politically minded people rarely only follow one blog.

      Smartly, rather than close TRS out, they welcome him to welcome their community to continue the conversation unabated at TalkRadioSucks. And I’ll bet they hope that many of the conservative thinkers will challenge liberal/libertarian thought at TRS as well as check in with them at Daily Beast and spread their links all over. My guess is that they want to do eveything they can to propagate what they’ve begun here. Why would they want to kill that with a petty move like blocking an invitation from another blogger for open, honest debate?

      I mean really. They’re conservatives. Let the market decide, yes?

      Give them their wish. In addition to registering at DB, come on over to TRS, give us your original take. And it better not suck. :)

      • Traveler

        Frankly, I hope that nobody at DB (including us commenters) makes any mention whatsoever of TRS. We already have a critical mass, and if we can rope in armstp, Frumples and and other notable absences to join, then we are good to go. While I desperately long to see signs of intelligent life in the conservative universe, the last thing I want to see is a bunch of neanderthals clogging up the site. (thinker, you are not one of them.)

      • nhthinker

        “nhthinker, you continue to misunderstand what this blog was all about.”

        Exactly why do you think Noah at 9PM put out: ?

        The primary reason was he and David did not want the commenter community to scatter- They probably very much recognize that a good comment community drives up good traffic and advertising dollars.

        I’m not a tropical fish that can get driven out by low-thought piranha.

        TRS could not stand to contribute here in a reasonable way because Frum included POVs that TRS could not stand. Not only did TRS not contribute anymore, he would come in to flame this forum every few months. Also notice that TRS never denies that characterization of him. You know, the same guy who asserts: “…Frum and his associates think so little of the commenter community at a site…”

      • Primrose

        Yeah, I have to agree. I think most of us will do both. We will go to TRS to preserver the community and DB to see what Noah and Mr. Frum will. But their blog isn’t open now and we can’t move yet anyway. I even checked out Frumtopia. There is really no need for this objection on your part.

  • andydp

    I have loved the erudite, logical and well reasoned debate here on the site. I’l really miss it. I will continue to post and read Frum wherever he is but I’m certain the quality of the discourse will degenerate. Good Luck in your new “home”. I’ll definetly be visiting.


    “One way to destroy a community is to try to steal it at a time when the leaders of the community is still trying to hold it together.”

    This community was destroyed at 10:09 am EST on January 6, 2012, when David Frum posted this thread. I’m simply trying to piece together something similar to it from what remains, before it disappears entirely.

    If Frum really cared about this community, he would have handled this radically differently. That’s the harsh truth.

    • nhthinker

      Actually, the harsh truth is that you were once a respected as a contributor here.
      David Frum then chose to go in a different direction than continued contributions from you.
      You stayed as a commenter, but when you noticed that Frum was continuing to use contributors that you thought were significantly less intelligent and less talented than you, it grated on your massive ego: Finally, you just had to take your keyboard and go home to TRS where you have full control for any opinions that you did not like.

      Now you are trying to say that Frum disrespected his comment community and they should put their trust in you.

      You are a real piece of work.


        “David Frum then chose to go in a different direction than continued contributions from you.”

        This implies something that you would have know way of knowing, and happens to be untrue.

        You hate me. We get it. It doesn’t matter. This isn’t about me — it’s about preserving and extending a tight-knit, high-signal-to-noise-ratio community of commenters. Whether you want to be part of it or not is your choice.

        • nhthinker

          Of course I don’t hate you: but as you think you have the right to bad mouth this forum over the last 6 months and give your negative perspective of Frum’s treatment of the commenters here: I think it is very appropriate for me to give commenters here a reminder of your behavior on this forum and why I think you are a bad choice for managing the conversations of the former commenters here.

          It is obvious that you disliked the way Frum chose his contributors and had a chip on your shoulder about it, and you view it as valuable to your own ego to lead the conversation of Frum’s former contributors.

          If that were not true, then you should have had the graciousness to be a bit less aggressive at bad mouthing Frum’s treatment of the commenters and been a bit more deferential about giving David and Noah a chance to keep the conversation going at DB before your several posts to move to TRS.

          If Noah or David’s view on this is more in line with your position or mine, they can easily chime in at any time.

        • ottovbvs

          You’ll fit in very well over at The Daily Beast thinker. Most of the commenters are fairly mindless and/or have some massive chip on their shoulder. A photofit in fact.

        • nhthinker

          Why not head on over to HuffingtonPost or Oh, wait, they kicked, or ran, your sorry butt off those sites…

          I’ll focus on rational argument and continue to be welcome on every site I decide to be part of.

          Honestly, could you actual deny that TRS’s appeal (along with his parting shots at Frum) were ungracious and ill-timed? Why aren’t you actually defending TRS’s POV? What has TRS done to deserve the benefit of the doubt before giving it to Frum and Noah?

  • Ogemaniac

    Sigh. One of the few places where you can find intelligent conservatives to debate with is being extinguished. A move to Newsmax will overrun the site with idiot baggers, and ruin what makes it special.

    Thanks for the three years.

  • jg bennet


    oh indeed, i stand corrected sir (english accent)

    farewell frumians & beware the GOPlesnarks they were rarely seen in frumtopia but have infested other parts of the political cyberverse. GOPlesnarks spread their illogical contagion wherever reasonable people try & congregate. it was by the power of the frumian intellect that our little corner of the cyberverse was saved from the rapacious GOPlesnarks and their conquest of political conformity.

    a famous frumian poet once said

    “it is not i who found an ally it is you who found a friend”……

    jg bennet signing off, star date 01082012 end transmission :)

  • Arms Merchant

    Despite that fact that I’ve had to take many breaks from my mild addiction to this site due to the frustration of arguing with the occasional idiot, I’ve enjoyed the comments section as a place where Moonbats and Wingnuts can meet and attempt to persuade each other.

    In the politically divided U.S.A., this is no small feat. Thanks, David.

  • ScoopAway

    A friend told me about FF, and although I didn’t post very much, I stopped by almost every day – until they cut the news feed and made it more difficult for my computer to load. I especially enjoyed reading the comments – they were often informative and sometimes made me laugh out loud.

    So, thanks for sharing everyone. I enjoyed this place. On to TRS…

  • indy

    I’ll give the DB a look as Frum deserves at least that much, but I don’t think it very likely it will be worth the time.

    Noah (and DF if you ever read the comments), best of luck in the new digs and remember that tweaking the noses of the Randians and Gold bugs is beneath your abilities, even if it is fun.

  • sparse



    Is this thing still on?


  • sdspringy

    All things come to an end, so it is with FrumForum.
    Will DF be able to stay relevant to the conservative conversation at DB/News is an interesting question?

    I’m sure the Loonie Libs who had leeched onto DF will have to find another Huntsman style conservative to suck on for a while.