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January 6th, 2012 at 10:09 am David Frum | 215 Comments |

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-FrumForum Goes Live

FrumForum launched itself almost exactly three years ago, on Inauguration Day 2009. Over the subsequent interval, our hundreds of contributors have reached more than 5 million individual readers. I like to think that together we have helped to move the national debate. When we launched, Sarah Palin was a leading candidate for president and Glenn Beck was broadcasting conspiracy theories on cable TV. Three years later–not so much. OK, maybe we can’t claim all the credit. But we won’t refuse some fair share.

Now like all good things, this adventure is coming to an end. I’ve been invited to move my blog and print journalism to the Daily Beast/Newsweek, a larger and more technologically advanced platform. Tina Brown is one of the great media visionaries of our time. The opportunity to work with her–and learn from her–is deeply exciting.

Starting Monday, my work will shift to the Daily Beast/Newsweek site. The FrumForum URL will forward readers to the David Frum page at Daily Beast/Newsweek. FrumForum itself will continue to exist as an archive site, preserving three years of debate–the brilliant insights of our writers–and the passionate comments of our readers. Noah Kristula-Green will join me on the Daily Beast/Newsweek team.

I sincerely thank all who participated and supported this project. The world is changed only very slowly. It’s a big rock, and as human beings we represent only very minuscule and fleeting drips of water. But change is made, and together I believe the change we have offered here has been for the good.

Above all, I thank every reader–those who dissented fully as much as those who read with agreement. Journalism in the digital age is a process rather than a product; an exchange rather than a presentation; intimate rather than abstract. That process continues as ardently as ever, but in a new and improved form and at a bigger and stronger venue.

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    “Of course I don’t hate you…”

    It’s pretty palpable, actually, and I assure you that I’m not the only one who has noticed it.

    “I think it is very appropriate for me to give commenters here a reminder of your behavior on this forum and why I think you are a bad choice for managing the conversations of the former commenters here.”

    I don’t “manage conversations”. I keep the site running and pay the bills. Other than spam, not one post has ever been deleted nor any member banned from my site. Ever.

    It’s also a bit specious for you to call me a “bad choice” without admitting your personal animus against me, which goes back to a number of arguments on this forum, and has nothing to do with my site or how I run it. You just don’t like me personally.

    As I said, several dozen FF regulars have signed up at my site. I’ve received not a single complaint about how it is run. I encourage people to make up their own minds.

    “If that were not true, then you should have had the graciousness to be a bit less aggressive at bad mouthing Frum’s treatment of the commenters and been a bit more deferential about giving David and Noah a chance to keep the conversation going at DB before your several posts to move to TRS.”

    I didn’t “badmouth” anything. I merely pointed out an obvious fact: Frum decided to shut this site down with almost no notice and with no viable transition plan for what has been a superb community of commenters. This is wholly consistent with what I’ve always perceived as a lack of valuing of the commenters here, as evidenced by his near total lack of interaction with his commenter base.

    Finally, I will point out one other inconvenient truth: if my goal were really to “usurp” this community, I could have spent the last six months recruiting readers from here to my site. The reality is that before Frum decided to shut the place down, I never once posted here even subtly attempting to do so. I only encouraged folks to move over once the writing was on the wall for FF, because there were already a few FF people there.

    Your attempts at character assassination simply aren’t consonant with reality.

    • Traveler

      No sign of DF or NKG at the DB. thinker will have to wait I guess.

      • dante

        Yup, I typed in eagerly awaiting the new TDB page, and came here instead… April Fools joke? :)

        • Traveler

          No idea. Glad you and balcones are now on TRS.

        • jorae

          It’s after 8am on the West Coast…and no FF at DB or any hot link on FF page to go to DB…The list of commentators at DB does not show FF…What’s up?

  • msmilack

    Congratulations, David and Noah. I’ll miss the discussions and chance to contribute. It was enlightening and fun.
    Marcia Smilack

  • ChristineK

    Very sad to see this site go. In general, the comments were as good or better than the original posts, which should be the goal of every blog. I send my thanks to everyone who contributed, right, left, and center. You’ve taught me so much!! Hope to read you again elsewhere.

  • jorae

    And you get an ‘error’..

    Now it works…time to take a look around…

  • think4yourself

    Hi David,

    The good news – you got a paying job.
    The bad news – the GOP loses a voice of moderation since you went from working for yourself to working for the enemy.

    I’ll miss FF and will be curious to see if your new gig at the Daily Beast will still get a mix of liberal, moderate and conservative commenters.

    All the best.

  • think4yourself

    Final add. I’ll look at TDB, Frum’s section to see the quality of discourse, but not optimistic. I used to really like Newsweek online and thought the writing was great but with TDB takeover, it became like watching a Kardashian rerun.

    Hopefully David and Noah can make it better – but it’s tough when you’re the little guy whose been co-opted by “the man” (or in this case, the woman).

    As other’s said, posting here was an education – you didn’t dare post something unless you researched it thoroughly (as the authors found out to their regular embarassment). The quality of the commenting on all subjects (political, environmental, religious, legal, etc.) that touched the public square was like nothing I have experienced anywhere. Add in the ability to be (and read) refreshingly frank material but not have it overwhelmed by knee-jerk noise (see MSNBS, RedState, etc.) was wonderful.

    Again, good luck. I’ll check The Daily Beast, but I won’t stay unless the commentary is up to snuff.

  • Traveler


    Come on over to TRS. Most of us are now there while waiting for TDB to show up.

  • jorae

    What is TRS?? Link?

  • baw1064

    I’d been out of town for a few days, so hadn’t been able to comment on this thread early. Before this site gets archived, I’ll reiterate the comments of many that this site has facilitated a lot of discussion on many issues by a number of well-informed commenters with a range of viewpoints. I really have learned a lot from my fellow commenters–they’ve corrected some misconceptions, expanded my knowledge, and gave alternative viewpoints, nearly always in a polite and civil tone.

    Thanks for everything–I hope this can be re-created on the Daily Beast site, on on TRS, or somewhere.

    To David Frum, even though I sometimes disagree with you (often about the Middle East), I greatly respect what you have provided on this site. Our political system requires dialog between different political factions, and you have worked very hard to provide a thoughtful and meaningful one from the conservative side. We really need this, rather than parroting slogans that are now out of date by at least 15 years. Best of success on the new site.

  • zephae

    I feel like this has come full-circle for me. I escaped TDB to come here and now am encouraged to jump back. Anyway, good luck and congratulations David and Noah. I’m sure I’ll stop by for your commentary. To the commenters – you were the ones who really made this site my favorite place to read and I’ve learned a lot from all of you. Its a shame there aren’t more places with the high quality of comments that I found here. I look forward to finding at least some of you on TDB (I post under “Resolute” there) and TRS. Thanks to everyone for a great experience and best of luck, Frum, in completing your mission.

  • nhthinker

    TDB is online- After a whole day, the quality of the hundred or so comments on Frum’s pages have been comparable to a typical day here at FF. Come on over: it has the feel of a house warming over there- minus the case of beer.

    BTW, MSNBC just called NH for Romney!
    First time in history that a non-incumbent has won both Iowa and NH.
    Ron Paul in second place- Exactly my two favorite candidates in the race.

  • nwahs

    Well. I guess there’s only one thing left to say.

    Bye :)

  • Traveler

    Are we still working?

  • Jamie

    I’ve been away for a while, so I just saw this now. It’s too bad, as I regularly enjoyed reading Frum’s perspectives and the discussions they inevitably facilitated. This was always a great site to throw out ideas to those gleefully anticipating them like a pack of feral dogs being thrown a steak. It was always fun and will be missed.

  • Traveler

    Site is still working? Hello latecomers, come on over to TRS if you haven’t already done so.

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    [...] All Good Things… Now like all good things, this adventure is coming to an end. I’ve been invited to move my blog and print journalism to the Daily Beast/Newsweek, a larger and more technologically advanced platform. Tina Brown is one of the great media visionaries of our time. The opportunity to work with her-and learn from her-is deeply exciting. [...]

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