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August 19th, 2011 at 6:08 pm | 30 Comments |

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Are you one of those people who goes on their laptops or T.V. all the time?

Then this is for you!

While you are inside all the time watching T.V. in the summer when it’s a nice day, ed here is what you are missing out: swimming, laughing, water fights, playing soccer, camp, and last but not least-memories! So next year in summer you will ask yourself: was it all worth it? And you will say yes and do it again and again.

And when you think about it, it’s not worth it. While your friends are having fun you will miss it. When your family is having fun, YOU WILL MISS IT! And summer is just a small amount of time to not worry about grades and to not worry about assignments.

So to not run into this problem turn off your electronics and treat EVERY summer as if it was your last.

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  • Frumplestiltskin

    “treat EVERY summer as if it was your last.”

    Because one day it will be. Wise young lady you are. And i hate to say it, when you get older there will come a day when amusement parks are not fun but backache inducing and stomach upsetting.

    I made sure my 3 sons spent at least 6 hours outside a day during summer (at our park program in the neighborhood)

    By the way David, kudos for allowing your daughter (or neice) to express such a sweet sentiment.

  • Oldskool


  • easton

    uh oh, you got me. But you gotta know that David Frum is just such a great writer we can’t stay away, now don’t you become one too or I will never go outside.

  • Oldskool

    I stopped going swimming because the beach patrol tries to roll me back into the sea. Not sure why they do that.

    • easton

      sadly, I get swimmers ear from the years of snorkeling I did(too many inner ear infections)

      Enjoy the time while it lasts young lady, too soon you will be letting your own daughter post on granddad’s website.

      Hopefully I will still be around to read YOUR granddaughters postings.

      • violet

        Have you tried using earplugs? I swim a mile a day, and I also get earaches so using earplugs has solved the problem. I have had four hip replacements and on top of that have RA so swimming has been a lifesaver for me. I can’t not do it every morning!

  • engelpm

    Ha! Now you Frums have brought the kid into the act.

    The Aristocrats.

    • Banty

      Watch out – Fox news will jump on this, on how David Frum is indoctrinating his kid into blogging on an un-American blog.

  • rockstar


  • chephren

    Let’s see, David Frum has his wife (Diane Crittenden), his father-in-law (Peter Worthington), and now his daughter writing on his blog.

    I feel like I’m reading the old Alberta Report magazine, written and edited by members of the prolific Byfield clan (Obscure Canadian Conservative Reference Alert).

    What’s next, young Kenny Frum’s high school debate transcripts? Candid Frum family vacation pics? Funny video clips of the Frum pets?

  • jagerine

    I really want to agree. It’s tough when you live in Phx and there is an extreme heat warning and they tell you not to go outside for like 4 days in a row. It wasn’t even getting below 90 at night time!

    • jakester

      Makes me feel grateful that I live in decadent depressed upstate NY, where it was 61F last night than that solar oven retirement community called Arizona

      • Banty

        Me too!

        • jakester

          I was talking to one of my customers in AZ, and he said it was 110F but it was okay cause the humidity was only 15%. It made me feel like I was stranded in the Sahara talking to him. Of course, they spend 23 hours a day in a/c there while our high was 83F today.

  • roubaix

    Smart kid!

  • angeleno

    She’s a lucky kid! I wish I grew up the way she is. Brava!

  • sinz54

    Bea Frum knows what it’s all about.

    And I would add this advice to young people:

    Find activities to do where you can do your own thing and express your independence. Rather than activities where you have to be chaperoned and driven there by your parents in their MommyMobiles (which means your parents decide what places you’ll go to).

    One of the nice things about growing up in New York City is that we kids could go anywhere–on our own–for the price of a subway token.

  • Kinkora

    To elaborate on chephren’s comment above – Beatrice’s paternal aunt Linda Frum and Late Grandmother Barbara Frum are well know and respected journalists in Canada. As a matter of fact, Barbara is a bit of an icon here, so Beatrice has the gene on both sides of the family..even if they have not written on David’s blog…..:-))

    Clearly Beatrice is a bright little girl. What saddens me, however, is her comment: “And summer is just a small amount of time to not worry about grades and to not worry about assignments.” For a third or fourth grader to be “worrying” so much about school makes it more understandable that kids that age try to numb their brains (and souls) by sitting in front of their TVs and computers. Everyone has to lighten up and get outside all year long………

    And P.S. not to be too anal – David’s wife is Danielle :-) )

  • WaStateUrbanGOPer

    This is sage advice Bea– and quite refreshing, coming as it does from a member of the millenial generation, a group whose communication and social skills are nearly dominated by electronic media. It’s comforting to me that there are still young people who care about things like face-to-face conversation– which Jacques Barzun has rightly called civilization’s “finest achivement, and its greatest pleasure”– and basic, time honored childhood stuff like going outside and playing.

    Your post here, and your brother’s fun and intellectually provocative posts on sports, merely confirm what I’ve long suspected: that David and Danielle are rad parents. Your lucky to have them.

    Bea, I think you’ll be happy to know that I rode my bike to the park this morning, hooked up my TRX right underneath a majestic, sweeping hundred-year-old Oak, and did a full body workout. Afterwords, my girlfriend and I took my Beagles to the annual pet festival here in our state capital (Olympia) and let them play with the other pets and, of course, with all the children in attendance. Beagles love kids: for some heretofore (and, I suspect, eternally) inexplicable reason, there is no greater pleasure to a Beagle than having its ears yanked on by a two year old.

  • jollyroger

    Man, did David dodge a bullet, or what? For the man who gave us “axis of evil” to have been intellectually transformed, morally redeemed AND he has a smart & charming kid! He toyed with the dak side and got clean away.

  • jollyroger

    “daRk side”

  • nwahs

    I’m with you. There are entirely too many “time saving” gadgets in this world, and not enough summer evenings and time “wasting.”

  • Smargalicious

    Agree 100% with you, Bea!

    Most young kids today turn into anti-social “screenagers” dependent on electrical devices for communicating. Most end up as young adults in their parent’s basements surfing porn and masturbating all day like Daniel.

    We’re doomed.

    • WaStateUrbanGOPer

      Your first two sentences would’ve sufficiently made the point you were trying to convey.

      So why– oh why– did you have to interject the subject of masturbation? Did you seriously imagine that doing so would strengthen your argument?

      And, in the interest of good taste: yu might’ve noticed that the author of this post is A LITTLE GIRL, FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

  • jackson crit

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hi! im jackson critttenden