A Monument Not Fit for a King

August 28th, 2011 at 8:45 am | 89 Comments |

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Washington, there D.C. is about to get its first piece of totalitarian architecture on the National Mall.

Below this paragraph on the left is an image of the main statue from the new Martin Luther King memorial which has just opened up the public. On the right is an image of a statue of (deceased) North Korean President for Life, Kim il-Sung. Although one is the image of a civil rights leader and the other is of a brutal dictator, the two statues are unfortunately very similar:

A lot of digital ink has been spilt over the design to for the new MLK memorial. It’s ghastly design looks like it came from the Soviet Union. The fact that the Chinese architect who sculpted it also is famous for doing statues of Chairman Mao does not improve the situation.

Since a statue is a visual piece of art, rather then explaining with words what’s wrong with this memorial and why it does not properly honor the memory of Dr. King, I have decided to gather some images which show the visual similarities of the memorial with other pieces of Communist Social Realism.

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  • LFC

    Noah, maybe you should get out and see some of they monuments in our country. Heck, do a Google image search. Look up Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, George Washington Statue, Franklin Institute Statue, Mount Rushmore, Stone Mountain, …

  • sonshine

    Don’t know what to say except this is some major bs. Try again.

  • ottovbvs

    Presumably Noah you’d like to establish a museum of degenerate totalitarian art (the proper name btw is socialist realism). You can get some pointers here:


    Actually socialist realist art while a bit monumental can be quite powerful as indeed can some Nazi art (although it’s not politically correct to say so).